30 September 2011

things i'm loving . . . 'printed crochet'

Greetings all,
What a week of howling stormy weather, super slow internet, high school athletics (next stop: state finals) & market sewing panic.  Not a lot of time for blog reading.  Bring on school holidays i say - 3.25p.m. can not come around fast enough for me today!! 
Then i catch my breath to find Queen of Handmade Market has left flowers on my doorstep.  I haven't had a chance to say how much i appreciated your comments about my mummy & her Alzheimer's, it's still raw, i'm unsure how i feel, beyond sad.  It's lovely, heart warming & so kind of you to care.    
 Busy with new fabrics & products, these Kristen Doran crochet screen printed beauties will be on my Market stall this weekend, loving her style.  Buy a cushion, purse, brooch or the fabric panel to make your own handmade goodness.
While i'm still learning the yarn version of crochet, Paisley Jade is quite the amazing crochet queen . . . Things i'm Loving this week with my hot little hands, will have to be the screen printed version.  Wish me luck here in Canberra this weekend, Saturday & Sunday, it's going to be huge!!  Plus Floriade, then school holidays, it's all super exciting!!  Love Posie

29 September 2011

our creative space . . . 'softie bombing' . . . a nod to Myrtle & Eunice

Greetings all,
Tania from
Myrtle & Eunice blog . . . lists 'crafty mischief' as her main game & my children are devotees to such cheek, especially those twins.  Here they are . . . they look innocent enough, waiting outside the house for me round up their siblings into the car.
 Sneakliy, they brought out a hat box filled with tiny softies which they had been making all weekend, & started positioning them in the tree, our only tree.
 They each have names, personalities & food preferences.  Smudge, for instance, likes strawberries - they were in the hat box too, with hobby fill stuck to them, mmmm.
No need to tell you what goes on during car trips & school holidays.  I'm thinking Smudge will be frisky & start breeding??  No need to wonder why my good scissors & darning needles keep disappearing, along with all my special threads. 
Um, should i assume that - the day after my middle girls softie bombed our solitary & leafless tree on the nature strip - the next door neighbours put up a 'For Lease' sign - it's just a coincidence right??  Want to be my neighbour??  More crafty mischief here, love Posie

28 September 2011

wordless Wednesday . . . 'succulicious'

Greetings all,
My lips are sealed . . .
 Succulicious succulents.
For even less wordy Wordless Wednesdays, play along with Faith Hope & a Whole Lotta Love.  What do you think readers - did i pass the wordless test this week??  Love Posie

26 September 2011

the unglamorous side of designing . . .

Greetings all,
Ever wonder how designer's really work in their studios??  I dream of having a beautiful big old vintage cutting table, suitable shelving & storage - i'm using up as much of my stock as possible so when we do finally move into our homestead, it's with a small stash of materials & clutter.  I have a fantastic studio, don't get me wrong, but i often find myself cutting on the floor . . .
 I may be in my pyjama pants, in the middle of the day.  Ok, so if i wear a skirt on the school run, i can't get comfortable on the floor, so i change.  Like my new leopard print cardigan??  Another must wear for we designers in cold studios, the mighty cardigan.  Oh from that angle it looks more like leopard slug, sorry, just showing what i see!! 
 Truth is, i get easily distracted, especially when making lunch & picking salad ingredients from my herb garden.  I'll wander off & water the plants, play with my puppy & compost the willow-vine-crowns my children make.  They look so pretty but they don't 'dry' well, or i'd keep them as wreaths. 
 I'm a bit of a stickler for being on time for the afternoon school run, especially as our car parks at both primary & high school are hyper competitive, so i normally knock off early, toss a magazine in the car & read while i'm parked outside school.  My 4th graders can see my car from their class room & call out to me, it's so cute!!  They have a patient teacher.  Actually she often tosses forgotten lunch boxes & jackets out the window to me. 
You might consider the lounging about on the floor cutting fabric in jammie pants a bit lazy, not a real job??  It's all about comfort & efficiency for me, steady production lines whatever it takes.  If that means hand sewing on the lounge watching The Hills on a Friday early afternoon, i'll do it. 
Can anyone explain The Hills to me??  We watched it in Italy last year (one of the only English speaking shows) & i can't tell if it's scripted, acted, reality or why i worry??  I think it's real but my husband insists with the camera angles, it has to be directed.  I know, why does he care either??  We pride ourselves on loathing reality television but the fashion & lifestyle these young girls have, fascinates me.  FYI Lauren is my husband's favourite, she's so adorable & i simply don't understand Audrina, Heidi is beyond hope & why isn't Whitney on it enough, she's the most sensible one.  Love Posie

25 September 2011

social commentary Sunday . . . 'how far would you go for your children??'

