15 November 2012

maybe i'm a little twi-hard . . .

Greetings all,
Ok, so i've had a headache for a couple of days & no amount of water, rest or head massaging (read: drilling my knuckles into my temples) is helping . . . so i took to a dark cool cinema this morning to see the first release of the new Twilight movie.  You can call me keen, i don't mind.  I discovered a must-be-used free ticket & after a few goes with lighting, playing the movie & getting the sound on (in a coordinated fashion) the movie was finally running.  I had made brownies before school & packed myself a lunch box with cashews, a turkey sandwich & bottle of water too.  Throw in validated parking & my Twilight experience . . . was free!!     
Look, i haven't read the Twilight books or taken a side for Team Edward/ Jacob, i don't even think Kristen Stewart is a half decent actress . . . i just find the movies entertaining.  I'm not after an intellectual brain drain.  I especially love the stylish decor, gorgeous actors (Vampires not Voltaire) & fashionable clothes as the back drop to the movies.  The scenes filmed in Canada were breathtaking & the wolves were more . . . believable . . . if you know what i mean - they weren't doing that awkward wolf talking like the other movies.  Jacob even acted 'happy' which suits him better than broody.  
I was expecting a bunch of school girls giggling in the cinema, nope, it was me, 4 housewives & a husband.  We chatted on the way out (complete strangers - bonded by the fact we're all at a Twilight movie at 9.30a.m.) & we liked how ALL the characters from each movie, were listed at the end.  
So the verdict . . . i really enjoyed Breaking Dawn Part 2.  I'd take my daughters & see it again.  It was much better than Part 1 & i would happily watch any spin off movies from the characters.  This finale in the saga had heads rolling (literally) & the girls were totally kick arse (Alice, Rosalie, Bella.)  I'm still trying to stomach the baby being named Renesme, i wonder how they kept a straight face calling her that??  Truly!!  She's a beautiful young actress though. 
I treated myself to a little Christmas decorating shopping (after my movie savings) . . . i love rustic, wooden, red & white themed ornaments i would use all year round.  I think the stars are a bit witchy wicker.  
I took the children swimming on Monday & realised six of our beach towels are at my husband's bachelor pad in Brisbane, so best i top up the collection here in Canberra.  As i said on Instagram tonight, "i've never met a tassel fringed towel i didn't like" & at 25% off Country Road VIP sale, i couldn't resist these four. 
A lovely day, good movie, great shopping & delicious lunch.  Off to bed to see if i can have another 9 hour nap like last night, it was bliss, even if i wasn't well.  Love Posie


B is building a house said...

Oh, I can't wait to see it! I didn't enjoy Breaking Dawn 1 at all ... But for me it's all about Jacob so fingers crossed there is lots of HIM in this one.

Love your new beach towels!


The Provincial Homemaker said...

Those towels are so classic. Glad you enjoyed the movie and day out.

Steph @ this brown wren said...

I'm a closet twilight fan too! Haven't read the books and only saw the other ones a few months ago. We watched one on one night and had to go back and get the second one for the next night! Twi-hards here too!! Yay to your lovely outing, purchases and giant sleep. Hope your heads behaves itself tomorrow.
Steph :) x

Unknown said...

I pretend to scoff at the Twihards but really i read all my teens books and have watched a few of the movies on dvd...if it wasn't so 'uncool' i would be going to see the latest instalment with her and her friends on the weekend! Loving the Christmas shopping1

Mystica said...

I just like the christmas shopping so much! we dont need anything in our house at all but that does not stop me almost buying stuff!

Jennifer said...

I look forward to seeing it. It plays in our town next week. I love the ornaments, espcially the one with all the pinecones and the towels are great. I've never had one with fringe but am on the look out now!

Just Martha said...

Target have some lovely fringed towel too. Have a peek.

mel @ loved handmade said...

A good shopping day! I love a country road sale, especially end of season when they further reduce the already discounted gear. I've bought things for my boys at great bargain prices that have seen all three get wear out of them and still going strong. Now I want to go shopping..
I hope you did get a good nights sleep and feeling great..x

Polly said...

Great towels!

Anonymous said...

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