30 June 2009

hype HYPE chaos CHAOS & hitting the road

Greetings all, very quickly as i have a zillion upon zillion things to do . . . doing the final round up of products, packing & planning for Magnolia Square in Sydney. While it's only a smooth 3 hour trip from Canberra to Sydney, it involves a rather large loop of Sydney to collect last minute bits & pieces. Things like a trip to Ikea for more shelving & stools; a trip to my parents who picked up my Ikea shelving in advance, phew; a trip to collect more cushion inserts; a trip to Retro Mummy for more fabric which has just arrived (thanks Corrie my love): THEN we can settle into our motel for the evening. I am bringing the fabulous Amy from Moyou who will have a gorgeous stall in the grown up section (think felt fusion, acrylic & fun jewllery & accessories) & super Julie who is helping me at my stand. Goodness, a real life helper, this is something very decident for me. On Saturday i have a dear friend (our husbands go way back) Lisa coming along to help too. For the non stall holder community, running your own stall is hard work on many levels, mainly the 'needing to use the bathroom' issue, when you're alone!! Thanks girls, it's going to be a blast!! Quick way to find the Posie Stand . . . i'm on the corner outside the ladies' bathroom, one up from my new friend . . . the gorgeous Yogi who does amazing Sweet Dreams Cakes. Love Posie


Anonymous said...

wishing you well for Sydney!!!

Kylie said...

Good luck and have fun - all the running around will be worth it (well fingers crossed for you anyway!) Are you guys still heading to Brisvagas at the end of the year? It is 98% confirmed that is where we will be heading - So I will not need much arm twisting to be your IRL helper if we both end up there!

Kristen Doran said...

How did you go?? Sorry I couldn't make it there, kids home ill all week and the by Friday I had it too and was tucked up in bed for 2 days.
Hope it was a great success for you and all the hard work and hours you poured into it.

Amy Kerr-Menz said...

My wonderful Posie, thank you for your lovely lovely comments over on my blog. I'm SO pleased that you are enjoying your new ceramics :)

Oh, your Daddy is so sweet! What a lovely family you have...your Mum & Dad are gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Amy x.