09 October 2013

restocking baskets & attending the Brindabella Market tomorrow

Greetings all, 
I'm presenting a stall tomorrow, it's been a while, putting my little market hat back on . . . 
Brindabella Business Park Town Square
(Yass Road, next to Canberra Airport)
11a.m. to 2p.m.
Thursday 10th October 
 Love old school ice block makers & cool stuff like this?? Heavily discounted?? Listen up!! 
After deciding to close my handmade sewing & design business last year (after bilateral carpal tunnel decompression surgery) I've been running a sale at www.posie.com.au & attending the occasional little local market.  I'm selling vintage/ retro/ modern inspired children's clothes, onesies, toys, accessories, stationery, bunting flags, night lights, screen printed fabric, thermos flasks, craft kits, twine & everything from Tasmanian Oak knitting needles to tissue paper decorations & party supplies . . . up to 70% off.  Seriously!!  I'm satisfied with 14 successful years in business (while raising a bunch of children & living all over Australia with my soldier) now it's all got to go, below cost. 
Think: $1 badges & $2 sale baskets!!  Listen for giggles - I'm next to awesome local author @taniamccartney who has recently released four new books!!  I'll be wearing a dress by @little_tienda for festivity, so come & say hello, we're a friendly, blonde, colourful duo . . . 
 I'm also bringing fresh chicken eggs, including the incredible blue ones!!  
If you enjoy great food, coffee & love music . . . 
a happy midweek market atmosphere . . . 
this gorgeous event only occurs a few times a year, so run!! 
I'll upload new & leftover stock for sale ASAP on line, then I'm focussing on my new foray into industrial design & things like having 3 high schoolers next year!! 
Thanks, love Posie