09 November 2009

WIN at Mathilda's Market this week

Greetings all,

Well i donated a little something to the Canberra Kids competition which is running with Mathilda's Market this week. Visit their website to enter & good luck!! Over $600 worth of lovely products on offer including a Posie Patchwork Pencil Roll. http://www.canberrakids.com.au/MathildasMarketComp/index.php

In other news, i'll be doing a little stall at Campbell Primary School Fete this Saturday, just 10a.m. to 2p.m. then it's Mathilda's on Sunday!! Phew!!

Just back from my old school fare at Ravenswood in Sydney - it was absolutely lovely, gorgeous girls, beautiful atmosphere & super friendly event. We'll do that next year for sure, only as a family as it's so fun to look around your old school. My sister came up from Bowral to have a look around, wow, it has grown since we started in the Junior School.

What was my big seller at Ravenswood?? The patchwork pencil rolls, closely followed by the launch of my massive selection of Art Viva Knitting Needles. They walked off the stall & i've already reordered for Handmade Canberra's UpMarket. Gosh, everyone EVERYONE loves the red needles, me, i'm up for all the colours!! Also ordered in some gorgeous Australia wool to make my needles look even more attractive, if that's possible. I'll also launch the knitting & craft patchwork rolls, like the pencil rolls only with room for instructions, wool & a few pairs of needles.
Oh oh oh & the Canberra Times popped over for an interview & photoshoot today too, will keep you posted, it was really fun. Love Posie


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your success and best of luck with your other stalls before Christmas , you'll need to sew like crazy to keep up with it all , good for you .

Rosalind said...

Busy Girl :-)

MissChief Maker said...

Ooohhh Jennie I just love all of the colourful tutus you dropped off at MissChief Maker today, i've already sold some and they've only been in the shop a few hours! They look so yummy hanging up in the window of the shop. Best of luck with the markets this weekend and next.