16 January 2013

an iced tea Summer adventure

Greetings all,
I'm new to tea drinking.  I loathed the smell of my mummy's can't-get-out-of-bed-without-English-Breakfast morning cup of tea, so when i decided to start drinking tea last Summer, aged 36, i wanted it to be fresh, tastey, organic, caffeine free & without milk.  So i went into T2 for ideas, bought a couple of their iced tea jugs & started experimenting.  I like it weak, i like in a glass stuffed with fresh herbs & i like it icey cold.  Very different to what i thought 'drinking tea' was all about. 
 Best of all, my children enjoy it too - coloured water to them - they play around making ice blocks with cold brewed tea, brilliant!!  Now T2 teas are the expensive trendy option, so to reduce the cost of my drink adventure, i bought some Twinings tea bags (Raspberry, Strawberry & Loganberry to be precise) & popped a tea bag in a tap-water-filled 1L bottle, gave it a swirl & popped it straight into the fridge.  After a few minutes i removed the tea bag (to my sheer delight, it slid on out) & left it to chill.  It was delicious & how simple??!!  25c baby.  Use two bags if you want a stronger flavour, then toss tea to the hens.  
So our Summer afternoons look a bit like this - cold grapes, fresh mangoes, iced tea & homemade iced tea blocks.  FYI ice tea doesn't stain white laminate kitchen counters like food colouring does!!  
I take jugs of iced tea to the pool, i would never buy iced tea (more sugar than coca cola, are you kidding me??!!) & have a neat little picnic while escaping with a home lifestyle magazine, almost every day.  We usually drink it with a straw too, so no teeth staining.  I learnt that from The Hills - thanks gorgeous girls!!  Love Posie
PS i used to sell these ice block makers in my on line store, they sold out quickly every time i restocked, i do have the rocket ship version, on special for a song!!


Leonie said...

I LOVE iced tea! And of course my recent trip to the USA encouraged my tea drinking!! I love Starbucks Passion Iced tea so was very excited to bring back some Tazo Passion teabags to make it at home.
I also love tea from the Tea Centre. No preservatives and such a lovely huge range.
I am totally having a go making some iced iceblocks! Awesome idea!

Claireyhewitt said...

How can anyone not like tea? I don't drink coffee but love a cup of bogan tea. Just a simple tea bag in a mug with a big splash of milk. It soothes many troubles.

Charlotte E said...

I love tea, iced or hot depending on my mood and the day. I know as you say it is expensive and trendy but I do have a huge soft spot for T2 as they sell the only fruity herbal teas I like. All others to me smell nice but taste like sweaty socks :-) I recently got a sample of their Red Sunset full of chunky fruit pieces. You'd love it iced.

Mother Down Under said...

I love those ice block moulds!

And I love making solar iced tea.
Just put some water and however many tea bags you fancy in a glass or clear plastic container, put it outside in the sun and an hour or so later you have tea brewed by the sun!
You can add orange and mint and whatever else you like to the container too.
It is seriously yummy!

Sarah said...

Iced tea was a summertime staple growing up. My parents were coffee drinkers back then, but all summer they had a big jug of iced tea brewing in the sunshine on the back step. I have no idea why it needed to be in the sunshine, but there it was. Nowadays they're hot tea drinkers too, with a whole cupboard full of loose-leaf teas.

Woollybutthill said...

At our place we love brewing our own herbal tea - a handful or torn up herbs into a jar of water leave in sun to steep then refrigerate. So much fun with the kids and so many varieties. Colours are not always so pretty but sugar free with great flavours. A couple of edible flowers always add a nice touch. Keep experimenting and enjoy.
x M.

seabreezequilts said...

I'm a T2 addict. Love fruity ones to Pumping Pomegranate is favourite at the moment. Twinnings have a version but I find it hard to get here Cranberry and Pomegranate I quite like it hot. I like my black tea weak with a dash of milk.

Unknown said...

I love this idea. I'm not much of a tea drinker either. On very rare occassions will I have one. I did treat myself to a box of T2's ginger and Lemongrass tea once. It was gorgeous!