10 July 2009

Gorgeous new jewellery range has launched

Greetings all, while i catch my breath & wait to down load my images from the beautiful Magnolia Square market in Sydney this past week . . . just thought i'd support my gal pals who launched this new range from their collaboration, Zugara Collective. Zugara means something wonderful like 'pattern' or 'design' in Japanese which is perfect for this Asian fusion aesthetic going on with these designers.
Amy from Moyou showed at Magnolia Square & we car pooled up from Canberra together & shared very budget motel rooms in Sydney, it was clean, that's about all we could say!! It was a very tired trip home on Saturday night. More on Moyou next, but just have to boast that i am the proud new owner of an Emma Kidson origami box ring (top right of this image) & i love loVE LOVE it!! Even my husband didn't mind 'looking after it for me' on his finger while i did the dishes. It's just lovely to wear, i'm a silver girl & i've wanted this for 8 months since Emma started at Handmade Canberra's UpMarket with me. Awesome work girls.
Back to sorting out my stock, studio, new website massive make over, with new stockists & that's right, 4 children indoors on school holidays as it's frrrrreeeeezzzzzing in Canberra. Sydney was sunshine & happiness, here we have moments of blue skies, but it's still brrrrrr. Love Posie


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