25 April 2009

Power House Museum

Greetings & welcome to school holidays, while in Sydney we took the children to the Power House Museum. Better yet, Questacon families receive free entry (yes!!) so went spent a few great hours running (my children do not walk) around this multilevel complex. I'll add as many descriptions as i can remember. I feel like it was sooo long ago i was studying all this at University. Actually this is just down the road (Broadway) from Sydney Uni. I think my little nerds know more than me now. Below is a still, fascinating.
Not sure, maybe some polymer representing something, my 2nd daughter doing her best game show case arms she could muster. Then they all started doing this . . . & sorry the image won't save the right way up!!

Space man at the shuttle display, kind of alien really . . .

This is the spinning room where the oustide moves & makes everyone tilt, funny to watch!!

There is an entire room dedicated to the old steam trains which used to chug around Sydney. I especially love this time table board, but it's missing my old line, the North Shore to Hornsby!!

These ace little children's toilet were a fantastic find & suit a big family. More discrete adult toilet for mummy next door. Didn't see anyone else using this bathroom, it was also spotless.

This was fascinating, had the children captivated for ages . . . using a computer touch screen to stop & start the train with a red or green light, turn the lights on & off in the station house, not to mention speed up the train, which of course, the children all tried to make it crash!!

Oh i wish i could bring this home, a laser cutting machine, from boxes to cardboard, excellent!!
This was especially cool, it's the Bejing Olympics pool cube, designed by an Australian. Had my little fellow in particular completely captivated. They have video interviews with the designer too!!
Cochlear ear implants, soooo clever, celebrating Australian inventions.
Sheep shearing, follow the lights & it makes clipper noises, bleats & lights up red if you go to shear in the wrong direction.
Oh i wish i could have cracked the perspex & pinched this one, isn't it lovely!!
This was fun, all the old fashioned chores little girls like mine would have had to have done not too long ago . . . & to think the tears roll now when i ask them to pick up their toys & clothes!!
Super clever, braille, so glad it showed up on the camera. They even had braille Play Boy magazine.

Old fashioned kitchen complete with bug & rodent killing tips, must have been tough housewives!!
They had this construction area for children under 6, i only had one qualifier for that age group, my 5 year old son, however, his 3 big sisters had a better time than he did. Lots to build, knock down, move around with cranes, all while wearing high visibility vests & hard hats. Too cute, well for the girls, a certain little boy is a little too obsessed about fashion to mix fluro with navy. This is on the bottom floor called Zoe's House.

So just up from Darling Harbour/ Ultimo/ Pyrmont depending on where you park, is the fabulous Power House Museum. We didn't do the Star Wars exhibition (very long queues) & resisted purchasing any Lego or merchandise from the gift shop. We do love our Lego. Love Posie

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