18 February 2012

fun & functional furniture finds

Greetings all,
Our local 2nd hand furniture place (at the tip) has changed hands & extended.  It is busier than ever & you can't hesitate on a fabulous bargain.  I found this small drawer/ cupboard set for my studio, i'll fill it with cottons & sewing machine supplies.  It was cheap/ DIY brand new & in great condition, $10 please.  I think it would look pretty painted or papered in colours or patterns, but it's that awful plastic coated particle board stuff, i'll leave it white as the cheap furniture Gods intended.
A glamorous girlfriend of mine told me she picked up a vintage typewriter in there . . . asked how much, the guy said "oh $20" & she squealed "seriously $20" with joy & delight which he interpreted as 'outrageous & pricey' & said "ok, $10 then" & she has been in a giddy haze ever since!!  It even WORKS!!  So jealous, but i know where she lives, mwah haha.
I got lost driving around the light industrial area that is Fyshwick (home of fireworks & porn) driving down every dead end . . . & stumbled across an Antique Centre with this beauty out the front.  I can totally see it filled with fire wood on the farm.
It's in terrible condition & would be expensive to restore, but what a beautiful addition to a home.  We'll keep it outside.  Right now it's in the garage filled with cushion inserts & hobby fill.  I wish i knew this trunk's history!!
There were some amazing country kitchen tables at this Antique place, i'd love to take another look, if i can find my way back there.  Happy opportunity shopping & furniture repurposing this weekend folks.  Anyone else LOVE the show American Pickers??  My husband put me onto it, dangerous!!  The things Mike & Frank find people have in their garden shed . . . or warehouses filled with antiques, is nothing short of incredible.  Dying for them to do a dedicated show on sewing machines & crafty supplies.  Imagine!!??  They could start with my mother's 1890 Industrial Singer with wrought iron pedal & original table.  Love Posie


Unknown said...

oh we love American Pickers. the first time we watched it, there was some kind of marathon on and we didn't realise, just kept staying up waiting for it to end - at 11.30pm we packed it in and went to bed! but it's a very interesting show - most of the stuff falls into that category 'only in America'!

and I love your little cupboard, if you give it a light sand you should still be able to paint it.

Felicity said...

Yay for bargains!
I'm thinking that your girlfriend is one very savvy shopper to swindle the typewriter for $10 - don't tell me it was powder blue or I might have to send out an assassin!

Happy weekend!

CHD said...

Great finds. Love your trunk and could do with a caabinet like that myself. I've had good finds lately at my local opshop. So much so that I've banned myself from going for a week or two so I don't over do it. And, I wish I could find a typewriter like your friends. Cx

Jan Maree said...

Mmmm, I think I might have to search out American Pickers - it sounds like fun. Love your fabulous finds - that trunk is wonderful and the dresser is so cute - what a pity you can't paint it though there are primers for just about everything these days so it might be worth a try at that price!

The Provincial Homemaker said...

We just bought a double pram at the tip shop - $15 dollars thank you very much. We need to replace one of the shoulder straps but I can do that easily on the sewing machine. A complete new set will only cost us $20 from Mountain Buggy. So, a perfectly functional double pram for $30 odd dollars

My Mum had a laugh at me the other day on the phone as I began a conversation....I saw these shelves at the tip shop (of course they were gone when we went back).

By the way, I love your white cabinet find. Storage is always an issue in DHA homes.

Lark said...

Cute cupboard - have you tried ESP from the hardware store? Easy Surface Preparation. I have used it on coated MDF. melamine, even plastic, just rub it on and you can paint after 10 mins, it's a dream! xx

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh thanks for the amazing information on painting over these super flat surfaces, i might completely re-think it?? Love Posie

Mum on the Run said...

They're both gorgeous finds.
Nice work.
Enjoy your weekend, lovely.

Anonymous said...

That chest...swoon...oh bet it has some stories to tell...have not watched the american Pickers but will now

TexWisGirl said...

i love that old trunk!

(and loved your description of keeping the shelf thing white as God intended cheap furniture to be...) ha!

deux chiens et un garcon said...

fantastic finds and the planning for the farm gives them an extra edge I think.

Must check out that shpw.

Happy weekend to you Posie.

Mookah Studio said...

That cupboard is super cute! Well done you. American pickers is fantastic when I remember to watch it. Dad bought the dvd, but haven't watched it yet.

The Moerks said...

I think you must have been chanelling Frank and Mike on your tip trip. Great work.

Magi said...

LOVE that cupboard. VERY jealous. My favourite find is an old Sunbeam Mixmaster I got at the local Salvos. It was half price Saturday so I got it for $12.50 (that's right!) It works a dream. I was eyeing off my mother-in-law's for so long (which she got over 40 years ago as a wedding present) but now I have my own!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Those American Pickers guys find amazing things! :)
You probably could still paper the cupboard, but it actually looks fine from what I can see in the pic.
I was hoping you would have been lurking around the markets at Albert Hall on Sunday, alas. I was down for the weekend visiting with family and popped in and picked up a couple of things for the boys and something for me. :) (My SIL found something at most stalls to buy!)

zigsma said...

We've recently moved to ONC and have been to the tip shop countless times already! We love it! Cheaper than an op shop, I think. Nice drawers. See you there!