30 April 2012

a photo-a-day challenge with FatMumSlim April #3

Greetings all,
Welcome to the final 10 images of the photo-a-day challenge with FatMumSlim for April.
 21. bottle - popping the cork on this Veuve Clicquot beauty when my husband returns from Afghanistan next month.  We have so much to celebrate on top of his safe home coming . . . the sale of a property, academic & athletic awards for the children + we're buying a farm & new car!!
22. the last thing you bought - oh hello Country Road, this pom pom mohair blanket is truly to die for, plus a fluffy furry cushion.  I had to order on line, as & i quote "that blanket is only in the city stores in states where it gets cold" i.e. not Canberra which is not only Australia's CAPITAL CITY but we're the most likely city to get snow, um, thank goodness shipping was free. 
 23. vegetable - fresh from my sister's garden: onions, carrots & celery.
 24. something you're grateful for - oh bless my gorgeous Papa, he said he popped a little cash in my bank account & demanded i bought myself something nice, for me, not the children or the house, but for my heart. So i did exactly as i was ordered & picked up the Rachel Ashwell book i spied over Christmas but couldn't afford, a craft & invention book (which i can enjoy with the children) + a little egg cup holder, a love heart hot water bottle . . . just because + that divine felt cabbage which makes me smile.  There were also a couple of pear purchases too.  I'm forever grateful for my father, the most powerful influence in my life, possibly why i married such a similar man - right down to the military & bad back!!
 25. looking down - glorious right, a beef ragu on a cold night in a Bison bowl & quirky cutlery.
 26. black & white - could i possibly go past our baby Speckled Hamburg chickety chick??
 27. somewhere you went - Berrima, near Bowral NSW Southern Highlands.  Have to say, most shop owners in this town loathe children, physically blocking doorways & snapping at children for daring to LOOK at their wares.  My sister & i have really quiet know-how-to-behave-while-shopping children, as we both taught them how to care for precious things at home & actually supervise them.  Really left me with a sour taste in my mouth.  The only place we felt welcome was the Ice Creamery & even there it wasn't particularly friendly (hello, 7 children on school holidays wanting ice-cream??)  Lighten up Berrima!!  Your little village has a prison you know, you're not that fancy!!
28. 1p.m. - stunning Autumn skies & embracing the sunniest city in Australia, yes, it's Canberra folks (you other cities might be gloriously coastal & we're inland, but we get less rainy days)!!  Also love sun kissed blankets on the line.
 29. circle - oh dear, this is how my son stores his crayons now??  We'll be repainting this room before we move (that's the royal 'we', i really mean my husband will be painting.)  Whatever makes a child think to do this??
 30. something that makes you sad - oh the heartbreak of losing a baby chicken has left this one lonely & apparently, i'm her new best friend & she chirps until i let her out of her coop to sit with me.  I can't wait to get more baby chicks to keep her busy, she's getting bigger & bigger, louder & louder about wanting company.  Oh, you might spy the Kikki-K mood board i bought with my Daddy's money too.
So there you have it, a-photo-a-day challenge April done & dusted.  I think i'll play in May, have to say, this totally made me camera ready & it was very enjoyable.  Thanks for hosting FatMumSlim, love Posie


B is building a house said...

Your little boy is such a cutie!!!

He looks so much like you Posie. A male version of you :)


Jan Maree said...

Great photos Posie - bless your dad! Silly Berrima! How unfriendly! Sorry about your chickie - better luck with the next ones.

Felicity said...

From start to finish - gem-filled [well not the chick or the crayons obviously but everything else]!

I first spied the CR rug that you cleverly snaffled in this month's Real Living mag and wondered where the very stylish couple who featured it in their home [in almost every photo] had found it - now I know, thank you!

Big hugs from afar and definitely do this again in May I enjoyed it immensely! xx

Joyful Things said...

Next month! how exciting - I got all teary and goosebumpy for you!

Kellie Collis said...

Beautiful pictures. So sorry about your baby chicken. Have a lovely day, Kellie xx

Anonymous said...

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