13 October 2013

the massive, exciting & wonderful next chapter in our life & lifestyle . . .

 Greetings all,
Super exciting news . . . we bought a farm!! It's been a 20 year dream with my husband & only possible since he returned from his fifth deployment. We have lived all over Australia, deciding to settle in Canberra, a military & public service national capital city, surrounded by farmland.
Our must-have list was . . . 45 minutes from the CBD, cleared land, no dwelling, 100 acres & sobering things like 'affordable'. During our search, issues like . . . fencing/ rainfall/ school buses became important; power/ telephone/ sewerage did not - as we desire to be self sufficient. Finally we found the right property & much larger!!
This has given us the exciting potential of raising livestock, building a straw bale homestead & planting orchards. Could not be happier. Stay tuned for our exciting plans, we will build our home next year.  All the home building information will take place at my other blog, which has been waiting for this moment . . . b u i l d Z i l l a.  Love Posie

09 October 2013

restocking baskets & attending the Brindabella Market tomorrow

Greetings all, 
I'm presenting a stall tomorrow, it's been a while, putting my little market hat back on . . . 
Brindabella Business Park Town Square
(Yass Road, next to Canberra Airport)
11a.m. to 2p.m.
Thursday 10th October 
 Love old school ice block makers & cool stuff like this?? Heavily discounted?? Listen up!! 
After deciding to close my handmade sewing & design business last year (after bilateral carpal tunnel decompression surgery) I've been running a sale at www.posie.com.au & attending the occasional little local market.  I'm selling vintage/ retro/ modern inspired children's clothes, onesies, toys, accessories, stationery, bunting flags, night lights, screen printed fabric, thermos flasks, craft kits, twine & everything from Tasmanian Oak knitting needles to tissue paper decorations & party supplies . . . up to 70% off.  Seriously!!  I'm satisfied with 14 successful years in business (while raising a bunch of children & living all over Australia with my soldier) now it's all got to go, below cost. 
Think: $1 badges & $2 sale baskets!!  Listen for giggles - I'm next to awesome local author @taniamccartney who has recently released four new books!!  I'll be wearing a dress by @little_tienda for festivity, so come & say hello, we're a friendly, blonde, colourful duo . . . 
 I'm also bringing fresh chicken eggs, including the incredible blue ones!!  
If you enjoy great food, coffee & love music . . . 
a happy midweek market atmosphere . . . 
this gorgeous event only occurs a few times a year, so run!! 
I'll upload new & leftover stock for sale ASAP on line, then I'm focussing on my new foray into industrial design & things like having 3 high schoolers next year!! 
Thanks, love Posie