11 July 2012

Birth Journeys . . . positive birth stories to encourage & inspire . . . book GIVEAWAY

Greetings all,
Talking about birth journeys is something mums share, whether you want to hear them or not, placentas are discussed with knowing nods at the supermarket check out, school gate & dinner parties.  I have written how my 4 babies came into the world here, i could not have hoped for a more positive experience & wonderful result every. single. time!!  I'm a scientist so epidurals, twins & trusting my obstetrician weren't issues, i had faith in a smooth labour, delivery & new baby experience.  So lucky, 4/4 times - i had everything going for me - young, healthy, supportive husband & the essential wide birth canal.  In my pregnancy & birth post (the mega mix) i mention how we already had 12 nieces & nephews, so we were clued in, yet stayed focused & positive . . . only issue was that each of my babies missed their due dates (even twins, happily in there at 37 weeks, kicking me with their octopus limbs) . . . i had to wait patiently to meet them. 
I wish i had a plethora of different birth journeys to read back in 1998, first hand honest experiences, not embellished or dramatised, but real & up-to-date!!  As we headed on an Army posting to the unknown of the Northern Territory last millennium, we didn't know what to expect.  My ever helpful father suggested i dig a hole, tee hee.  What we found was the most fantastic hospital & Australia's busiest obstetrician, married to a girl who grew up 8 houses down my childhood street in Sydney.  I used to visit his mother-in-law when i was staying with my parents - i loved my obstetrician, he delivered all of my babies (& offered discounts for repeat business - this was all before the baby bonus!!)  After 4 children, your obstetrician & his family are on your Christmas card list!!  With 24/ 7/ 9 morning sickness (for some of us, pregnancy is an illness) i was still relaxed & energised about the delivery being positive, even after my husband informed me our first born's head was bigger than a 2L coca cola bottle, yeeoww.  
Leonie MacDonald has compiled a diverse variety of Birth Journeys: positive birth stories to encourage & inspire in one wonderful book.  Being informed gives you amazing control & power over the delivery - like pressure to have a Caesarean or the vernix wiped off your brand new baby.  If your pregnancy & delivery wasn't 'text book' or you want a water birth/ doula/ home birth & everyone rolls their eyes, you'll find a friend in Birth Journeys.  
I believe i am the mother & person i am today, due to my wonderful birth journeys.  As my obstetrician said "we're sending you off into the world of motherhood on the right foot & giving you every chance of success."   
The official word:
Stop listening to horror stories. Be reassured, excited and inspired. Find out how beautiful and powerful birth can be. Discover the keys to planning your own positive birth – the best beginning to motherhood.
Birth Journeys is a collection of 29 encouraging and inspiring birth stories by real Australian women (and men). It includes a wide range of birth experiences and choices: hospital, birth centre, homebirth, unassisted birth, water birth, IVF, caesarean, VBAC and twins.
The stories are deeply personal, emotional and honest. They share the paths different individuals have taken to achieve a positive birth experience. Every story has been carefully selected and reviewed by a team of midwives, doulas and mothers to give you a book full of diverse positive, uplifting and empowering stories.
Birth Journeys also contains contributions from health care professionals, academics, birth educators and authors including Dr Sarah J Buckley (author of Gentle Birth Gentle Mothering), Dr Hannah Dahlen, Renee Adair (Australian Doula College), the Maternity Coalition, Stephanie Corkhill Hyles (25 Ways to Awaken Your Birth Power), Gabrielle Targett (author of A Labour of Love) and David Vernon (editor of Men at Birth).
However you choose to birth, your experience of birth does matter. A ‘perfect’ birth is not always possible, but every woman deserves a positive birth.
For your chance to win a copy of Birth Journeys, please follow this blog & leave a positive tip about pregnancy or birth in your comment.  Extra entries for each FB & Twitter link.  Entries close Sunday 22nd July 2012.  Order your copy here, 384 pages $29.95 or eBook $14.95.  Good luck, love Posie 
Disclaimer: i approached Leonie about promoting her book on my blog, she kindly delivered a copy to me & will provide a copy for the winner.  We mummies should support each other in kind, especially when it's something you believe so passionately about.


Anne said...

I believe that 'expect the unexpected' covers it for me! I had 3 caesarians but each one was under different conditions so it was easier to go with the flow and be happy at the end that baby and mum were both healthy :)

Jan said...

Although my last child was born nearly twenty years ago I still remember the difference in having a fully supportive midwife to one that is just doing her job. Try to ensure that you have the person who best fits you. It can make all the difference in a delivery.
I am already a follower of your Posie.

Salley said...

After 4 babies, my tip is "dont be hard on yourself"...Birth Plans...are just that ...PLANS. And plans have a way of going out the window, so dont beat yourself up about it.... A wee tiny bundle of scrummy wriggly warmth is the best gift EVER. Babies smell delicious....try and remember that smell!

ThePassionateShopper said...

I've not been pregnant/had a baby but my very first birth experience as a med student during obstetrics term was a water birth. It was all so calm & peaceful that the bed ones after that were a bit more confronting!!!!

I went on to deliver 5 babies under supervision of the midwife. And I saw quads delivered via c-section & assisted in the resus team. Definitely the highlights of my medical school experience!

Unknown said...

After having my first daughter (now 16)and my twins (now 2) i have learnt that there really isn't a right way to give birth....there is only a right way to welcome your baby into the world...no matter how that entry occurs. Once i gave myself permission to accept the ceasers...i felt so much better as a mum and able to focus on the bubs.
Sounds like a lovely book...you are right, we should be supportive of each other!
It also just helped me enormously to hear you talk of sometimes pregnancy being a sickness...i also feel a little different because i feel so so awful when pregnant and sick for 9 months...i have never met anyone who experienced the same x

Kim maxwell said...

I think it is really important to be flexible, as the birth will go much better if you are open to whatever needs to happen, that way there is no disappointment later.

Kim maxwell said...

I am followinf you on facebook

Kim maxwell said...

I am also following your blog, yay!

Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

I'm not a mum yet (maybe in a couple of years time) but I find it all fascinating and I feel like it will make my experience better the more I read about it. I am looking forward to be able to share my experience one day

Kim said...

What a fab sounding read, thanks for the suggestion Posie!

I honestly believe that knowledge is power when it comes to birth. The more you understand about the processes your body has to go through to give birth, the less anxious and fearful you are, so the 'easier' (it is never going to be easy lol!) the whole process is.

I think as 'soon to be mothers' we set ourselves up for a rocky start by writting birth plans set in cement, and making dummy Vs no dummy, bottle Vs breast decisions before we have even met our little bundles of joy and given it a go.

I guess what I'm trying to say, and what I tell my sisters and friends is 'Knowledge is power' and relax and enjoy the ride!


Mother Down Under said...

I did hypnobirthing and found all the stories and videos so inspiring!

And I think that, for me at least, approaching the birth in a rational and relaxed manner helped me to stay calm and positive throughout.

I think this book sounds like a great read.

And speaking of reading, my full birth story is here.


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Congratulations Mother Down Under for your winning entry on hypnobirthing, love Posie

Leonie Macdonald said...

Congratulations to the winner! I'm posting your book tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it and please share it around with mums-to-be who are looking for inspiring stories with a healthy, realistic and positive perspective on pregnancy and birth.

We have sold out of the print book and are busy organising a reprint! If you missed out on the giveaway and you want a copy of Birth Journeys we have an ebook for sale on the website and through itunes and a few of our retailers have copies of the print book left.

Thank you Jennie for giving me the opportunity to share Birth Journeys with you and your followers!

xx Leonie