12 January 2013

eleven opinions on the eleventh

Greetings all,
What a full-steam-ahead new year we've experienced.  On New Year's Day we drove from Brisbane to Canberra & since then . . . we've checked out more local farms for sale, started training for a triathlon (the 14 year old girls programme, don't laugh at me) & i've turned the house insideout during my biannual psycho clean.  Invigorating!!  I'm also powering along over on Instagram, just completed a Vignette Challenge & now i'm doing a series . . . Stacks of Shacks, with images of the shacks i photographed from the Pacific Highway at high speed while holidaying on the north coast of NSW.
Before i thrust my opinions on you, imagine soothing dolphin noises.
I receive lovely, kind & sweet comments about being nice, friendly & fun on social media.  Why thank you, however, i also have an opinion, or eleven . . . on everything!!  I've done around 50 Social Commentary Sunday posts now, proving very popular with wonderful engagement . . . so here goes something new.
1. It's a new year = everyone proffering empowering quotes like "be yourself, everyone else is taken" & "don't let the bastards get you down" . . . so here is mine - you cannot control what people think of you, perception is reality, run with what you love & your happiness will be contagious
2. I really don't understand the hype about Justin Beiber, however, i really like the duet Beauty & the Beat with Nicki Minaj, i can't help but sing along.  He sings like a breathy girl anyway, suits my one-tone-voice. 
3. Les Miserables the movie is brilliant.  I grew up with the musical masterpiece . . . the cinema version is gripping & fantastic.  Hugh, Russell, Anne are all excellent; the children were amazing; Amanda Seyfried completely stole my heart; handsome Eddie Redmayne was perfect; & Samantha Barks who played Eponine - broke my heart, she was INCREDIBLE. 
4.  I think fire works are a waste of money & create pollution.  I appreciate the idea of a sky spectacular, but seriously, millions of dollars literally blown up in coloured gun powder??  NYE in Sydney is getting out of control, sure it's a tourism investment & 'gift to the people' - perhaps half the size & divert the funds to where they are really needed.
5. The only way they can ruin MasterChef Professionals - is by over advertising it.
6.  Australian Mummy Bloggers Making Stacks of Cash.  I'm Australian.  I'm a Mummy.  I'm a Blogger.  I'm not Making Stacks of Cash.  Do i have a problem with it??  Of course not.  I believe the professional blogger's content improves with the paid promotions, their grammar certainly does!!  If you don't agree, unfollow & support someone else - don't join a disgusting-hate-filled-forum (available for public viewing) to bitch about them!!
7.  Are you guilty of posting on social media, that you are "so busy" - there are a limited amount of times we need to hear from people each day, get your job/ errands/ tasks/ children's dinner done  . . . so you are not "so busy!!"
8. Is posting holiday snaps of your amazing beach house/ exotic island trip/ cocktails by the pool at a resort . . . boasting??  I quite enjoy the free holiday by viewing them, if you have the cash flow to spend, good for you.  If you don't & you're jealous, leaving hate filled comments doesn't help anyone - the happy holidayer or feeding your own misery.  
9.  Taylor Swift breaks up with boyfriend.  Who cares??  Surely someone that impossibly busy can't have a relationship with anyone beyond her immediate travelling business posse.  Certainly not with someone who is also famous/ busy/ travelling.  She's young, she's meant to date, break up, date, break up.  Why is this a headline??  Use that prime-time-celebrity-news-spot on one giving their attention to a charity instead.  
10. John Travolta.  He's a QANTAS Ambassador & at all the G'Day LA events (celebrating Australians in Hollywood) having a ball.  Have we forgiven/ forgotten all the accusations/ divorce situation.  I'm not a fan, so i haven't followed it.
11.  Even healthy eating, vegetable juicing & home-bake-from-scratch mummies like me eat McDonalds for dinner with their children once in a while.  I have been cleaning like a maniac for 3 days straight, my husband is interstate for a week, honestly . . . it was McDonalds or nothing tonight, this post would have not happened without it as i was physically spent.  The children were shocked with the treat & enjoyed it.   
I think i might do this every month - solving the world's problems with my opinion pieces.  In the meantime, i've still got my head buried in the sand!!
Pippi Beach, Yamba, north coast NSW, we had a fantastic holiday.  Love Posie


Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

Agree x1000!!!! I have loved all of your holiday snaps over the last couple of days xx

Sarah said...

Ha! Love the "so busy" one. Could we also add a ban on daily facebook updates on a) your morning sickness, and b) potty training in your household? 250 of one's closest friends don't need daily bulletins on those!

The Accidental Housewife said...

Happy new year Posie!

I completely agree with number seven (and all the rest, but seven is a pet hate.) I have had friends tell me that I am silly for trying to clean the house while the children are young - "who has the time?" (they had young kids too- really they were just trying to excuse themselves.) I reckon that if I can find an hour to spend on Pinterest, I can find some time to sweep!

My girls love McDonalds, it's our road trip food. They are also allowed unlimited Dora on the iPad - it keeps us all sane, and since its only a few times a year I figure it won't kill them or rot their brains too severely... I hope!

I want to be a highly paid mummy blogger... By I'm too shy to actively self promote beyond my own blog. So I wallow in accidental readership. Befitting of the title, really.

I'm so glad I have Internet back, I've missed catching up on your doings and views!

Polly said...

We love a maccadonalds (what my 3 year old calls it) from time to time too, what a treat!

woollybutthill said...

I love to see your photo's from holidays, daily life to creative. Keep them coming. I hope home is sparkly now and you can put your feet up and enjoy for a bit.
x M.

Jane said...

Hehehehe I really love reading your blog :) and I really liked this post, good fun reading :) I also solve the world's problems talking to my friends :) And I love doing the house cleaning purge, sad as that may be. And I wish that I could have a night off coooking once a week at least, maybe we could get masterchef to come into our home and cook for us as part of the competition :) I would have a clean house due to the purge hehe so I am in. Might just send them an email.