25 April 2009

Posie Market Stall upcoming events

Greetings all, just a crazy month with new products, a book feature, press releases & bolts of fabric arriving at the Posie studio. Finally had a chance to update the blog. It's ANZAC Day, so thank you to all the soldiers, sailors & airmen out there who proudly call themselves ANZACs. My husband is among you, however, with freezing weather & rain, decided not to march, but go fishing with old Army mates instead. Equally therapeutic i think.

RightyO, this is where i'll be in May, another MASSIVE market month for me. All are outdoors so please come along & warm me up with your smiles.

Monday 27th April Race&Taste at Thoroughbred Park, free entry, 9 to 5
Saturday 2nd May MOCCA at Manuka, free entry, 9 to 2
Sunday 3rd May - i'm actulally not attending Hall Markets, going to a Tupperware Party instead
Sunday 10th May Mother's Day in the Park at Glebe Park Civic, free entry, 11 to 3
Saturday 16th May Handmade Show Case at Civic Shopping Centre, free entry, 9 to 5
Saturday 23rd May Handmade Canberra's UpMarket at Albert Hall, free entry, 10 to 4
i only do a super duper massive market stall at Handmade each quarter, very worth the effort!!

Full details are on the Posie website Market & Special Events pages, check them out today!! They also list other markets & events you might have seen me at, plus further afield. My last event was Mathilda's Market in Manuka (ACT launch), that was fun, furious, fast, four hours. Highly recommend it to anyone who has a child, knows a child, wants a child.

Support handmade, so many of these businesses are mummies sewing, designing or crafting so they can continue to stay at home with their children, buy lovely, locally.

I will be selling copies of Tania's McCartney's two fabulous new books (her book launch for Bejing Tai Tai on Wednesday night was fabulous). Tania will be doing book signings at Handmade on 23rd May in the morning, you have to see this gorgeous lady in action, she is so entertaining, clever, whitty & fun. She's my favourite author now & awesome mother too. Check out Tania's blog & links to the side. Love Posie


Jenny said...

Hi Posie! Welcome back. Glad you are still busy with those markets and having fun. How are those gorgeous children of yours?

Kylie said...

As busy as ever I see Jen - good luck with all of the markets - maybe I should knit you a pair of gloves to keep you warm!

ingridk said...

Hi Jenni, its been a while, I'm hoping to pop down on saturday and check out your stall.
Would you beleive a friend of mine handed me some material today that she bought from you to make something for her.... what a small world huh.