24 July 2011

I'm Grateful For . . . 'my siblings'

Greetings all,
Wow, last day of school holidays, sigh, we covered 4000km of NSW & QLD, with the focus on family - mostly my husband - but 3 of our siblings too (we bypassed Sydney which eliminated a brother & a sister + their families).  More on Brisbane soon, i can truly admit i am EXHAUSTED
On the way up we visited my husband's sister & caught up her 6 children on the Central Coast (teens & Uni students are harder to trace these days) - she put on an amazing lunch with Grandpa making a guest appearance too; then on the way home, my brother & 3 of his children - we had brunch at his hotel in Newcastle, crashing their boy's weekend with his Uni student, then was taking his 3 boys to the TriNations rugby in Sydney; finally my sister & her 3 children in Bowral - she fed us afternoon tea & dinner, we hung around for 5 hours, not in a hurry to complete the 200km home.  I've said it before, cousins are the BEST things ever, my children are so lucky to have 19 first cousins (no, we're not Catholic) we just LOVE children. 
I'm possibly the ONLY person on earth who drives huge distances, timing the last fuel stop 5km from home, brrr 1C, 9p.m.  I'm also possibly the only person who does all the washing & unpacking immediately??  THEN i wake to a clean, tidy & organised home, skipping off to the supermarket for milk, bread, eggs.
I can absolutely, positively confirm . . . this flour-not-quite-fitting-into-the-flour-Tupperware-container-but-i-tried-anyway . . . sums up my life right now
I am about to have the busiest few years of my life - i don't want to wish the time away "it's the journey" & all that - the destination though, our own homestead & farm, husband retired from the Army & 4 children in high school, poof, it will be here before we know it!! 
I just have to work smarter, not harder & let some things go (like my website & fabric Shop), i'm exhausted but thinking & planning, hard!!  First on my list is to resume my gym ritual, it's so important to me (healthy body & mind) i'm unhappy i let it slide last term.  I resigned from the P&C but still do things for them, there truly is no one else, it has to stop!!
After unpacking, sorting & shuffling the groceries, i reached for the cashews, which i had thought about purchasing, not purchasing, purchasing for 5 minutes at the supermarket.  Great, after my 5 minute long deliberation, i picked up peanuts instead of cashews - see where i'm going, i'm slipping, i feel unfocused & i'm careless
No, i didn't notice they were peanuts until i had actually put some in my mouth, waaaaa!!  So Maxabella Loves who is Grateful this weekend over at BabyMac, I'm Grateful for the lovely visits with my siblings, it gave me just enough energy to get home, think clearly & start making changes thanks to their advice on where i'm going.  Love Posie


BellaBree said...

ooo my thats a whole lotta travelling...and I hope you have carved some time to pop you feet up and take a breather....thanks for stopping by my blog, and its lovely to 'meet' you!
Briar x

beachvintage.com said...

I always unpack too as soon as we get home from holidays, i cant stand to leave it till the morning. Mental i know, my husband gives me a hard time over it. Sounds like you need a rest xx

Naturally Carol said...

Hi Jennie..I just really hope that now you're home that when the kids are at school you just take a little time out for yourself after thoroughly thinking of Mr Posie and your four sweet Posies all of the holidays! Just relax for a few hours each day til you get mentally rested again.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Sounds like a super busy and fun school holidays! Hope you find a better balance this term.

I also unpack the minute I get home:)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh loving the fanatical unpackers, i was there at midnight shoving the luggage bags up to the top of the walk through robe, job done!! Love Posie

First House on the Right said...

What a busy time you've had! Hope you can have a bit of a relax now that you're back. Nicolex

Cathie said...

you definitely need a break!!
no more P&C for you, you need to think of you & your mental well being!
I also need to get re-energised, it's very important, i know!

wishing you a slow week and some well deserved rest ♥

Sannah said...

I am exhausted just reading this! Hope you manage to get at least a little break!

The Provincial Homemaker said...

I too am a get home and unpack type person. DH is the complete opposite and often says just leave it for another day. I just can't.

Glad you were able to catch up with all your family.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

The peanuts/cashews thing is so something that I would do! Same reason as you I think - just too much going on! It's really hard as a Mum, when you give so much of yourself, to know what to give up. All the best as you decide what's best for you and your lovely fam.

Green Mama said...

Sheesh! That's a holiday! I am also an unpacker and washer the second we get home. Hate having all messy stuff around me!

Little Pinwheel said...

I am giggling, as I too am that person that loves to unpack immediately after a trip. I love my life to get back into some kind of normality. Trust me, if you saw how fast I moved after moving house, you would of been out of breath just watching me. Or maybe you wouldn't have personally! I think you would of helped. Beautiful post xx