30 October 2009

Mathilda's Market "Meet the Maker" series - starting with me!!

This week, we‘re pleased to profile our very first Mathilda‘s Market stallholder in our new Meet The Makers series. We‘ll be asking probing questions of some of the talented designers and creators who set up shop at Mathilda‘s Market. Our hope is that we‘ll find out more about what they do, and what inspires them to be so creative.
Without further ado, please meet Jennie from Posie Patchwork .
Jennie will showcase her wares in Canberra on 15 November 2009.
Your name: Jennie McClelland
Your business name and web address: Posie Patchwork lives at
When and how did your business come to fruition? Sewing and design was my secret passion while studying science at University. So when I was pregnant with my first child, I purchased a sewing machine & taught myself to sew. Then in 2001 after the birth of twins, I turned my sewing hobby into a proper online business, retired from the oil industry at the age of 26, and have never looked back! I‘ve also since had my fourth child and started a wholesale label and appeared at many markets.
Describe your product range: After a decade of collecting unique vintage, retro & quirky fabrics from all over the world, I have around 5000 different designs to use to make quality products from badges, cards & purses to bags, clothes & patchwork quilts.
What inspires your creativity? The Posie motto is ’if you love something, it‘s always in style.‘ With my amazing selection of fabrics, a love of family & my ordinary daily life filled with handmade goodness, it‘s easy to be inspired to create beautiful products.
What‘s your favourite product from your range, and why do you love it? Oh, definitely my gorgeous patchwork pencil roll (pictured). It shows off lots of different fabrics, as well as my attention to detail & passion for colour. Plus, it‘s a practical product which makes a beautiful gift for boys, girls and grown ups too!
Name three things in life you just can‘t do without? My gorgeous husband & our wonderful children, and our puppy! But they‘re not really ’things‘, and besides, my husband goes off to courses, exercises & war, so I‘ve had to learn to live without him for long periods!
So here are my picks:
1. My Cath Kidston vintage-style sewing box, which holds everything I need to sew.
2. My Janome industrial sewing machine, as she glides beautifully through all my sewing projects.
3. My ’good‘ scissors which are strictly for fabric, ribbon & thread only! My catchcry is the same as my mother & my grandmother before me: “Not the good scissors!
Thanks Jennie for talking to Mathilda's Market! Below are some of Jennie's fun creations:
Why thank you Mathilda's, that was really rather sweet of you!! Comg alone to Mathilda's in Manuka, Canberra ACT (or your local city - this month they cover almost every state) & do some lovely shopping. Love Posie


Corrie said...

yay for you!!!!! that's great!


Unknown said...

That is so sweet of you Jennie to introduce us to Jennie . I hope you got along well with her , lol !

Unknown said...

That was a fabulous post. I've just landed on your blog from somewhere (!) and am loving reading through your posts and looking at the fabulous sunny pictures and dreaming while on a train travelling through dark and cold british countryside! Keep on blogging x