22 September 2011

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Greetings all,
Glorious Floriade has flowered again - Canberra's uber famous Spring flower festival.  I popped in this afternoon to soak up some floral delights, do some shopping, visit my gal pal Tania at the Handmade Marquee at Floriade & give her a little gift. 
 The flowers deserve their own post tomorrow.
Look at the super cute bracelet i scored at Tick Tock Type - that clever Tamsin is at it again, making up the coolest steam punk jewellery around.  Red vintage scrabble tiles, gimme gimme.  Yep, i was forced to add to my collection of her watch part & type writer letter key accessories.  Forced i tell you!!
 Voila, la Tania McCartney with her fabulous collection of Riley books.
 Tuesday's weather was insane to say the least - thunder storms, sunshine, gale force winds, sunny, then freezing rain - so i thought i'd make her a little sample up of my international bunting range.  Tania loves to travel, thus her Riley series of books based in China, Hong Kong, Sydney & Melbourne, plus that fabulous Tai Tai book she wrote while living in Beijing.  The bunting has fabrics including Russian dolls, landmarks from Paris & London, plus some cute international flags.  She liked!!
 I don't normally 'do' a raw edge, but i'm thinking up speedier production methods with reduced price tags for the next Handmade Market.  I'm comfortable with this, viva la pinking shears & amazing quality linens to play with.  They are lined with calico & interfacing. 
The dizziness of this post sums up what is going on in my mind, i'm spinning.  For more creativity, go to our creative spaces, love Posie
PS thanks for yesterday's comments, i know i know, i failed at Wordless Wednesday, i'm a talker!!


Unknown said...

Hello Miss posie

well you've dizzied me for the day!

Busy girl - aren't pinking shears a blast.

I have always been a sewn edge girl too though - old school and love the finish.
Give it a go - I can't wait to see you collections of mixes

hope you are all well and I assume mr posie (handsome) is back with "us" in Brisbane.

take care



Leah said...

Cute bunting - I can't wait to go to floriade. On the pinked edges - just checking you know you can get pinking blades for your rotary cutter :)

Tanya said...

Hi lovely Posie, I have been reading your blog for quite a while and really enjoy it! The flowers are looking lovely and so are those very gorgeous linen bunting. Xx

Felicity said...

Fab-alicious all of it!


Anonymous said...

floriade looks beautiful. i say every year i will get there and it still hasn't happened. one day!!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

I have been wondering if it is ok to make a quick bunting with pinking shears?

Leonie said...

Love it - I just made some bunting last week but went the whole nine yards on double sided etc... Bunting Love :)

Sally said...

Super cute bunting :)

You squeeze so much into every day. You're amazing.

Libby said...

You're making me dizzy with your productivity!!! Gorgeous bunting too by the way...love a bit of bunting:)

Jennie said...

Oh loving the pinking shear bunting!! I missed your 'wordless' wednesday yesterday - he he!!xx

Anonymous said...

Actually I quite like the look of that bunting with the pinked edges.


Sam said...

Like the fabrics on your bunting, and I don't mind the pinked edges, looks even more vintage:)Sam

The Moerks said...

I forgot to comment yesterday but I am still chuckling about your wordlessness!

Anonymous said...

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Tiff said...

I am a talker to.... just can't help it!!! I love those edges, I think it is a great idea! X

Johanna said...

I read what wrote in your 'about me' section . You have scored in multitasking !
Moon Woman
Which type of moon woman are you?

Tas said...

Oh, lots of yummy things.

Anna Bartlett said...

The travel theme is a great idea - hope they're a hit!