22 August 2007

I Dream A Highway - new store opening

Greetings all, a little note to share the love, a new store named I Dream A Highway is opening in
High Street Nortcote VIC this Friday/ weekend, & here are a few of the sweet goodies from Edna&Alice May
that are on their way. Also in the mix are cards, tags, tote bags & bibs, plus 2 of each of the cushions.
Enjoy & do pop by to see Rhiannon & her team. Love Posie


Jade said...

Gorgeous stuff, Jennie!

angelique said...

I'm going to sent all my buddies from melb in there to check it out. good work.

Jenny said...

Fabulous items as usual!!!! They will sell like like hot cakes I'm sure!

Peggy-Jean said...

ohh you were a busy beaver!!! They will look amazing all piled up in the shop, I hope she sends you a few pics.

Belinda said...

Lovely things, love that horsey fabric in the pillow!

Anonymous said...

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