07 November 2012

snap it 'on the mobile'

Greetings all,
Well i'm loving my first ever smart mobile phone.  We've been together for 6 weeks now & while Instagram has been the biggest surprise, a joyous discovery - i'm really enjoying the camera on the iPhone 5.  So it was very easy to join in this week's Snap It Wednesday with Faith Hope & a Whole Lotta Love to test drive some of my latest little mobile phone images, blown up on the blog.     
 Having a mobile with a camera (this option is new to me) means you can capture anything, anytime.  Like this road side peacock & hang gliders in the sky - really testing the distance photography limits of the lens & my daughter's drive by snapping, while i was hurtling down a country lane!!  
 I'll start playing around with filters, colours, lighting, outdoors, animals, background & all sorts of imagery now i am slowly mastering the mobile phone.  The iMac desk top with the enormous screen we purchased earlier this year & the ease of downloading images, really helps the phone mobile phone photography experience too!!  
In the meantime, welcome Tuba to the family, she's an Araucana x Wynadotte chicken (amazing feathers) who will lay blue, green, lavender or khaki eggs shortly, can't wait to see which!!  She's still a little timid & settling in with lots of cuddles.  I love listening to the children calling her "Chewba" in an Australian accent or "Tooba" in a faux American one, so funny.  Love Posie


Modern Day Mummying said...

What a gorgeous little chicken! Your iphone pics are great! I have a Nokia and doesn't take pics as great as that... Hmmm - I may have to investigate.

Sophie xo

Unknown said...

Have loved having you on instagram too!
Rach x

tash @ Little Bit of Thyme said...

Love the peacock photo. What bliss to have them roaming around free!


Rhi@FlourChild said...

Love your instagram feed Posie!
I have a very annoying Samsung Smart phone which doesn't work with IG, but my new Galaxy tablet does, so my IG shots are all taken very awkwardly waving a big tablet around the house. Not too many "on the road" pics from me yet I'm afraid. Am lusting after an iPhone, maybe for Christmas (!)
x Rhi

MultipleMum said...

Look at you moving into the 21st Century on us! A smart phone!?! Love your peacock and hen. Our chickens are the plain white and plain black variety. Boring to look at(but great layers). x

Zanni, Heart Mama said...

Gorgeous Jennie! I love the photos you have taken...It's been a pleasure to discover your blog this week :)

Zanni, Heart Mama said...

Sorry, Posie!

admin said...

love these!! & love having you on instagram x