25 August 2007

Creative Mothers in Business . . .

Well you might have seen a little feature about Posie in the current issue of Shop 4 Kids magazine. What a neat little article & business spinner, for lots of patchwork quilt orders in particular & new stores after the Edna&Alice May label. Yippee!! I thought the article read well & the children looked charming. Oh, must ask for the cot quilt back, as it's kind of silly to have it featured in a magazine & not on the website??
For the more discerning readers, you may have spied this gorgeous necklace, by Sweet Pea Collection. Melissa of Peggy-Jean Cards & i are very lucky to be gal pals with Tina, the very modest, yet effortlessly glamorous mummy & designer behind Sweet Pea Collection, with weekly giggles & sewing chats. I was saying to Stacey from Sheeps Clothing, that very few of my old school or Uni friends sew, or understand the passion, so it has been a revolution to make friends with Melissa & Tina during our husbands' posting to Darwin Not only was Tina's gorgeous necklace the main attraction of the Button Trend page in Shop 4 Kids, it was also worn by a little girl in the Stylish Mum article. This particular necklace is for a fantastic lady named Jean, who is a teacher & Posie regular. I'm the necklace mule for Tina on this occaision for tomorrow's markets. You can contact Tina via her website or mobile, she's adorable & so kind. They are currently babysitting Ruby the bunny for school, making Tina a tad anxious having a her in the apartment all weekend. Tina also makes super stylish & divine bloomer & top sets for infants & babies. That's http://www.sweetpeacollection.com.au/. Here is a fabulous selection of cards made by Peggy-Jean, shipped off to the Strangely Familiar store in Wellington NZ, plus some E&AM coin purses. Note the sheep card at the front, baaa.
A dear friend's son was having a 5y.o. birthday party, pirate theme of course, so i whipped this up, as a token gift (we weren't attendees, it's my eldest daughter's best friend's little brother's birthday kind of deal). FYI this counts as pyjamas all year round in Darwin!!
Finally, it was school photos this week & as a very proud mother to be blessed with twinnies, i thought you might like these 'home' shots of our girls, sensible & silly. I'm not into formal photos, i order the big pack to send shots to the grandparents & for their memory boxes, but i much prefer to see their beaming smiles looking at someone they know & love behind the camera. See, fraternal twins & the least alike of our 4 children. The lefty is an artist/ designer & the righty hopes to marry money, we're so proud!!
Have fabulous weeks, love Posie

22 August 2007

I Dream A Highway - new store opening

Greetings all, a little note to share the love, a new store named I Dream A Highway is opening in
High Street Nortcote VIC this Friday/ weekend, & here are a few of the sweet goodies from Edna&Alice May
that are on their way. Also in the mix are cards, tags, tote bags & bibs, plus 2 of each of the cushions.
Enjoy & do pop by to see Rhiannon & her team. Love Posie

07 August 2007

Patchwork is my PASSION!!

Greetings everyone, feeling fit as a fiddle again. Great gym session this morning, happy children at school & lots of Posie parcels of love shipped out to excited customers in the mail. Great feeling.
On Thursday, Peggy-Jean herself popped by with this beautiful bunch of flowers, which was such a lovely treat. Please have a look at her blog, which is all innocent & new, listed on the right. Melissa is her real name & she's just as lovely as these flowers. She also brought over a whole new range of stunning cards for shops & the markets.
Our son went to his first girlfriend's birthday party on the weekend. It was really sweet & he was the only boy invited. I made this patchwork cushion for a very pretty little 3y.o. Irish girl, with princessy double satin ribbon side ties as her gift. The little man chose all the fabrics himself, in red and pink Vintage children's prints, mixed in with a dose of Cath Kidston.
I thought a little keepsake of initials on the back would complete the gift, with the Heart to Heart print meaning 'loves'. Sewing is my passion, but it's also my profession, so while i put lots of love into my customer gifts, i get so much pleasure from knowing who i am sewing for. Patchwork is my favourite medium.
I'll just add the images & get back to some more sewing, the night is young . . . enjoy, love Posie

05 August 2007

Feeling Poorly . . .

While i have lots of exciting new fabrics, concepts & recent handmade gifts to share with you all, AND i really only wanted to add a meaningful new post every 10 days or so, i just have to ask if anyone else out there suffers migraines?? Coming off a 3 day bender (oh, i don't drink, i get migraines & if you know a migraine, it's like the WORSE hang over ever) i am now completely deaf with blocked ears. Said ears are now bubbling from whatever my husband dripped into them, one single Japanese water torture drop at a time, . . . so i've decided to not even try to talk to him tonight, as i kind of sound like i should be in a geriatric nursing home "what did you say, who, yes please, why not, i can't hear you" has been repeated over & over very loudly tonight . . .
So i thought, i know, if i can't read a story book, talk, sew in a straight line, or listen to Grey's Anatomy (don't worry, i'm taping it for when my hearing resumes) i might calmly while the evening away on the laptop. Don't do anything silly like update your business websites with giddy information or delete them altogether, so i'll destroy my blog instead. I've changed the colours & layout, as i was never really a brown & orange girl anyway. I've settled on this template & colour scheme - why do so many free templates look like banking brochures??
It's yet another public holiday in the Territory tomorrow - having serious doubts how my children will be educated with 3 public holidays in the past 2 weeks!! Now, time to rest my giddy head, in the knowledge my husband will still be here in the morning, not at work. Yippee!! That said, he will duck off to the gym for a couple of hours, & then so will i, ah bliss, i might just leave my iPod headphones at home!! Love Jennie