18 October 2012

my creative space . . . 'romancing the hair'

Greetings all,
Earlier this month Christina of Hair Romance launched a fantastic eBook '30 Days of Braids' & i have been braiding up a storm ever since.  It's not just exciting for my daughters to pick out a hair-style-du-jour & creating fantastic hair styles, it's peaceful quality time where i'm not asking them about homework or chores . . . it's just fun & carefree.  
Yesterday i plaited two Dutch Braids into my eldest daughter's hair for school.  Little did i know by the evening we'd be at Accident & Emergency getting a fractured wrist Xrayed & set in plaster.  Her hair looked fantastic & this morning - sleeping soundly with her precious wrist  - it was hair perfection.
As my 3 girls have different hair types, colours & lengths, i'm experimenting with a variety of styles.  The Waterfall works brilliantly in short hair, across the head or sweeping down.
Out to dinner on Saturday night, i criss crossed her head with waterfalls.
For a day out with friends, i created a strong rope like tight style, it stayed put all day!!
 Her twin sister has waist length platinum hair, it's not as thick, however, it's glorious to work with.  We went French with this sweeping side style, again, first attempt, i swirled it rather than straight across her hair, but it was soft & lovely.  
 I just love how it looks the next day!!
 I've done this one a few times now, it's a Dutch Braid which joins with another one, then combines to create this incredible vine like finish.  I adore it.
 This is how it faired after 6 hours of high winds at the Floriade flower festival.  Whispy!! 
It looks pretty fabulous in shorter hair too.  Wish i finished it with a flower though.
 This is how the Dutch Braid looks . . . simple.  Also know as the Reverse or Inside Out Braid.
 Or try a regular French Plait on an angle, it always looks elegant.
 I've been having fun over on Instagram with these hair styles, i keep getting feedback that mums are all thumbs or just can't braid, they're hopeless at it.  I only learned how to French Plait earlier this year by Kylie from Mealy & i, the month before i had both hands operated on.  Trust me, i was not just thumbs & hopeless, my fingers were numb & i could barely grip a hair brush!!  I persevered & this has been about as creative as i've been all year.  It has given me great confidence in my hand skills though, i'm coming back!! 
For more Creative Space adventures, check out Village Voices.  Love Posie


Sarah B said...

They all look lovely. I used to plait my hair a lot when I was little, I should do it again! Would you believe my dad was the best at heair braiding in my family? He had to plait our horses hair for shows and they always looked immaculate!

The Darling Daily said...

Hope your daughters wrist mends well. Those braids are divine. I have just found your blog and I am so happy I have found you and I look forward to reading often.


emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

I love braids! I particularly love how well they stay in, therefore lack if knots the next day and sometimes over a weekend we just leave the braid in all weekend! My girls are not keen on me doing them though as apparently I'm too rough!

Kylie said...

Yay to your hand starting to feel better. I am so pleased you asked me to show you how to braid.
Hope the arm heals quickly.

Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) said...

Wow you are so good at braiding hair! My girls love to have their hair plaited or braided, but that only gets done on days when we have loads of time to play around. :)

Mum on the Run said...

Gorgeous - and I take it your wrist/hand is doing just fine now - fantastic.
:-) xx

Maddy said...

Great pics! my 31 yo DD still asks me to braid her hair when I stay with her, I love not just the result but the little close time it gives us.