19 October 2009

on the road to Gundagai

tossing hay to the horses from the ute

rainbow trout success
tree climbing & then tree leaping!!

fly fishing lessons with Daddy
Greetings all,

With my husband's lovely best mate out in Gundagai, it's a short hop over there for a great weekend away, when you live in Canberra. We went fishing in the Tumut River, with a lovely Rainbow Trout finding its way onto our dinner plates on Saturday night; the children fed the horses & met the foals on the farm; we made damper by the river bank; some craft by the camp fire & all round lovely flowers to smell in the Spring gardens.
Must say, i won't duck away for the weekend after a full day on canteen duty again, as i wasn't in charge of the final packing of the car, a man was. Bless my husband, however, he didn't have my last minute & all important list in his head & we left behind anything warm for our eldest daughter & the boy's gum boots. One twin had to make do without pyjamas also, but they didn't mind!! We came straight from school so they had their sneakers & warm school jackets, just to be sure!!

A fabulous weekend away, now it's time to knuckle down & finish off orders, prepare for markets, get through the busy P&C fundraising season & prepare the house for Summer. It's certainly heating up now, so we can put away the Winter gear & the below zero evenings of last week!! Tally ho, love Posie


Kylie said...

Looks like you had a great weekend dispite the hiccups. DH's dont you love them - mine told me the other day that he I did not know why I was stressing - that I have done more this move than any other move - ahh no - this is your first move that you have been here for and you have not even packed your box of clothes yet - LOL - men:)

We should arrange a camping trip in 2011. Have camper will travel - have Fraser Island on the cards for Easter next year:)

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for letting me know about this post . I'm a little biased but Gundagai is a fantastic town and a great place to raise kids . My lot spend every spare moment at the river , isn't that a lovely way to live ! I never let my DH pack ever .

Little Angel Little Devil said...

Hi there,

Wow what a lovely time to be had!!! the kids look so happy and totally at home in the country!!!

Ahh Bless your action man!! my husband would be sure to forget a thousand things as well!!!!

Desperate for a catch up as it's been way tooooooooo long. But I know spending valuable time with action man is just that valuable...so let me know if and when your free for a chat.

XX Rach

Corrie said...

oh look at all those gorgeous kids!!!!!! you breed very good looking kids miss!

looks like a nice break from the city!