Greetings all,
Yes indeedy, that is how far i went for my children, within 24 hours of party deliveries, pick ups & taxiing them to the next party this weekend.
For local folk, the suburbs & villages of Gungahlin, Bywong, Bungendore, Jerrabomberra & Belconnen are the areas which define the ACT & our state border neighbour NSW, i went to them all, twice. I had done 130km by 9a.m. on Sunday alone.
While i was touring around the 'hood we want to buy in, i checked out some farms. I now know Real Estate speak for 'frontage onto road' does not actually mean there is a driveway to the property. I kind of thought access to a block of land would be included??  I'm learning fast.
I appreciate every party invitation magnetised to our fridge. Parties come with great effort & expense to put on, i'm forever grateful my children get invited to them. This weekend my high schooler went off to the countryside, then a movie & dinner in the city, back to the property for a late night spa (all girls, oh the stories i could tell/ flash backs i've been listening too, "truth or dare") then horse riding the next day. Glorious. My son went to an all girls sleepover too, he was in his element. Then 3 went to a Laser Tag party, which was fantastic, the dads were teaming up with the children too. There was one consistent winner, the federal policeman daddy.  My guys would love to see how their soldier daddy would go. 
I got to spend Saturday night with just these 2 girls, it was so fun, eating strawberries, dinner from their favourite restaurant, watching a movie & camping out in the lounge with the puppy at their feet (worked out well, there was quite the storm last night).
So this is more of a community announcement for those of you who live 'out of area' like us or a warning for high school . . . where children come from far & wide, so will the birthday invitations - you could be travelling a very long way for the party deliveries. Love Posie

24 September 2011

i'm grateful for . . . 'allowed to be sad'

Greetings all,
I've been doing fluffy posts all week to cover up the huge hole in my heart.  This is not a sympathy seeking post, i just have to let my emotions out.  It's not dirty laundry, more a lesson in how lucky you are if you have your family close in your heart, healthy & home.
I’ve had possibly the saddest week of my life . . . farewelling my husband, that is always tough, but when my father rang to say my mother (suffering Alzheimer’s) woke up one morning this week & said she didn’t know who he was, I’m heart broken.  56 years of marriage, this is how their love story is going to end??  I’m shattered.  It's the moment i've been dreading.  Alzheimer's Disease can leave the patient with the blur of feeling like they should know the people around them, only they can't put it together, they feel stupid & often scared.
This year I have done many posts on things I’ve given up, paused or postponed, from the P&C to my website, small markets to working at Shop Handmade, all things I loved but I knew how this year was going to run (husband away & elderly parents) + high school is as full on & involved as expected, especially if your child has missed 2 weeks due to a virus & suddenly assignments for every subject are due to wrap up the term & vital school work is missing.  Pressure & stress, she likes to give her best. 
I like to have everything in order in my house so we can enjoy school holidays, not use that non-school-run-time-savings on sorting the cupboards.  Alas, I have a big double Handmade Market on next weekend, fabulous & that is where every spare moment is going next week, sewing!!  Oh throw in another teacher’s strike too & regional athletics carnival.  One more week of school, then we can all catch our breath . . . & visit my parents, the cupboards can wait. 
I’m grateful I’m allowed to be sad, take it all in, compartmentalise what I can help with & make changes to, along with that I can’t do anything about, only wish for the best – like my darling Dad’s daily dealings with the cruel Alzheimer’s which is stealing my mother from him.  They have moved to live closer to my doctor brother & his incredibly dedicated wife, for 'supervision', a very sensible move.  I have my mental health, i can deal with this, absorb, slow & calm.  I throw myself into positive pursuits like sewing & the gym, i walk the dog a bit further each day, he knows all my worries.  Pets as therapy anyone??  I'm also very grateful i don't have to be anything other than a daughter, wife & mother, focus on family, that is my only goal to wrap up this emotional year.  More Gratefuls here with sweet Sonia from Lioness Lady.  Love Posie

23 September 2011

things i'm loving . . . 'Spring flowers at Floriade'

Greetings all,
Floriade is one of my favourite festivals in Canberra each year - it's close to school, easy to park the car, free to attend & just a beautiful place to wander alone with a camera or with a bunch of children.  We normally go twice a week during the 4 weeks it runs.
Kind of a no brainer what Things I'm Loving this week, for everyone else's, visit PaisleyJade.  Happy weekends, everyone.  Love Posie

22 September 2011

our creative space . . . 'flowers, fun & friends'

