18 November 2009

Handmade this weekend, yikes!!

Greetings all,
Well it's another Handmade Market, the 5th one so far & wow, with massive crowds & growing love for handmade local designer gear, we're so excited what a Christmas shopping frenzy this might well be!! Last Sunday was Mathilda's which was lovely, successful, fun & the owner Anne Lewis is a doll - so lovely to meet a hands on market event manager. Julie Nichols totally gets it too, being on both sides of the market game, running a stall or managing an entire market movement!! Looking forward to both next year as Mathilda's increases to 4 times a year, interlocking with Handmade. The standard at both is very high, they really compliment each other & i'm so excited to be at both Canberra markets from the start.
check out the incredible packaging tubes for these 3 & 4 needle pair sets, genuine 1950-1970s newspaper ads, everything from a house wife's love of washing power, jewellery & her trusty washing machine - these tubes make awesome gifts, even if you can't knit, they are just beautiful to own & look at, not to mention the smell of Tasmanian Oak in your sewing room or living area!!
I'll leave it here as i'm madly finishing off tagging products, reintroducing my range of children's singlets & shooting the latest batch of Art Viva knitting needles which arrived yesterday from Tasmania - another new product to launch at Handmade!! I have to shoot them before they sell, just for posterity & beauty. My jars are now topped up after selling so many at the Ravenswood Fair (Sydney) & Mathilda's Market (Canberra) in the past 2 weekends. Phew, why do we do it oursleves?? Well if you saw my lovely article on page 5 in the Canberra Times on Saturday, for me it's a passion, because i can work & be a full time mummy.

Check out the blogs at Mathilda's Market & Handmade Canberra's UpMarket, both lovely write ups about Posie a couple of times in the past week. Next stop: My Child magazine, images for their February issue about classic children's fabrics. Feeling rather popular, such kind media out there. So nice to be sitting by the pool watching your chidlren swim & splash about while you're doing an interview on the phone. I would never appologise for children making noise in the background, they are the reason i do what i do or i'd be back in the lab, yawn!!

See you at Handmade peoples, Friday night 5-9p.m. (i'm in the ballroom on the stage if you don't mind, la de dah) & Saturday 10a.m. to 4p.m. (outside, front & centre to the long driveway). No excuses for not smiling & saying hello to me. Love Posie
EDIT: Handmade was sizzlign, in every sense of the word!! All these Knitting Needle tubes featured sold out at Handmade, sorry folks!! There will be more coming, plus more red needles, geesh every one loves RED with white spots, stay tuned & while the off market season is happening (late December to January) they will all be available on line, enjoy!! Finally, HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANDMADE, you're 1 today, 22nd November 2009. Awesome work Julie, we love you to pieces . . . the entire Clan McClelland!!


Unknown said...

Good for you ! Everything's happening for you and no less than you deserve . I hope your market this week does really well and then we'll read about you in the Womens Weekly maybe !

Rosalind said...

Go Handmade! woo hoo