10 October 2009

get knitting with Art Viva needles

Greetings all,

My fabulous haul of knitting needles have arrived in store!! Do you have the celebrity urge to get knitting too?? Try these stunningly gorgeous hand crafted needles on for size. In a variety of lengths, sizes, colours & combinations, the wonderful folk at Art Viva created these knitting needles from Tasmanian Oak, right here in Australia. The timbers are from environmentally sustainable sources & each needle is indvidually handmade & finished using natural, organic oils. Your yarn will glide over the beautiful smooth finish. The spotty balls on the ends are hand painted in a variety of fun colours. Each needle has both metric & US sizes stamped on them, to avoid confusion.
Really love your knitting, well try a set of sizes & colours which are packed in a fabulous tube made from original 1950's & 1960's newspapers, featuring the most incredible ads. Have a closer look at the detail, find Elizabeth Taylor as a spokesmodel for jewllery & the ultimate in housewifey advertising appeal for cleaning agents. Brilliant!! Check out the great value prices by buying the sets!!

Check them out, they are in the Posie on line shop now!! Love Posie


Little Angel Little Devil said...

Love Love Love, I gotta get a pair just because they are soooo beautiful!!! XX Rach

Kylie said...

Tis a shame you don't knit:) If you would like something knitting for display let me know - humm - thinking if I really need ANOTHER set of needles:)

Samantha Caffee said...

How are you going to up and start blogging again and not even tell me?? I've missed you! You were one of my first friends here in blogland and I just happened to check in on you tonight (not expecting anything) and you had been here!!! I am soo excited to read through and catch up! Welcome back sweetie!