28 March 2013

happy Easter

Greetings all,
Happy Easter from the Posie family, puppy, bunnies & chickens!!
Instead of chocolate & rubbish, i bought my children new jammies from Peter Alexander . . .
 gave friends & my favourite local businesses, the gift of freshly laid 'Easter eggs' from our mixed breeds of hens, including the Araucana 'Easter' chicken who lays blue eggs.  We're on the look out for more Araucanas, as i desire a range of colours, like green, khaki & lavender, it's the dream!!
 My favourite local florist knew eggs were heading her way & presented me with this message & sweetest yellow chickedy chick ever . . .
 Remember to have fun & include your pets!!
Wishing you all a wonderful Easter, religious (we're not), loving family (we are), with time, appreciation & gratitude just being together, love Posie
PS don't forget to enter this fun LEGO Hero Factory giveaway here!!

22 March 2013

WIN 1 of 3 LEGO Hero Factory & Brainify app sets

Greetings all,
 What perfect rainy afternoon fun . . . new release LEGO!!  From the scary-but-interesting Hero Factory range, meet PYROX & FURNO XL.  They are glow-in-the-dark cool with flaming weapons, armour,, visors, swords & a cape = super hero awesomeness.  My son put them all together & was having a ball using his imagination playing in the gloomy Autumn afternoon light with his new heroes.  The thing i like most . . . these bad boys are made tough, bits don't constantly fall off every rescue or combat mission, clank together or at super hero landings.  
There is also a free smart phone app which comes with the LEGO Hero Factory range, BRAINIFY from iOS Universal gaming.  Hero Factory members attack a brain you have chosen (like your sister's) & brainify them into a monster.  You can try out different brains to discover which Hero Factory villain you resemble.  The special effects are fantastic & it's a fun game when your Heroes are taking a break.  
Combine PYROX & FURNO XL together for a massive Hero Factory figure.     

WIN 1 of 3 LEGO Hero Factory prize packs valued at $49.98.
Each prize pack consists of PYROX & FURNO XL + BRAINIFY app!!

Battle the alien brains with FURNO's fire sword, fire shield, cape, armoured visor, spiked shoulder armour and hero core locking clamps! Battle and combine with PYROX for an even bigger model!

PYROX RRP $19.99 
Attach the yellow alien brain and transform into PYROX, a fire-powered minotaur with spinning flame staff, fire claws and lava armor! Battle and combine with FURNO XL for an even bigger model!
 Leave a comment here & make sure you follow my blog to be eligible to enter.  
Three lucky winners will be drawn randomly after Easter Sunday 31st March 2013.  
One extra entry/ comment per mention of this giveaway on your social media platforms, it's a great prize to win, share the word!!  Good luck!!
Winners from the LEGO Friends prize pack giveaway are . . .
Leah from Puggle Logic
Debbie from DebbieH
Victoria from Victoria Munro
Cath from Bungalow Babble
. . . congratulations ladies!!  Please contact me with your courier delivery address (not a PO Box) thanks!!  Love Posie

