25 April 2009

Donna Hay General Store

Greetings, this was top on my list of new shops to visit while in Sydney. Conveniently just around the corner from Piggot's Store & it's grand opening only 2 weeks earlier, i spent 2 hours in here. Obviously i was shopping without an anchor (read: husband) or any distractions (read: children). With an entrance as pretty as this, you can guess that it's equally gorgeous in side too. Take a peek . . . A little something i couldn't resist even though my children can all read & write now, i will keep these for the grandchildren. The prettiest French alphabet blocks ever.

My next purchase will be 2-3 of these massive floor cushions, basically can't choose the colour. They are stuffed full of quality filling & my reasoning is that at only $139, i could barely make them cheaper.

Light fittings to die for, isn't this just gorgeous?? The fireplace matches the exposed sandstone in the stair well.

This is a classic example of what Donna does best, makes every day essentials, simply beautiful.

Oh oh oh, imagine being the lucky recipient of one of these special handmade bears. The super knowledgable staff explained that the fur is hand died & the outfits made from vintage fabrics, all in France. At around $380, they are super special & a treasured item you would keep forever . . .

I'm just going to pretend my children have these chairs in their bedrooms . . . too much fun!!

Much to my surprise after filling a bag with goodies down stairs, was this amazing corner of French toys & accessories upstairs. Simply beautiful, pristine, soft & makes you want to have more babies just so you can play with these gorgeous goodies.
Imagine this is how my children's bedroom shelving looks on any given day . . .

Yes, couldn't resist these wrappers, what prettier way to offer up a cup cake, mini quiche . . .

I have committed to red Kitchen Aid accessories in my kitchen, however, ice blue was a close 2nd.

When my husband came to collect me/ drag me out of the store, he was pleased to know i had purchased him a freshly baked brownie. No, he didn't share it. Gosh it smelt delicious.

Image your pantry looked like this . . . i can recommend the icing spatula, clever size.
Are you a Donna Hay fan/ fanatic/ wanna be?? At the next Handmade Canberra's UpMarket on Saturday 23rd May at Albert Hall . . . Donna has generously donated a raffle prize. So come along, see the awesome Julie at the entrance with the raffle & Handmade merchandise, fill in the ticket & enter. Then come over to the Posie Market Stall for some more smiles. Love Posie


Sheridan said...

I had no idea this store was in Sydney! Thanks for the heads up and I loved the tour!

Might see you in Canberra one day, I have a good friend down there I need to visit, and we always love a market!

Market Girl said...

Hey Jennie, what a lovely post. Nice work thanks x

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Thanks ladies, yes, it was fantastic to visit Donna's store. It was hard to not buy more, but that is in the treat of going back - i have a list of things starting with those floor cushions!! For me they are a spare bed for sleep overs (so i must have 3 of them). If i make it appear pracitcal, my husband can't deny me. Love Posie

Corrie said...

wow when did that open? how did sydney girls not know abou it!

I must get those alphabet blocks for my little ones and I know I will crazy there!


Anonymous said...


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