26 February 2013

all the fun of the fair

 Greetings all,
Do you go to your local town's show/ fair/ carnival??  This is our sixth year here in Canberra & the first time we've been to 'the show'.  I'm not anti show, i just prefer smaller country shows, they're a little more hands on.  We never did the Darwin Show (while we lived there, twice); Brisbane Ekka (while visiting my husband, living in Qld for the past 3 years) & we've never taken our children to the Royal Sydney Easter Show (when we lived there) either - we're not entirely horrible, they have been to Disneyland.  
 The weather was dismal, which is unusual for inland Canberra, sludging around in mud.  Our teenager went with friends on the Saturday, enjoying rides & carnival food.  I went on Friday morning when it opened & again on Sunday with the three youngest children (miraculously between downpours!!)  Much of what we wanted to see was in the exhibition halls anyway, like the cake decorating . . .   
& low crowds meant we were able to see all the animals - our main focus.  
 One of my nephews is a champion cow show'er, from boarding school - now he's doing agriculture at University.  I bet his cows behaved better than this!!  Ooppss. 
 As it's the Canberra Centenary next month, they had all sorts of old fashioned side show alley memorabilia - i loved this area. 
 The presentation ribbons are gorgeous, look at that fringing!!
 There were arts, crafts, pottery & quilts.  I thought these toadstools were adorable. 
I think we'll try again in the couple of years, with better weather & go as a family, stay for the main arena shows & more horse action.  Love Posie


Mel @ Coal Valley View said...

Love a good country fair and the smaller the better too, probably couldn't do 2 days in a row though :-) Mel PS I sent you an e-mail with my address yesterday, hope you got it?

Anonymous said...

Oh this makes me miss the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I love it for the cake decorating and animals. Nothing like that here in Sweden boo hoo

Claireyhewitt said...

I love the cakes, not sure what it is but good cake decorating is such an art, I never get sick of looking at it.

beachvintage.com said...

My all time fav fair is the Wooli Goanna Pulling Fair held every October Long weekend in Wooli. Good old fashioned fun!

Anonymous said...

Country shows are fun.