26 December 2010

Christmas wrap up, gosh i love the festive puns!!

Greetings all,
Christmas Day has been & gone again.  The house is ship shape & i'm already home from the Boxing Day Sales.  The children are in their rooms happily playing with new gifts & my husband is flicking between Ashes Cricket, Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race & some fantastic documentaries on the television.  As my Grandfather Christian always said "Christmas is as far away as it will ever be".  Sigh.
We had p
the most peaceful & relaxing day of the year here, at home, just the 6 of us.  Sure there was the “oh no, someone chipped the Nigella platter” moment when pulling out the large bowls from the cupboard; handsome soldier melted my counter spray bottle while baking pancakes for breakfast; & we calculated that we wouldn’t be eating oven roasted pork until early afternoon . . . lucky i'm not one to panic or worry!!  Just gave me more time to take snaps of the children having fun . . . 
 The ultimate girlie girl gift, a tutu, shame Santa got the credit!!
  I can't imagine what it's like to be a twin, other than admire from the outside that it's something incredibly special!!
 Perfect gifts for boys . . . a bed of nails & a GiggleSpotDesigns robot, our son is pretty chuffed!!
 Note books & pjamas never fail as stocking fillers for children of all ages.  The Ivy Designs cushion was a gift which i'm thrilled our eldest loves as much i do.  It's perfect on her red Arne Jacobsen egg chair.
 . . . tut tut, those reindeer . . .

Check out the Mediterranean & Euro styled Christmas Day menu . . .
anti pasto & olives
cheese & crackers
beetroot, hummus & eggplant dips
smoked leg of ham & mustards
zesty herb & lemon marinade octopus
green garden salad
smoked turkey breast & cranberry
BBQ roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, snowpeas & mushrooms
roast pork with homemade apple sauce
gelato panettone & fresh berries
 . . . free up space in your oven, BBQ the vegetables & cheat on the dishes with disposable trays (shhh but i was & reuse them a couple of times) . . .
 Our 3rd daughter was so excited that we were having dessert at lunch time, she called it 'lussert'!!
 What else can I say other than full belly, lots of phone calls to our siblings & extended families, gorgeous handmade gifts & a couple of Wii games (Lego Star Wars & Harry Potter) to see out the evening.  I spent the afternoon lounging about with a child drawing & naming her dream farm animals, names like Lavender, Ginger & Daisy . . . while I was engrossed with Lisa Johnson’s ‘Covetables’ book filled with snippets of her ‘sabatical’ in the South of France with her husband.  She has a range of gift cards too, I can imagine them framed in my homestead kitchen in sets of 4.  This Christmas, at home, I can almost taste our farm life, the barn, the animals, the produce – I’m so carried away with the idea of some olive trees & patient enough to plant avocado too!!   
My in-laws got together at my husband’s childhood home for Christmas, one nephew started off the school holidays like many – with a broken arm!!  My siblings all did the solo thing like us & all sounded extremely relaxed too.  We’re meeting up in Sydney in January while my country doctor brother & family house sit in Balmoral, pool & beachfront.  We’ll trip between Summer Hill & St Ives, ticking off all the parents for various events + catch up with old friends from Seaforth to Rozelle. 
Wishing everyone a delicious festive time of year, I’m stealing one of the children’s gifts now – The MasterChef Junior Official Cookbook – it’s pitched at my level of cooking & like my fondess & success with The Silver Spoon for Children . . . my cooking the evening meal can only get better from here!!  Love Posie


The Moerks said...

Sounds like a lovely day, the smiles on the kids faces, say it all! I looked at the junior masterchef book too. Wondering if I could get away with buying it my our 10 year old, it is my cooking standard (maybe a bit better than actually). We had a lovely day too. I have returned most of the house to rights although I did notice lego has taken over the dining room table and the lounge seems to be Wii land!

Tammy said...

Sounds great Jennie, there is a beautiful frilly tutu style skirt at out place too. I'm thinking by the end of the holidays it will have been rarely taken off and worn out.

Kelly Casanova said...

Sounds like you had a great day with your family - just as it should be!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous - looks like you had a great day. Your kids look so full or life and joy. Nice to have it all wrapped up again - hehehe!!

Lou said...

Sounds like a lovely Christmas. A belated Merry Christmas Jennie. Lou.

Tracy said...

Merry Christmas Posie and Family. Looks like you have a lovely day. I hope the new year brings you all great joys.

Catherine said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day, full of lots of fun, yummy food and time relaxing with your beautiful family. I love the photos of your children, especially of the twins, very special:) Merry Christmas Jennie. xo

Blocks and Knocks said...

When you can describe Xmas as peaceful and relaxing you know you've had the best day ever! It must have been lovely, just the 6 of you, the way it should be. Merry xmas, I really look forward to reading your blog and getting to know you better xx

Cate said...

What a lovely looking day - no, I'm not much of one to stress about a timetable when it's just a nice relaxing family day either!! Can't love that tutu and ivy designs cushion enough - so gorgeous!!!
Now onto new years :-)

Unknown said...

It looks like it was a fantastic day for all, so nice to see those happy smiles on your gorgeous kids faces! And your menu had me drooling!

Kylie said...

Yumm - looks like you had a great day. Merry Christmas to you all.

Cathie said...

wonderful day Ms Posie!
loving that tutu jumping little Miss, very cool pic.
wishing you & your gorgeous gorgeous clan the very best for the new year. don't work too hard & have lots of laughs & cuddles.

humel said...

Mmmm, I love olives, and I love the lego Wii games! We have the Star Wars and Harry Potter ones, and also Batman and Indiana Jones - they're so much fun, and great for problem-solving skills, too :-) (Also loving your gorgeous photographs!)