19 May 2013

social commentary Sunday . . . 'knowing when to take a break from blogging'

Greetings all, 
My blogging journey has come to a stop-start-halt lately, i've just lost the passion, enjoyment & time for it.  While i started my blog 6 years ago & blogged regularly during 2010 to 2012 while my husband lived interstate, sharing 'our life' with him . . . i'm finding less & less time to post about craft, lifestyle, animals, baking, children, my husband & our happiness.  
My studio is only working on large commissions, not pretty blog-worthy-craft; i'm spending many more hours in the garden, tending to animals, exercising & preparing healthy meals, less blog-worthy-cakes; the children are growing fast, i am not missing a minute & considering next year we'll have three teenagers - it's incredibly busy with sports, academics & their social engagements, i'm not comfortable posting lots of images of teenagers, especially as they are not allowed their own social media; my husband is here & being a wife takes up a lot of time, i'd prefer his company than reading blogs . . . as for our happiness, we've never been happier, with exciting dreams.  Spending less time on the computer is a good example to our children too.  
I've been using my non-blogging-time making more calls to my elderly parents, catching up with people who bring me joy & soaking in the lucky life i have as a housewife.  I refuse to be 'busy' as it implies i don't have time for the things i love.  I still adore the idea of a blog & the blogging community is lovely; trolls - their loss, i click delete & refuse to engage with them, absolutely not worth a second thought; stalkers - go get a life, especially the ones who know me personally, it's creepy you read my posts (& pretend you don't) yet don't communicate with me directly!!
So it's for positive reasons that i am taking a break from blogging.  I want to offer the world quality or nothing, i won't blog for the sake of blogging.  I'll be hanging around on Instagram, which is so much fun, friendly, engaging & fast . . . i find it like mini-speed-blogging.  While blogging has been a wonderful adventure with 700 posts, 15000 comments & 2000 hits per day, if i was paid to blog - i'd reconsider taking a break, i just can't maintain 'free' work - yes, 'work' . . . i put great consideration/ thought/ ideas/ effort into my posts: an extension of my business & the personality behind it . . . i'm closing down the on line store & no longer attend markets, as i'm starting a new chapter in my creative life.  Stay tuned. 
 I'd love to be invited to blog conferences . . . i have great ideas & lots of inspiration to offer; i'd love to be given freebies & opportunities . . . i do fantastic & thoughtful reviews; i'd love to sit in a particular niche . . . but i don't . . . no babies (our youngest is 9) or live in the cities where the events take place, so i'll hum along doing my own thing.  While i've always been popular & social, i really enjoy my own company & avoid cliques at all costs.  Blogging has changed a lot over the years with awards, sponsorship & obvious circles, a lot is self-congratulatory & below average quality.  It wasn't my end-game to make money from blogging - i started as i had my own home-design-studio business to promote & make money from - i was never 'discovered' (even with 10000 social media followers) & that's Ok.  Maybe, one day??
Just to wrap up a few things, like my last giveaway & ensuring i organise all pervious giveaway winners receive their prizes (apologies for the delay) the lucky people who won the LEGO Hero Factory packs are:
Claire Hewitt of Clairey Hewitt blog,
Sash of Indigo Elephant blog &
Beck from Baby Laila blog.
Congratulations.  Please email me your delivery (street address for courier) for delivery. 
 Thanks everyone - it has truly been a wonderful experience, i appreciate all your comments & connections.  This isn't good bye or farewell, just a see you later for now.  I feel it's really important if you know your blogging journey is stalling, that you take a break.  It might be Christmas time before i blog again, but i will be back, renewed & thoroughly reinspired, love Posie
PS all images are recent snap shots from my Instagram account Posie Shoots with lots of stories & gorgeous engagement, you'll see why i completely adore this social media platform!!


Jo in TAS said...

Enjoy your blog free time Posie!

Queen Of The Armchair aka Dzintra Stitcheries said...

Hi Jennie...enjoy your blogging break and most of all your Handsome Soldier and family...Lots of Love, Dzintra xo

Jacinta said...

Sounds like life is good Jennie ... take care and looking forward to reading your next post whenever that'll be. xo

Amanda said...

Sorry to see that you're taking a break but totally understanding your reasoning. Am not on Instagram yet but very eager to join so will look you up when I do so! Take care xx

Anne said...

