20 April 2012

a photo-a-day challenge with FatMumSlim April #2

Greetings all,
Voila, the middle part of the photo-a-day challenge with FatMumSlim for April.
 11. where you ate breakfast - school holidays = lazy breakfast of porridge at the computer.  The magazine is on the key board of my laptop as it won't start up, so i might as well read a magazine instead.  All i'm trying to do there is download email, it can take 24 hours!!  An Apple Mac has been dispatched.
 12. stairs - we live in a single storey home, only stairs here are in the dolls' houses.
 13. something you found - OMG, i was cleaning out my studio & found a beautiful Oilily handbag which i deemed fit for charity, but as i tossed it across the room into the 'charity bag' it made a jingle.  I had to make a small incision in the lining of the pocket & dig out what this puzzling rattling noise was.  I gasped, i thought i had lost it, an identity bracelet my parents gave me on my 17th birthday, as per inscription, 20 years ago.  The clasp must have broken while my hand was in my bag & was almost, lost forever!!  Even more precious to me considering what they mean to me now & how lucky my siblings & i are, to still have them.  I'm getting it fixed & back on my wrist, immediately.
 14. how you feel today - wishing i was on a farm, eating our own produce with my husband in the Adirondack chair next to me, surveying our homestead, together.
 15. sunset - bugger, stunning Autumn sunsets every evening until the 15th where it was overcast.
 16. flower - walking through a nursery with my sister, she said "look, Grandad flowers".  Our grandfather was a professional gardener & would bring clippings out from England (imagine him on Border Security, being padded down & arrested now, pockets filled with buds & seeds.)  Apparently, as little girls, we used to call these 'Grandad flowers'.  I didn't remember, i'm so thrilled she reminded me.  Here's to my fuchsia loving ancestor who LOVED Australia so so much.
 17. something you don't like - um, my filing system, next to the filing cabinet.  Bless my husband for trying to encourage me, i frustrate him so much at tax time. 
 18. hair - oh my ethereal child.  A family walk with my sister & our collective 7 children, we stopped for lunch at a cafe to discover my 3rd girl sporting this spectacular headdress, she & her sisters made it as we wandered about.  People kept stopping to comment, my squeaky girl, always a show stopper & angelic.  Needs a fringe trim, note to self. 
 19. orange - i hope i never grow up & out of the appeal of purchasing something like an orange wedge children's suitcase.  It has sisters - the watermelon & lemon.
 20. something you drew - a quick little scribble of a bird, add a sequin headband & it's a disco!!
Thanks for looking, April #1 was here.  I'll do #3 on the 30th of April.  Have gorgeous weekends folks.  Love Posie


Jan Maree said...

Great pictures! Love the one of your daughter! How gorgeous! Love the orange slice suitcase too! hope the email gets sorted soon.

Felicity said...

Note to self - get camera fixed so you can participate in this fun activity with Jennie!

Happy weekend Sparkler,

ally said...

Hi Jennie
Are you posting these on IG too?
Or just for us
Loving the journey here and at my place too

Farmers Wifey said...

Now I know a little more about you, what a great idea this is!

Karla {Ironmum Karla} said...

What a great little list again! How lucky is that you found that bracelet!!

I have missed a few days this month. but this is my 4th month so I am allowed;)x

Mum on the Run said...

Great pics.
I'm so glad you found your long lost bracelet - just beautiful.
:-) xx

J said...

No.12 gave me the laughs. Love that image! It's nice to see a glimpse of your surroundings too!

Kellie Collis said...

Wonderful post! It's wonderful to learn a little bit about the person behind the lovely blog. Have a gorgeous end of the week, Kellie xx

TexWisGirl said...

the floral headress is gorgeous! so creative, your babies. :)

Anonymous said...

hi heres the site just say paul put you onto them

Michelle {Jarrah Jungle} said...

I must be tired I actually thought those stairs were in your house for a second there, until I saw the doll :)