Greetings all,
Glorious Floriade has flowered again - Canberra's uber famous Spring flower festival.  I popped in this afternoon to soak up some floral delights, do some shopping, visit my gal pal Tania at the Handmade Marquee at Floriade & give her a little gift. 
 The flowers deserve their own post tomorrow.
Look at the super cute bracelet i scored at Tick Tock Type - that clever Tamsin is at it again, making up the coolest steam punk jewellery around.  Red vintage scrabble tiles, gimme gimme.  Yep, i was forced to add to my collection of her watch part & type writer letter key accessories.  Forced i tell you!!
 Voila, la Tania McCartney with her fabulous collection of Riley books.
 Tuesday's weather was insane to say the least - thunder storms, sunshine, gale force winds, sunny, then freezing rain - so i thought i'd make her a little sample up of my international bunting range.  Tania loves to travel, thus her Riley series of books based in China, Hong Kong, Sydney & Melbourne, plus that fabulous Tai Tai book she wrote while living in Beijing.  The bunting has fabrics including Russian dolls, landmarks from Paris & London, plus some cute international flags.  She liked!!
 I don't normally 'do' a raw edge, but i'm thinking up speedier production methods with reduced price tags for the next Handmade Market.  I'm comfortable with this, viva la pinking shears & amazing quality linens to play with.  They are lined with calico & interfacing. 
The dizziness of this post sums up what is going on in my mind, i'm spinning.  For more creativity, go to our creative spaces, love Posie
PS thanks for yesterday's comments, i know i know, i failed at Wordless Wednesday, i'm a talker!!

21 September 2011

wordless Wednesday . . . 'there she goes'

Greetings all,
I'm a first timer playing along with Faith Hope & a Whole Lotta Love this week for her Wordless Wednesday photography episodes.  Be nice to me. 
Look carefully, next to the swan . . . there goes my eldest daughter into the river . . .
she was actually just reaching for the bread her brother tossed from the other side, into the water.  It just looks hilarious!!  Enjoy, giggles, i'm so proud.  Oh yes, i really am proud, she came home yesterday with ribbons from her athletics carnival - 1st in high jump, 2nd in 1500m & 3rd in javelin, multi talent, so we're off to the private high school finals. 
Um, i'm not meant to write anything, as it's wordless & all.  I'm a talker, can't help myself.  Love Posie
EDIT: My daughter was fine, it just looks really bad from this angle!!  I actually didn't know i took this photo as the sun was glaring on the camera, i was just pointing & shooting at the children up the trees, by the lake, playing!!  Then when i found this image later, it made me laugh so hard.  The swan was fine, as you can see, very tame & hopefully has a good sense of humour too!!  Ok, could i be less wordless??

19 September 2011

itch'n to get stitch'n . . .

Greetings all,
I love hand stitching, embroidery & tapestry, give me any crafts you can do 'unplugged' in the car, on the lounge, watching children's sport . . . the latest issue of Mollie Makes magazine is filled with stitchy goodness, it does not disappoint.
 Even better, stitching in a hoop!!
 Mollie does a cute embroidery hommage to tea & coffee (shame i don't drink either).
 I picked up these fabulous stitchy books in the past few weeks.
 The cute transfer style of Sublime Stitching is a winner, especially with my children who have a love of handycrafts too (remember we don't have any hand held electronic gadgets in this house or in the car for long trips, i go all Amish on them in the car).  I think the Cath Kidston house cushion below is so sweet!!
 I am so doing this embroidery over the Christmas break, my son has a few products with this Cath Kidston cowboy print on it, now he'll have a cushion to match, stitched with love.
 This image of the cherry cups in the adorable cupboard ever, is a little eye candy nod to darling Heidi in Alaska at The PolkaDot Petticoat.  The shelves in her home are lined with extreme divine vintage gorgeousness.
It's almost parenting Quit'n Time tonight, then i'll start my Stitch'n Time, love Posie

18 September 2011

building or renovating, how to choose??

