19 February 2012

welcome 700 followers - check out my 'mad skills'

Greetings all,
How lovely to see my sweet followers tick over the 700 mark, even when my blog has drifted from it's original intent - craft filled design - to more general posts about family & whatever catches my eye, as i sit here waiting for hand surgery.  Thank you & welcome new folks!!  I promise this blog will make a comeback of beautiful craft & pretty design projects with new hands soon (my mind has been plotting amazing ideas!!)
Each '100 followers' i've done a 'get to know me more' post, so here goes - a list of my mad skills - as my teen daughter would say (you never know what or when a teenager will converse . . . today she called me 'such a stereotypical mother' & i thought, i'll show generic my girl!!)
First up, it's my birthday season, yahoo, gimme a big 3 to the 7!!  A single day is not enough, we're all spread out over the year in this family, so we each have a season of hearty birthday celebrations.
My Mad Skills:

I can change the tyre on a truck
I can strip, assemble & operate an M60 Machine Gun
I love public speaking
I can revive a bunny rabbit who has overdosed, with a naloxone injection
I can bake an awesome pavlova
I have the heart rate & blood pressure of an elite athlete (not the body)
I kept a gold fish alive for over a year, without a filtered tank
I can peel & devein up to 8 prawns a minute
I got full marks for art (painting) in my Higher School Certificate
I can swing a hammer, operate a circular saw & lay cement
I can navigate the old fashioned way on land & at sea
I can type 90 wpm with 99% accuracy
I can jump start a car
I can see maths, literally, algorithms in the air & i love calculus

I acquired these skills as a little sister, as a wide eyed daughter with very patient parents, as a keen student with lots of interesting part time jobs, & as a wife left on her own way too often!!  They counteract the fact I am a slow reader, unadventurous cook & it took me 3 goes to get my driver’s license, with the help of 6 immediate family members, but . . . I’ve never crashed or lost a point.  I can assure you, it took a village to raise me.  My life long message . . . children (& bunnies) say no to drugs!!
What are your mad skills??  Love Posie
Special mention to this lovely family
who lost a bunny named Max yesterday, a fat & happy rabbit, enjoying life with his mate Mango.  A young lady named Ella is heartbroken.


ally said...

I always say no to bunnies...promise

pamkennison said...

ohhhh you make me laugh:-) For abount 10 minutes last weekend I thought we were related after reading your blog and saw your english wedding picture and had to go find my one taken at around the same time. Lol......good luck with your surgery i'm glad I found your blog :-) our boys had to give up their bunny when we separated and i couldnt take it to my rented house....one of #1's sons mates took him......had 2 sad boys that day X-(


Lisa @ Simply Me said...

Congrats on 700+ followers, and wow at those skills. I can't even change a tyre on a car...

I have just reached 50 followers (LOL) and am holding a giveaway to celebrate.

mel @ loved handmade said...

Birthday season, woohoo!! You fascinating woman you, thanks for sharing your mad skills! Maths I wish was a skill I had, I'm pretty handy with power tools & dud cars have taught me a lot about mechanics, I'm not sure what other mad skills I have, though hubby's always a bit freaked out about sitting positions I find most comfortable and my ability to sense a white tail nearby, i have a super high pain threshold too...hmm, more than I thought...x

Salley said...

Impressive Posie, Impressive!
Happy Birthday... 73 year old :)

Anonymous said...

There are some seriously mad skills there!! 704 followers whoo hoo...go girl :)

Anne said...

Wonderful blog! So glad I found you! Also, blessings to sweet Ella...we recently lost a beloved bunny, Betty Lou...maybe she will show dear Max around Heaven...♥
(I know they're there!)

Anonymous said...

add guinea pigs to the list of "No's"
unless you wont yours "sunbaking' on their backs when you come home after only an hour. My mad skills are very quick hand reflexes - good for catching things children knock of shelves in shops,I can touch the ground with the palms of my hands ( I don't have bandy legs either), great landscaper and needlepoint. I call these my 'useful talents'. I wish I was great at maths like you.

Magi said...

oh, I bow down to you oh great one! My aim in the next month is to learn how to use a drill (though I am good with the hammer). I don't think I could top your list.

Jane said...

Oh Jennie! A huge congrats on making the big Seven-Oh-Oh Club - just splendid! I love these fascinating insights - you certainly are a force to be reckoned with ☺. J x

Felicity said...

As ever, you astound me.
When I thought about my own special talent.....crickets.
No literally I can hear crickets outside my office, it's 10:15pm!
Sounds like you've got the requisite skills to be Posie Pioneer Woman....hmmm, sounds like a book title.

Big hug from afar,

Bron said...

Wow you go girl...have a great week. x

Mum on the Run said...

Happy extended birthday season to you.
You gots some skillz!!!!!
:-) xxx

TexWisGirl said...

oh, this was fun! you do have some mad skills! :) and happy 37 'season' and 38th year!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

I just love your blog (you are v funny you know!!!)
Reading your list I reckon you're Cleggys ideal woman (not that he's needed to revive a rabbit...yet)

I do use my chop saw on a daily basis, but nuff respect to you lady!
fee x

Fiona said...

You should write a book... helpful hints for every woman!

Beck said...

Congrats on your 700!! Just shows how much people like to visit your space & see what's happening in the world of Posie. I love your list of mad skills, how diverse! Lets hope your bunny reviving skills are not required too much. Take care xo

polkadotpeticoat said...

Good Lord I am impressed with your skills...90 words a minute!!

Calico Child said...

Hee posie you go girl!!
love bunny's I was put in the corner at my auntys house as a young girl cos I wouldn't eat rabbit stew.
700 hundred followers wow amazing I don't think I will ever get past 30 (tee hee).
Good luck with the surgery & looking forward already to see your creations :)

supermac said...

Awesome! Mad skills indeed! <3 Congrats on the 700 followers. Good to know that many, many people will know how enjoyable your blog is.