05 November 2007

Pay It Forward, indeed . . .

Greetings all, look what the wonderful & super clever Jade from My Art Is My Outlet sent as her Pay It Foward goods from a recent competition on her blog. How super lovely, every piece in the parcel was beautifully made & carefully thought out. Adorable, right down to the sweet card. I took the gorgeous wristlet purse to a Tupperware Party (yes, i'm on the cycle) on Saturday & received lots of ooohhhss & aaahhhsss. The detailed pin cushion is my favourite, makes sewing so enjoyable. The children were drawn to it instantly, so i had to fight for it. Thanks Jade!! Now it's my turn to return the favour. I'm thinking of making it into a little competition, so here goes . . . as Posie has always had a strong focus on custom design from the beginning & the product range has grown steadily over 5 years thanks to fantastic customer suggestions. So i put it to you bloggers to please suggest a new product for Posie to launch with the website make over in January 2008. It can be a rehash of a current product - like a different style bag or detailing on a cushion, most importantly, it will be named after you!! So thinking caps on, i do have lots of things on the drawing board, so great minds might think alike?? Please leave your suggestions as comments to this post & my favourite 3 ideas (it might end up being 3 new products??!!) will receive that product(s) made for them in December. My background is patchwork & hand stitching, plus i draft my own patterns, so make the descriptions nice & clear, or just suggest the concept like "i need somewhere to put my potatoes". Posie was created out of frustration of not being able to find what i wanted in stores, so vent away . . . love Posie
EDIT - competition will run during the whole month of November, so feel free to offer more than one idea!! x x J