23 November 2010

& the winner of the Riley book giveaway is . . .

Greetings all,
Thank you for entering the blog giveaway on the weekend to win a copy of Tania McCartney's new children's book Riley and The Curious Koala.  It's a gorgeous book, the launch party was incredible (check out the cake for starters) & one lucky winner has a copy coming their way.
scary koala mask as a result of too much sugar in my boy after the candy bar at the Curious Koala book launch, he cut out his second mask a tad horror-film-esq
Congratulations Monet Paisley.  If you haven't seen the Monet Paisley blog, well it's totally sweet & her vintage swim suits are simply adorable.  Please email me your address & a book will be on its way to you.  Thanks everyone for entering, i know Tania's advice of expanding your brand was greatly appreciated & bookmarked by many. 
Something people say frequently to us at Shop Handmade & Handmade Market is that we're all so open & willing to support each other, promote each other & shop with each other, spilling secrets & sharing the passion.  Ditto for Tania & her writing tips, her blog tour was incredibly informative & applicable to small business.  I think in such an organic & creative industry such as handmade - we just understand . . . if people 'copy' i mean 'use your product as 'inspiration', it's their own spin on the design & twist on the product (well that's what you hope, sure some are unoriginal & shamelessly the same, bad karma to them).  I just know that in 10 years of business the more i share & encourage others to DIY handmade, the better my business sales go, so good karma perhaps??  Handmade Living. book exudes this, it's simply fantastic & a fresh approach to modern life, 70 'how to' projects for under $40, supporting handmade designers & sharing them with the world.  There are Thanks for everyone who has preordered, let me know if you want a copy too!!If you like winning books, check out The Canberra Times for your chance to win one with a Posie sewing kit (which they foolishly shot closed, instead of open showing off all the totally cool fun crafty bits inside, sigh).  A copy will be up for grabs on this blog next week so stay tuned, yep, with a sewing kit too!!  So follow now so you don't miss out.  What a lovely score before Christmas.Thanks everyone, have a lovely evening, love Posie

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Elisha said...

wow! thanks so much. It will be a favourite I know. I really found Tanaias post informative and it's great to know that there are others out there working as hard as I am at the moment, it's hard to get established but I know it will be worth it. Thanks for the shout out too :-) xo