Your life isn't 'busy' , just full!
Enjoy a change :)

Unknown said...

Smooches! You sound happy and fulfilled. Enjoy your family. xxx

mel @ loved handmade said...

I think instagram has taken over my blog as well, I do love it as a nice quick and easy way of staying connected to my blog mates and of course keeping my relatives updated on our goings on..x

ally said...

I avoid the term busy too - I think it's just used as an excuse too often!!
I'm loving mini IG blogging too - its fun and supportive and so inspiring.
Enjoy your time away and hopefully you'll return with news of the new farm

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Life is for living and I definately think we need to fit our blog into our life not our life around our blog. I can see how you needed an outlet when hubby was away but now you dont need it so much. Enjoy yourself and we'll see you in snippets if and when you decide to share some stories of your family and farm life. Theres nothing wrong with sharing a cake recipe every now and then even if its not so healthy :)

The Creative Beast said...

Thank you for this timely message! I am feeling the need for a break and it's nice to see other bloggers broach this subject.
And it sounds like a break for you is the right thing at the right time now that your husband is home and you are all marinating in making a lovely family life altogether with everyone under one roof. Enjoy your family time - children do grow quickly and before you know it they have grown themselves out of your home, so enjoy every minute you get! =-)

Claireyhewitt said...

I think you are the master of micro blogging. I must admit, as I follow you so much on IG, I started to drop in here less and less. But the beauty of blogging is that your blog is always there if you want it. It doesn't go mouldy or rotten, just sits around kindly waiting for you to work out what is best for you.

Also, I expect the teen niche is actually quite an important one!

Lois said...

Hi Jennie. I haven't been a prolific commenter on your blog, but have always enjoyed your positive attitude & vim for life!!

I'm moving into a different phase of motherhood at present & reflect fondly on the years you still have ahead with your kids as kids (even teenagers...although I did have a very 'challenging' child!! LOL)

Enjoy every minute of your sabbatical & family's search & move to your farm :)

I'll still look forward to future 'farm posts'


Jane said...

Ah Jennie, I was just pondering this about you and had suspected as much. Plaudits to you, my friend, for recognising what's most important to you. Take your time. See you over on IG! J x

Julie @ Off to the Park said...

Enjoy your break Posie!

I'm also taking a little bloggy break, but don't know for how long. As you said, I don't want to blog for the sake of blogging. I'm on a little quest in finding what makes me happy, besides being a Mum. take care, Julie

Woollybutthill said...

Hi Jennie, thanks for all the sharing I loved keeping up with you are your wonderful family. Enjoy the new phase and I will keep connected on Instagram. xM

Sally said...

Ahhh yes. "You've got to know when to hold them, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away, know when to run."
See you on the instagram.

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

Oh Jen! I've been a very on again off again blogger of late and missed this post. You will be missed. Looks like I'll need to join Instagram! Love your honest post, as always. Spending time with your gorgeous family is certainly a higher priority than blogging. Enjoy. xxoo

Tania McCartney said...

Best decision ever. Onwards and upwards, girl. Can't wait to watch you fly. x

Unknown said...

Well done you....I love your comment 'I refuse to be busy'..... I only just found your blog, but this last post will be one I remember .
Enjoy your time, and go live your life :)
Happy trails,

Just Martha said...

Just thought I would let you know I am thing of you and trust all is well with you and yours..... Mx

Unknown said...

Thank you for your honesty. It really spoke to my heart. Your words gave my heart a voice. Enjoy your break and enjoy your family. You have made a wonderful choice and I know you will never regret it. I'll see you in Instagram land, xx Jo.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your honesty. It really spoke to my heart. Your words gave my heart a voice. Enjoy your break and enjoy your family. You have made a wonderful choice and I know you will never regret it. I'll see you in Instagram land, xx Jo.

Unknown said...

Thnak for sharing your heart with us. Thank you for your honesty. Your words spoke to my heart. I am sure it is a decision you will never regret. Enjoy your family and enjoy your bloggin break. xx Jo

Unknown said...

Hey Jennie, what an interesting post! I think blogging a a lot of work if you're doing it for free ;) and if your husband is here with you, that's fabulous!! Enjoy being a wife and three teenage children (!), gardening and crafting. It sounds wonderful!