Greetings all,
Oh boy, starting a home from scratch or even renovating, how on earth . . . where do you begin . . . what to choose . . . right down to the power points??
Now we've lived in some pretty awful Army houses over the past 15 years, we know what we don't like so we're finding that planning our homestead, is kind of process of elimination. 
 First up, i never thought i'd care so much about what the power points looked like!!  But i do!!
 My husband & i agree on shape/ style/ design/ colour/ practical use of whatever it is we're looking at . . . 90% of the time, our tastes match & this far out from actually building, the other 10% doesn't even matter, i'm sure price will confirm many of our decisions.  I'm ALL about the bath, he is all about the oven.  I'd like to dream . . . while i'm indulging in a bath, he's cooking a feast in the oven!!
 I've suffered some bloody ordinary toilet roll holders in my time, our current ones constantly fall off, they are so friggen annoying, why, it's such an uncomplicated product with a simple purpose.  The worst one was a school toilet style roll holder in our first Army house in Holsworthy NSW.  That toilet even had an occupied/ vacant turn latch lock, yep, classy!!
As for basins, i LOVE this kind of simple free hanging design, no clutter, no fuss, no bulk, it's non offensive & you can mop under it (yes, i consider how you clean everything, it's all part of the package).  I also love the free hanging bulb style toilet bowls, but not sure about the
'hidden' cistern sealed in the wall cavity, how do you fix them (asks my husband - son of a plumber).  We've even asked salesmen in show homes, they don't know either!!??
 But one buildzilla request i will not budge on will be that ALL my taps, spouts & knobs are mounted on the wall, i've mentioned before how i loathe water pooling at the tap, spouts & knob bases.  I like to use the word 'knob'; do you like the new buildzilla term i just made up??  When we do actually build, i might refer to buildzilla moments!!
 I reckon i spent an hour opening & closing these kitchen drawers . . . they are push-to-open & you can try to slam them closed . . . but they stop, then close automatically, quietly (i choose items what damage teenagers might do too, such as slamming drawers in a huffy agnst!!)  I'm really clumsy, i am always banging my hips, thighs, shins, elbows, forehead on any kind of knob/ handle/ corner, so these smooth flat fronted drawers are perfection for injury prone me!!
Oh something else we do. not. need. is under lit laundry cupboards??  What??  Why??  My laundry is not a nightclub, i don't understand the benefit or expense of lighting up the skirting boards??  I do LOVE the idea of a glass laundry door, what clever use of light. 
Another thing i've never quite warmed to - from hotels around the world to our very own kitchen sink, is the mixer tap.  I often get my husband to run me a shower in a hotel, i can't get the temperature right, pathetic, yes!!  There is one tap i might have to compromise on - coming out from the bench top, not the wall . . . if the kitchen sink is in the island we desire.  I like old fashioned hot & cold taps, actually i LOVE the idea of the surgeon style taps you turn on & off with your elbows.  Wonder if my brother could aquire me some??  As a toddler, his eldest son would turn taps on & off with his elbows - guess what, he also grew up to be a doctor too!!  I'd really want a big laboratory sink, nod to my short pharmacology career. 
I pride myself on being a not-splitting-hairs kind of person, i've also lost my passion for a good argument (i don't know who i am anymore) but picking drawers, taps, toilet bowls, OMG, such choice, so many hairs to split.  Handsome soldier & i do have a theme - classic, practical, non offensive style, almost plain . . . that way it won't date too quickly & we can add colour, texture, patterns & style with ornaments, not the fixtures!!  Have happy weeks everyone.  Love Posie

17 September 2011

i'm grateful for . . . 'an unexpected family week day together'

Greetings all,
Well with yesterday's post (chemical explosion in Canberra & school closures), it's no surprise we high tailed it to the countryside - to Poacher's Pantry, with the children & ate up a storm.
 Seafood platter including locally caught salmon & trout from the lakes on the property.
 The meat platter with lamb, piggie, beef & possibly kangaroo, always a variety.
 Amazing bread selection with crackers to scoop up all the condiments & dip selection.  We also ordered fish & chips, smoked sausages & deep fried zucchini balls, as our children eat like horses!!
 As a surprise day off, it was just lovely to have a care free day at a restuarant, then all the way back into the city to the Lake to hang out with the swans, while handsome soldier & i chilled out on a rug.  My husband is all about building memories, which is gorgeous & heart breaking at the same time.
 Our children were climbing willow trees & all came back with head dresses of vines.  Naturally our middle girl was the self appointed queen of the forest people.
 This image totally sums up our 3rd born, she was truly born in the wrong era . . . who else looks this comfortable wearing a table cloth (it's a Country Road kaftan) & weaving vines.
  I swear his jeans were not this ripped when we left the house!!  I also promise to mend them tonight.
 Then again, there are so many explanations on how he rips his clothes!!
 The swans at Lake Burley Griffen are so tame, we usually find a party of 6 black swans.
SO there you have one very relaxed way to deal with a chemical explosion close to home which gives you an unexpected week day off with the family.  I have a million more photos from today, it was hard to narrow it down to a few.  We also went to a Home Improvement centre (how much work is it to design a house, every tile, every tap, every window) then a Seafood dealer, mmmm.  Making the most of soldier boy before he leaves us, again. 
For more Gratefuls, the gorgeous Brenda from Mira Narnie is hosting today.  She's all about family, married her teen love, just back from Italy & is an all round sweetheart.  Love Posie
PS the Riley book & pencil roll giveaway ends Sunday 18th, enter now!!