28 May 2012

10 ways i'm feeling my age . . .

Greetings all,
Yay . . . we have a wedding this weekend, finally a wedding to attend with my beloved husband (& not be put on the 'singles' table, first time in 9 years!!)  I'm so looking forward to it, however, i am facing up to my age at every turn or perhaps my 'stage' in life, as i wonder where my care-free-natural-youthful-effortless-preparation-for-big-events has gone??  I don't like to put makeup on with a trowel, but i might have to start learning, eeek!!  
1. my hair is no longer naturally blonde, it's now mousey & needs to be coloured
2. i question my choice of sparkly Alannah Hill frock - it looks like Chanel, buttery cream with black sequins: fun & flirty.  Can i pull off this look, mother of a high schooler??   
 3. i've gained weight & running around the block for a week ain't going to fix the jiggles, so i've purchased a suck-you-in-at-all-the-right-places stretchy thing i tug on around my body
4. eating salads to avoid any bloating is not an option, it's a must this week 
5. hair colour will zap my new shoes budget, i've actually let these words slip out of my mouth . . . "i could always wear shoes i already have". . . i don't know who i am anymore - to skip a husband-approved-new-shoes-opportunity??  
6. i really want to carry my cute little silver heart sequin purse, it's from the Seed children's section, i've seen similar in glossy magazines for quadruple the price . . . it's charming yet doesn't match anything i'm wearing, will anyone notice??  I don't judge the person but i do admire a well put together ensemble & i haven't given up trying . . . yet
7. my first reaction to the wedding invitation was to consult a babysitter 
8. i barely wear makeup, to the point where my makeup essentials are stale & need updating.  Add to that a facial & eye brow wax - i didn't put this much effort into my own wedding day (15 years ago) sigh, i didn't have to!!
9. there is a 3 hour gap between wedding ceremony & reception, it's in a vineyard, with soldiers just back from deployment, there is wine tasting, i predict disaster come speech time.  I'll have a camera & will remember the next day, i don't drink alcohol.  Meanwhile, i need to brush up on small talk & seek out the pregnant wives for coherent company
10. this is the weirdest feeling of all, my husband is the boss, like those 60's & 70's television sitcoms where everyone panics as the boss is going to be at an event - that still happens in the Army, as there is rank & my handsome soldier took many wedding guests to war.  My husband is a soldier's soldier, one of the boys, he shared a room with the groom in Afghanistan, but still . . . he's the boss & i'm the boss's wife, that makes me feel old - especially as i'm still the first wife!!  Most wives don't care so much about rank but some do, i've never met anyone going to this wedding, so i'm hoping to mingle title free.  Either that i'll pick out the competitive career wives - those who make nice to elevate their husband's prospects of promotion, i've seen that happen, it's alarming to think it would ever make a difference, compared to just being nice for nice sake??  
Am i alone in this effort & strategy filled preparation for a big event??  Call it a full dress rehearsal for my 20 year school reunion later this year. 
In the meantime, my fuss-free husband cruised straight into Hugo Boss for a new suit off the rack with minor sleeve & trouser length adjustments = absolute perfection, add coordinating shirt (on pre-sale special) + Turnbull & Asser tie from Bloomingdales in Dubai . . . boom, he looks like a freaking cat walk model!!  Model wears own shoes.  Humph, love Posie


Bron said...

I'm hearing you girlfriend....hope it really is a fun event and special time to hang out with your handsome soldier. xx

ally said...

I predict you rocking the frock, clutching the heart (and the soldier) and being super nice just because (but not being able to breathe cos of the fat sucking costume)

Claireyhewitt said...

1) You are not alone.
2) Take the Seed purse, it will look amazing.
3) Spurge on the shoes
4) you can afford the shoes because you can take the money from your food budget.
5) or the petrol budget - this week you are walking
6) Ensure the camera is well charged and Instagram is connected
7) There is always a WAG wanting to help her hub climb the ladder, make her get your drinks
8) Pregnant ones are good fun, but they pike early - find another 'driver'
9) Alannah Hill dress - say no more - it will be heaven
10) Stop worrying, you are going to have a ball!

