27 September 2009

my life run down in a few short pictures & words

Greetings all, yes, busy as always but throw in a family reunion in Sydney, a massive Handmade market, husband endlessly interstate, a daughter singing at Floriade, another in Tournament of Minds & all the goings on of my home . . . it's a blur!! I won't even start on the P&C committments to wrap up this year, how did i end up volunteering to run the fete??
In short we have had a Learning Journey at school, my proud son . . .

A trip to Sydney & here are some of my siblings' off spring (i collectively have 19 nieces & nephews) . . . i drove the children up on the Saturday morning, nothing like watching the sun rise & having breakfast in the car cruising up the Federal Highway. The children loved it. We went straight to Retro Mummy's place to pick up fabric & see Corrie's gorgeous family, then onto my parents. The big event was at my eldest brother's place around the corner. Lots of lovely teenagers for my primary schoolers to run around with. My father bought 6 pieces of Moyou jewellery for these 3 granddaughters for Christmas. Got to love a grandfather with style. He thinks Amy, who he met at Magnolia Square, is lovely & thrilled to support her business. Go Dad!!
Gorgeous boy on the right is not a nephew, but the boyfriend of my lovely niece in the middle. He was rather taken with my silver Emma Kidson Origami Box Ring, like my husband he kept trying it on. He also loved Amy's Moyou acryllic jewellery for his sister too. Go Canberra & Wagga designers!!
My children are . . . front left The Boy in his new Seed trousers & boots from their fabulous Winter sale; front 2nd left, The Princess in a Cakewalk silk dress; front right, Miss Quirky in Fred Bare with a Moyou necklace; & middle centre in the floral Fred Bare strapy frock, The Controller. I know, labelling my children, if you knew them, it's all true.
Oh no, we hit a kangaroo on the way home from Sydney. Typical, hadn't passed a car for 90 minutes & then just as i come up behind another car, right on the ACT boarder, i flick off the high beam & i see 'hop hop hop bang'. As a good country driver i held my line & let me the bull bar on the car keep us safe. Very sorry to hit a huge Eastern Grey kangaroo, we see far too many on the road side every day to & from school. The children were asleep & it was 3C outside, brrrrr. I convinced the children the next morning it wasn't a mummy kangaroo with a joey, but they did point out that i'd killed a daddy kangaroo on Father's Day. So i'm going straight to hell. I wouldn't normally do Sydney & back in a day but we had Tournament of Minds at ANU the next day, it was fun. My daugther's team got honours & went to the state finals.
AIS Athletics for my 3 big girls (they are all regional & state level cross country runners, plus throw in the middle distance, relays & long jump) . . . my entry in this race is the tiny 7y.o. over on the left in the yellow T & track pants. Regionals only ran a 10 & under race for the 800m & she was the fastest at school (after her 2 sisters dropped out to enter different events, what sisterly love).
I tidied up the garage with my market stock & dusty red car now fits neatly again . . . it's so functional, on shelving & works beautifully, can't wait for my husband to see it & feel like he has his garage back!! We didn't quite get the blood red dusty sky which Sydney & Brisbane copped, more an orange haze, still amazing & eery. Quick tip for young players in this work from home game, if you keep your business products clear & tidy, your husband will really appreciate it. I've learnt that after 10 years of sewing & picking threads off my husband's clothes, moving tables so he can get to his tools . . .
My studio has had a complete make over too, those images to come shortly, it's a bit busy in there with new orders from All The Kings Horses SA & Little Owl ACT.
Did i mention no husband around for months plus i'm on a weight loss programme?? So all this without a piece of bread, chooclate or coca cola in my body. 10kg in 6 weeks & counting, yippee!! I was never a big person, but somehow 30kg crept onto me in the past 3 years, YES, after having babies, twins, after 4 children, i was still in shape, slim, toned . . . then i hit the age of 30 & it all went horribly wrong!! After all tests proved phsyiologically i was healthy, i took the path of many friends lately, Tony Ferguson!! I'll keep you posted. Basically carbs are evil, EVIL I TELL YOU!! It's amazing how quickly you can live without bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, if you try. I am determined & it's working!! I'm not a alcohol, tea or coffee drinker so i'm breezing along.
Handmade can have a blog all of it's own, 2 days of amazing people, sales, ideas . . . i was a stall holder, VIP bag maker & decorator for the new venue. I've also found myself doing the decorations for the Canberra Mathilda's Market too, really excited about that venture.
How do i have time to blog?? Call is school holiday relaxation, a severe storm warning outside & children with full bellies from 2 rounds of breakfast all zooming up & down the halls on wheely bugs. If only you could hear the noise, phew!! Love Posie