12 April 2013

attracting beautiful people into your life

 Greetings all,
You might have noticed i have reduced the frequency of my blog posts.  It's for many reasons, best of all - i was heavily involved in blogging over the past 3 years as my husband was living interstate & overseas - now he's home . . . i'm spending that 'blogging time' being a real wife.  Plus life is busier than ever with teenagers, baby animals & planning our future . . . i'm finding Instagram is like mini blogging, it's my new simple favourite form of social media.  I'd rather not blog than blog for the sake of blogging!!
For the past couple of years, i've been cutting back on my design business & reinvesting my time, energy, positivity & friendship in new places.  I've been much kinder to myself, now my 4th child is in senior primary school, i spend my 'day time' doing things i love - like gardening, reading & dreaming.  I'm slowly getting back into sewing for pleasure . . . surgery on both my hands last year, gave me the time to reassess every part of my life & ditch the extraneous babble.   
 I have let old friendships slide too.  Seemingly fun at the time, however, on reflection i've realised they really weren't positive relationships at all . . . they involved business, as in, what they could suck from me, rather than kindness in my direction.  As everything has an upside - i've absolutely soared since closing that chapter, in every aspect of my world - from my happy personal life with my husband home; harmonious children excelling in school, sports & leadership roles; business opportunities i'd never have accepted if i was still 'so busy' doing the small stuff; even materialistic . . . we bought our dream car, brand new & made huge inroads towards our future farm plans.  So you could say i am the one winning at life.  Ridding yourself of negativity has untold blessings on your life & who you attract.  
 I've found new lovely people with aspirational outlooks on life.  Like my favourite florist (whom i discovered on Instagram, after they opened a new local store) & we clicked.  I use 'delivering fresh eggs' as a friendly excuse to pop in & say hello (they are busy busy busy!!)  Yesterday, i was struck down with a migraine - so my husband delivered the eggs - & he was presented with these glorious yellow flowers, with a quirky note from the fabulous LouLou Moxom!!  Serendipitous things like this never happened while i was being dragged down by a negative force, so so so glad i saw the light, jump shipped & never looked back.  I highly recommend it - self respect is restored, i assure you.  Wishing you enlightened weekends with gorgeous people & a bunch of fresh flowers!!  Thank you Mrs Moxom & Mrs Whitney - you are a true quirky delightful duo.  Love Posie