06 January 2013

social commentary Sunday . . . 'hopes & dreams for 2013??'

Greetings all,
Well hello 2013 & happy new year!!  I didn't meant to leave a 2 week gap between posts, we're just back from a wonderful Canberra-Sydney-Brisbane 3000km beach holiday, which was too dreamy & busy to blog!!  
I have a mix of plans for this year . . . some personal, private & pure; others public - to play out on social media.  I want to get back into creating on a daily basis, i miss it . . . i want to earn the time to do it though - family, housework, exercise & health comes first, or i'll end up over doing it again (FYI 11 months ago i had surgery on both wrists/ 18 months ago i completely burnt out physically, mentally & emotionally from sewing non stop professionally for a dozen years!!)  Always seek balance . . . tick.
Publicly, i am only going to commit to light & pressure-free social media links, like #lifeflashes for Donate Life week.  I just can't keep up with daily/ repeat/ multiple memes.  Only commit to really special causes . . . tick.
This was our view of sunrise on the first of January 2013 - heading out of Brisbane back to Canberra, about 4a.m. by the time we hit the NSW boarder.  The roads were empty & we took our time doing the 1201km journey, with 4 active children & a German Shepherd!!  Lots of beach stops down the coast. I love waking early, i achieve so much more in my day & sleep more soundly.  Wake at sunrise, even in chilly Winter . . . tick.
Walking on a treadmill is one thing, going to the gym is another, however, walking in nature is incredible.  To do it with my husband each morning while he's on leave, is magic.  We see things each other doesn't notice.  So i'm not going to renew my gym membership, instead, commit to yoga,  running & cycling from home.  Workout - outdoors . . . tick.
 We haven't taken a family holiday at Christmas before.  Sure we've stayed with family interstate & had 'holidays' exploring new cities we're posted to with the Army, so this was a really big deal (expensive) but so so fabulous!!  We don't need a break from our lives, or our children . . . our holidays are not an escape, they are just a change of backdrop.  As we live inland & want to purchase a farm this year, we can't afford a full on serviced apartment beach stay again, however, we can take beach trips on weekends, it's only 90 minutes to the coast from Canberra.  Visit the beach more often . . . tick.
 In the meantime, this view will stay with me for a very long time.  Spend more time daydreaming . . . tick
 Do you have grand plans for 2013 or will you just make small changes & soak it up like me??  I turn 38 this year, sounds so grown up & sensible.  It's a big year for our family as our eldest daughter starts year 9, apparently the 'dreaded' year of school, but she's too beautiful to turn evil quickly.  Our twins are in year 6 & will rule their school, then this time next year, will be trying on sack sized dresses for high school!!  Our gorgeous boy, my baby, is 9 & in year 4, like a flash, he's a young man.  They each got stellar school reports, fantastic grades, wonderful comments & best of all, they show plenty of personality.  They are truly, the people i hoped & dreamed them to be, only so much better!!  
Wishing you well for 2013 & if you're keen on Instagram, check me out at Posie Shoots where i post a few photos each day.  I'm loving this smart phone caper.  Love Posie


Anonymous said...

Hi Posie,
I am so glad you are feeling like crafting/creating again! I have been in a real slump, and haven't sewn in months, but my youngest daughter (who is in her 30's) is so exciting about her challenge of making 20 quilts this year, has been motivating me to start my sewing again. I sew quilts and totes mainly, but also want to do some mug rugs, etch.

Your daughter's are beautiful!!! We are expecting our 8th grandbaby, and I know we have to enjoy each year of these precious lives...because they grow up so fast!!!

Your vacation looks wonderful! So glad you were able to have one around Christmas. Many precious memories were made I'm sure~

God bless you and your dear family~ ♥♥♥

Nikki @ Styling You said...

Love all your hopes and dreams for 2013. We've got a year of change ahead as we have one off to uni and prepare to follow him to Brisbane at the end of the year. I've lived here 23 years so it will be a big change for me but I'm looking forward to a family without a commuter!!

Tash said...

Happy 2013 Jen!
Love all those photos of your beach holiday. 4am start on New Years Day? Brave woman!!
Hope 2013 is as good as you hope it will be!



Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

oh what wonderful hopes and dreams for the new year jennie! i too just was to focus on the balance, not over commit to anything but also challenge myself personally! Your photos on instagram have been wonderful, i particularly love that shot of your daughters one in the sand, the other jumping up high! have a wonderful end to your first family christmas holiday! Can't wait to see what is in store for you in 2013! xx

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

Happy New Year to you! Sounds like you've got it sussed slowing down and taking things easy this year, dont take on too much :) Hope your enjoying the summer holidays!

Lois said...

I posted my new years resolution (as such!) on retromummy's blog last week.....i have a 'word' for 2013.....ORGANISE!!!!

Have a great 2013 with your lovely family :)

Unknown said...

Posie your plans sound fantastic, I hope it is a wonderful year for you. I like the sound of waking at sunrise each day, it really is the best part of the day and something I want to make myself do to! My word for 2013 is 'present' - as in being 100% in everything I do. A challenge, but worth it!

Yana said...

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday and your plans for 2013 are pretty good too (and achievable!). :) also just wanted to check, did you receive my email regarding the giveaway and the postal address? Thanks!