21 June 2010

on line shopping for classic style

Greetings all,
Are you up for fabulous shopping on line for classic products, styles, colours, fun . . . i have two great finds from you, with awesome blogs to boot!! 
First up, My Poppet - 'wear play give' - who is closing the doors at the 717 Glenhuntly Road Caulfield South VIC premises but is cruising along on line.  Great for people like me who are interstate!!  When i found Cintia had the paper balloons back in stock in ALL varieties of animals, i had to buy more more more.  Shop on line, use the code POSIE & take 10% off your order!!  Thanks Cinti, great deal & i'm thrilled with today's haul.  A special friend is about to get a Panda too!!

Beach Vintage has a gorgeous NEW on line store, with a sweet 20% off 'launch' discount until 28th June.  Check out the blog & follow it, you'll love it, then trot along the links to the Shop. 
I went a bit nuts with some colour themes in mind, loving the oil cloth 2m of each, can you imagine cuter cup cakes wrappers & that lace trimmed bias binding??!!  Also a pretty vintage table cloth & these lanterns which my twins went totally silly with . . .
Speaking of silly, this was my boy after his first attempt at a pom pom on the weekend.  Just brings a smile to my face to think these children are so free, happy, fun & well, MINE!!  I consider them 'easy to love' & sure they have their moments, but gosh i love them!!
My eldest is busy with house captain duties today (no photo or time for being silly) for the annual fundraising WalkAThon, which i coordinated & also ran the fruit/ muffin recess & BBQ lunch.  Yes people, in my spare time i have 3 major roles on the P&C at school.  Doesn't stop other mothers from saying "i work full time, i can't help" & i wonder why i'm the idiot who works 7 days straight to midnight so i can take a day off to you know, cook 300 sausages & skewer a billion pieces of fruit!!  I figure the school has 4 of my children to guide & educate, i like to return the favour!!  Plus i got to bring home some left over fruit & eat it for dinner after a very long day which commenced at 7a.m. for the best fruit selection at the supermarket - i made them go & find me the good rock melon too. 

Phew, busy day & long drive home, returning water eskies to two different McDonalds outlets, i felt rather elated that after a weekend migraine i could pull off an all day P&C event.  Then i walked in the door to the news that we have lost 3 more soldiers.  What a shock, my sympathies to their families.  I'm really looking forward to a chat with my husband whenever he can call.  I can NOT wait to see him again, really, i'm growing quite desperate.  You can not rest your mind until they are in your arms.  Love Posie


Beck said...

Oh Posie, I'm thinking of you and hoping your speak to your hubbie asap. This post is full of so many things, joyous and fun and full of love. Your kids are gorgeous, I love the funny photo's of them, especially Mr Pom Pom. Take care xo

Steph said...

Oh Love! What a week you've had! Hope you hear from hubby soon and that he's back safe in your arms not much longer after. Your children are absolutely beautiful! They radiate childhood joy...you have done a brilliant job! Bravo to you sweet lady :)

Unknown said...

Great shop finds and I love the paper balloons!

I am so sorry to hear bad news:( I came from work very late today and didn't have a chance to watch news update yet. That's just horrible!

I hope you will talk to you husband very very soon!

Corrie said...

oh dear your twinnies are cracking me up with the lanterns on their heads and little rory with his pom pom's and is he working on a 6 pack?

you know I always think of you first when we hear about our soldiers o/s

hugs...see you saturday :)


Unknown said...

I really don't know what to say , yes very unusual for me , so I'll just send you a big hug my friend .

Anna Bartlett said...

As someone who's had a husband in Afganistan two years ago, I want you to know I'm thinking of you too. Surely he'll call soon.

Suzanna ~ Mon Tresor said...

Loving your 'real life' posts & hope that you get to chat to your hubby soon Xx
Love the 'online finds'.


Heidi said...

your kids crack me up, adorable..
I get mad to, no one helps out at our school either so it always falls on the same ones..I bet they love you there!! I drooled over the polka dot oilcloth!!!

beachvintage.com said...

Hi Posie, wow, thanks so much for blogging about my new store. I had to have a laugh at the polka dot lanterns. How funny. I had not seen them used this way before! Glad everything arrived safe and well. Simone xx

melissa said...

I thought of you when I heard the news yesterday. Hope you get to speak to hubby soon. xx

Your kids seems so gorgeous and full of life - enjoy them!

mel @ loved handmade said...

What gorgeous pictures of your kids, & what a great effort on the pom pom! You have soome beautiful colour schemes going on there, love the greens...how about some of these mum's hey, excuses excuses, if you can find the time (being the queen of busy) anyone can!! I hope you hear from hubby very soon, thinking if you all....x

by marie-nicole said...

Thinking of you and praying that you hear good news sooner rather than later... the wait must be dreadful.

Anonymous said...

your kids are adorable Jen I hope you hear from hubby soon xx

Megan said...

I think you are the sort of fabulous Mum that schools absolutely love to have as a part of their community, generous with time is the best help, support and volunteering to take on organisational roles is something that (in my experience) seems to lack in the P&C department.

Glad to hear your husband is okay. You are right - I certainly don't know anyone who has a partner or family member away at war and it has well and truly made me think about it a lot more since reading some of your comments on my blog and your posts on yours. You were the first person I thought of when I heard the news. I hope you get to have him home with you in the not too far distant future.