The Accidental Housewife said...

Oh Posie, I hear you!

It takes me so long to get ready for any event, and somehow I never look as good as I used to! Especially now I'm not doing pt every day. Those two babies really took their toll - 5 solid kilos worn uncomfortably round my middle. I always kind of hope I don't see anyone I used to know! Maybe I need a sucky inny whatsit too. I'm very tempted.

Have fun at the wedding, and enjoy dancing with your handsome soldier. Hopefully you won't have a surplus of drunken rankwankers, just some lovely people to chat to. The dress sounds fabulous!

Lisa - Sweet Little Pretties said...

You are amazing! Can't wait to see the dress xx

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

babahhaahahahah!!! Ok I;ve picked myself up off the floor! Oh Jennie...no you are not feeling your age - you are feeling FEMALE!!! Wear The Dress - it sounds amazing...buy new shoes for sure, and your purse will spend more time on the table, so who gives if it doesn't totally match...but then again...matchy matchy is so totally 90's!
I took a glance in my make up bag the other day and EEk! It all has to go...everything is disintergrating...but the main thing i love is that you get to go out as a couple and not a single....HAVE Fun!!!!
b xx

Mum on the Run said...

Hee hee!
Have a fantastic (high maintainence!!) time love.
:-) xx

polkadotpeticoat said...

Your so funny yes to all.....I'm on a 2 month plan for change!!

Joyful Things said...

Wear shoes from your closet (new shoes = pain) Go to the salon and get a few foils in a lighter brighter blond. Stand up straight, walk with attitude and you will look the beautiful person you are.

Jan Maree said...

I second Claire's comments! Every one of them. Most important - do what makes you feel comfortable. If you feel comfortable with what you are wearing (except the suck you in under garment) you will feel ok on the night. About being the boss' wife - relax -that means they will be trying to impress you, you won't need to impress them! Just be yourself - they will love you and handsome soldier will be there and he definitely loves you!

Pip said...

Reading this makes me glad hubs is not in the Army any more.

Definitely buy new shoes, and who says your handbag has to match anything else, you are your own person, so long as you are happy (and the handsome soldier) that is all that matters.

Marian Hazel said...

Oh Posie, this made me laugh, but I'm sure you will look gorgeous and you should totally enjoy going to a wedding with your husband in his new suit. (So not fair is it!!)

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

How exciting, I love planning what I'm going to wear to a wedding and yes it's always a new dress but not always new shoes (think dancing and blisters, wear the worn in ones you can dance all night in!)

Sarah B said...

I'm hearing you Posie, getting older is not fun! Definitely wear the Alannah dress and have a good time. The whole rank thing must be a pain in the butt, it wouldn't suit me at all, but I suppose if you are a soldier you are used to it. It certianly doesn't work with me and my manager at work :)
Enjoy the wedding and please post some pictures of the both of you (even if hubby has a fuzzed out face).

Elle said...

Just going out on date night is getting tough these days... I wish shaving your eyebrows right off looked cute... I could deal with that. My biggest issue is I live in France and just can't seem to let someone who speaks a foreign language near me with wax and hair dye ... so then I have to do everything myself... #firstworldproblems!

Have a fun wedding though... love Elle xo

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

Ha, all of these are so true, especially the babysitter one, or I look at the time of the day and if it is going to clash with sleep times!x

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

The facial was glorious, my husband booked it & even included a full back massage, ahhhhhh, love Posie

Sally said...

Oh my! Yes I am feeling my "stage" more and more too.

... and go with what Claireyhewitt said.

Jane said...

Oh Jennie. Getting dolled up for a flash night out no longer is quite the spontaneous thing it used to be, is it? I hope you had a brilliant time - I must check your follow-up post. Thanks so much for sharing this with the POTMC. J x

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...
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