21 September 2012

a dysfunctional week where things fell into place

Greetings all,
Dysfunctional, disjointed & disconnected are the words which best describe my week, yet, somehow everything has fallen into place.  Overflowing with school activities like the annual WalkAThon, learning journeys, Dad's-Day, high school Japanese trip to Sydney, sports & signing countless indemnity forms for more sports - i feel like a lawyer attached to an ATM - i've run all my errands & ticked all the to-do boxes.  I like being at home, it's serene, happy, chores are done & i'm prepared for the weekend, however, sitting here eating corn cakes for lunch on the 12WBT, i just feel exhausted.  I am getting the new iPhone 5, my first smart phone ever, but i looked at the long queue, yawned, i can wait. 
While i've spent most of this week out, i've been knocking over small jobs at home like finally purchasing the correct hooks to hang some of my metal signs!!   
Our neighbours dumped all their weeds into our chicken run.  We asked them to.  The chickens have had the most incredible week chowing down on various greens & mulching the rest.  They are so inquisitive, you just have to flip a bunch of weeds & the chickens think it's new food.  It rained heavily during the week, to my surprise, chickens are completely brutal when eating snails!!  I thought they were pecking small rocks, then the commotion, noise, frenzy & excitement as they gobbled them down.  RIP snails.
 Our wee little Hamburg bantam Piccolo - did indeed break his tiny rooster leg.  My darling husband put it in a paddle pop splint (muttering under his breath "it's a rooster for goodness sake") & a miracle, he's walking again.  My husband is a saint.  First act of sainthoodness was marrying me!!
 The learning journey (open class room) was so much fun.  I learned the hard way, to cover 3-4 children & all their work/ art/ projects individually in one hour is impossible.  So this year i gathered my 3 primary schoolers & we did it as a family, everyone got a fair share . . . except handsome soldier who was stuck at the medical centre & missed the whole thing.  Year 5 made movies of their New Olympic Sports - one daughter had created Don't Let The Balloon Touch The Ground, she was also the commentator.  Her confidence & personality shone through, she was very entertaining.
 A little bit of a thrill on the way to school, we swung by a new McDonalds restaurant opening as our favourite radio stars were there - Scotty & Nige from 104.7 - very entertaining & so happy to chat to us.  My children's heads were exploding with the excitement of meeting Scotty & Nige then having McDonalds for breakfast, as i'm such a health & homemade devotee.  As we left, they said "that mother was hilarious" so i'm officially cool in my children's eyes.   
Have gorgeous weekends folks, i'm off for a run, i can't believe in just a few weeks i've fallen back in love with running & dare i share . . . several mummies at school have noticed, saying my skin looks great & my face looks slimmer.  Yahoo.  Love Posie


Mum on the Run said...

What a week!
Happy Friday to you.
Enjoy that running - I'm only slightly jealous!!
:-) xx

The Moerks said...

Nice work Posie, it is harder to stay cool as the kids get older and dare I say more savvy. Glad to hear you are running again. I have been very slack lately and must get back on track.

Polly said...

Oh we used to have walkathons at school when we were kids. What a blast from the past.

Tania McCartney said...

Huzzah on the signs! FINALLY. Stunning. xx

Michele @ The Hills are Alive said...

a lawyer attached to an ATM - laughing at that one so spot on

Well done with the hard work into your running. Nice to have some results ....now if only I could get off the couch and start that Couch to 5k I have been talking about for oh ...ever

TexWisGirl said...

sounds busy but productive, too. happy chickens and good going husband!

Modern Day Mummying said...

Hooray for running! My trainer had me do the same thing last week before she announced that she was leaving the gym I'm at :(

Enjoy your weekend and relax :)