21 July 2009

Posie at Magnolia Square in Sydney

Greetings, here is a little peek at how Posie looked at Magnolia & some more goodies that were purchased. Now Posie is crazy in love with Moyou, i picked up these ceramics for family & friends plus now have a fair collection of Amy Kerr's acrylic jewellery on the Posie website. While the new site is still being added too, there are lots of things to look at now. Amy will have these ceramics & i'll have all these products & more at the next Handmade Canberra's UpMarket in September. Lots of sewing time between then & now. Enjoy, love Posie
Amy Kerr's Moyou ceramics were launched at Magnolia Square, i think i bought 12!! Beautiful colours, lovely to hold & perfect for hot drinks. Amazing patterns to choose from, my children each have one for hot chocolate, loving her designs.
While my stall wasn't stylised, white or minimal, it was 'cosy' & i had a lot to offer!! My darling friend Lisa who was my Saturday helper, did a great job selling from this side of the stall. Note the Kristen Doran screen printed panels, huge success, go Kristen!!
As always, everyone loved the badges, as they are usually a best seller, for this market i put them in 3 massive bowls, making it very easy for customers to sort through & find their favourites!!
Best seller at Magnolia Square & product chosen for their favourite things display were the pretty pencil rolls. My mother used to make these for us when we were children, this is an updated version, although, they look rather fabulous in vintage fabrics, prettier than the prints from my 80's childhood?? These pencil rolls were orders from the market, shipped off to very nice customers.
I wasn't really sure if Magnolia Square customers would be the handmade crafty types, as this isn't a purely handmade in Australia market, alas, my patchwork stall offering up Fat Quarters of vintage, retro, reproduction & Japanese printed quirky fun fabrics were a huge hit!!
A great seller during the market were the breakfast cushions, i went for a bit of a Dutch look with bright colours & fun Babushka styles, all these fabrics will be on my website shortly!!


Jenny said...

I could have spent a fortune at your stall!!!Everything looks lovely and I am so glad you so did well:)

Megan.K. said...

Congratulations. Your stall looks fantastic - and packed to the brim with goodies.

Anonymous said...

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