14 March 2013

celebrating our first month with bunnies

Greetings all,
Well, on Valentine's Day we went to pick up some chicks from a farmer who was selling up & moving to the city.  On the way to collect them, i received an SMS saying "we have Flemish Giant bunnies if you'd like some??"  My eldest daughter was with me (fresh from Xrays confirming her wrist had healed completely & she could resume sports) & i'll just refer to her as an 'accomplice.'  Once we were handed that first bunny, we weren't leaving without one.
 After babysitting a Miniature Rex bunny in the school holidays, i had completely fallen in love with them, their sweet Beatrix Potter nature (unless they are trying to escape) & sheer cuteness.  Flemish Giants are my favourite breed too.  I was the perfect sucker . . . 
 . . . to say "sure, we'll take four!!"  Meet Pollen (Pollie), Tabitha, mama Josephine & Cecily - flashing her cotton tail below
 We took mama (18 months old) & the 3 daughters from her second litter.  Mama is a little cranky since this litter (8 weeks prior), so we're giving her space & time to learn to love us.  Her girls, well, they are oozing love, snuggles & hopping gorgeousness.  I can't help but gently stroke mama's belly, with all that beautiful mottled colour on her paws & belly.
 I spent $35 on bird wire & garden stakes, made them a 7m long bunny run (inside the 40m long chicken run) & they sleep in a large (Great Dane size) travel cage at night.  Chickens hop in & out, they play games & get along famously.  I've even added some palm trees for shade & nibbles.
 We've of course invested in harness leads & shampoo & other bunny accoutrements . . . so they can experience fresh grass daily (we also give them chopped grass, lucern, hay, carrots & rabbit food mix) as this breed (mama is a Lop, the babies are cross Flemish Giants) will need a lot of exercise.  We staked them to the ground while we washed the car the other day, they created a May Pole with their leads!!
 Bunnies are a great investment, the love & cute factor are a bonus, however, they are easy pets (so long as they are very secure in their run/ hutch/ cage) toilet trained & oozing love.  Not to mention . . . way better than chocolate for Easter.  Love Posie
PS did you hear bunnies are no longer used in cosmetic testing??

09 March 2013

the week that got away . . .

 Greetings all,
Phew, the week totally got away from me.  Last weekend we went to a family wedding in Sydney, which was an amazing experience - i'd never been to a Macedonian wedding before.  It was so vibrant, full of love & energy, really fun with lots of dancing & fantastic food.  We only had to purchase one new outfit - a dress for our eldest daughter, who would rather be in running shorts & spikes - so when she agreed to a patterned, layered, pink Alannah Hill frock, we were shocked & thrilled.  Needless to say she looked lovely & received lots of comments from family . . . she's quite statuesque & carried herself very well in heels. 
 The children were so well behaved, it was a very long day (midday wedding, 5p.m. reception) but by 10p.m. they were exhausted. We booked a suite at the Shangri-La in advance, so we were able to enjoy the room in the break between wedding & reception, relaxing in the complimentary lounge with cold drinks & afternoon tea . . . it was also a quick escape after a huge Sunday night event.  Amazing views of course!! 
We drove home to Canberra on Monday; the children went to school Tuesday, however my eldest had a moderation day - she stayed home to work on assignments while i ran errands (instead of shopping, crazy right??)  I picked up Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar & am reading it thoroughly before i too, quit sugar.  I volunteered as a time keeper at the primary school swimming carnival Wednesday & came home with a cracking migraine, spending Thursday in a heap . . . all the while watching a debate carrying on my Instagram feed - after posting this image!!  How can decreasing sugar & being educated about fructose hidden in food, be a bad thing??!!  This book is thorough, fact, interesting . . . & so far i haven't seen a negative remark which Sarah hasn't already addressed in the book - so read the book before saying ridiculous things like "Sarah says never ever eat another banana" as she doesn't, she simply explains the fructose levels in fruit & to reduce, be aware.  Sugar is sugar, not good (because it comes in fruit wrapped in fibre) or bad (because it is dressed up in a lolly) . . . your body doesn't care, it just senses sugar.  I'll be sure to write extensively on this topic as i start the detox in a couple of months.  Don't worry, Sarah even requests you don't become "a sugar bore" just clued in & enjoy your own personal journey.
So i spent the rest of the week sipping iced tea (FYI i never sweeten it, or drink caffeine, it's basically pretty water) curled up on the lounge.  Sigh.  
 Have gorgeous weekends everyone, it's my adopted city of Canberra's 100th birthday, so lots of parties, events & fun going on here + a long weekend, so i'm finishing off my studio & shock horror, might even sew a stitch.  I shock myself, it's been 18 months!!  Love Posie
Daily Posie updates are on Instagram, check them out at PosieShoots!!  We now have bunnies.