12 February 2012

i'm grateful for . . . 'food presentation & home made goodness'

Greetings all,
Poof, what a week, back to school & we all know what that means - enthusiastic school lunches & feeding hungry bellies at night to refuel them for another action packed day of street smarts, sports & socialising.
By Friday night i really felt like a juicey tastey burger, my children aren't big on burgers but i wanted one, i'm the mum/ cook/ dictator, so . . . we had homemade burgers.
 With what little strength i have with my hands (thanks for the carpal tunnel surgery congratulatory comments in the last post, can't believe by month's end i'll have 2 new hands!!) i lovingly sliced salad & cheese, added snag jam & olives, delicous.  Fed the family for $8 - the price of one Milk Bar style proper burger.  Oh i just realised i didn't add beetroot, what is wrong with me??  I only used 4 meat patties for 5 burgers, they are too big otherwise, so i have 4 left, for another round of burgers, this time WITH beetroot please.
 What do you get a dear friend in her very early 40s for her birthday?? 
 So easy, she loves retro, picnics & 70's lollies!!  I found this amazing stacking picnic trio of melamine containers at Myer in Brisbane & filled them with fun.  I've seen Jamie Oliver use metal ones years ago, i've coveted them ever since.  OMG when was the last time you ate TV Mix or Lolly Bananas??  
 I'm trying to perfect the size of my jam drops, i've been baking them with the children - who are trying to perfect the amount of jam they add.  They are so delicious & i make plain biscuits for the non jam lovers, freaks i know!!
 HOW good are the grapes at the moment??  Don't they look even more inviting presented in a Donna Hay Royal Doulton colander??
 While i was away in Brisbane at the bachelor pad, where my husband has inherited all my Tupperware plain white picnic plates & plain blue cutlery (read: plain boring) . . . i wanted to brighten things up a little.
 So the lovely Rachael from Gidgi & A Room For Everyone blog answered my prayers with these amazing cutlery sets.  Choose from mixed & polka dots, i love both & as a thank-you-for-what-your-husband-does-for-our-country, darling Rachael asked if she could send a complimentary set (before i even had a chance to order!!)  Now i have 3 sets & i want more, greedy i know but they are soooo pretty.  Thank you Rachael!!     
 Cannot wait to grow my own fruit like my country brother, herbs sure, but fruit, glorious!! 
 Just couldn't resist adding this last image into a post link about . . . I'm Grateful for 'food', my parents country cottage oven.  I've seen one with a kookaburra on the door at a museum, but this is REAL & in my family.  Mum can't cook like she used to, i wonder if she realises (Alzheimer's) but she was better than Bree Van Der Kamp in perfect execution, dinner parties for 12 - back in the day when you entertained your husband's boss for a promotion & they were judged on how their wives cooked (maybe not so much for Naval officers).  Thank goodness my husband doesn't rely on that - burgers anyone?? 
Now who has a rumbly tummy??  Love Posie


TexWisGirl said...

those cutlery sets are too cute - especially for a fun family like yours. :)

Jan Maree said...

That cutlery is just gorgeous!!! and I love that picnic container - you have such good taste Posie!

Felicity said...

You gave me a giggle when I saw the olive on a stick on your burgers - the last time I had one of those was about the same time I had a lolly banana and the Diplodocus still ran rampant.

A faboulous foody post of gratefulness Jen - you've reminded me that the great bake-athon today should incorporate jam drops.

Happy day!

Anonymous said...

Busy indeed, we love homemade burgers here but only I have the beetroot. That cutlery is supa cute! What a great friend to give such a wonderful Bday present banana lollies my fav :) And we are making brownies here this afternoon, thanks to the postie delivering my prize from you Posie...thank you

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh i should have mentioned the olive on the toothpick was my youngest daughter's idea, she is RETRO to the core!! How did she even know that was how pool side snacks were served in the 70s?? Love Posie

Special 'K' said...

You are such a crack up! and inspiration to us all to try a little harder. Thanks for sharing, Cheers SpecialK XoXo

Jennie said...

That looks like a Tiffin box they have in India, to carry around their food! Love them, will have to look out for some. Yup - we love homemade burgers too - so much better than bought ones.X

ally said...

No to beetroot but yes to lolly mixes - we have outdoor swimming lessons at Miss Pat's who is 70 and stuck in the 50s and we all have 50c worth of mixed lollies for getting through the (sometimes freezing) lessons :-)
Love, love the cutlery - lucky hubby!

KL said...

Great pressy idea, who wouldn't be happy with that?! Love the pretty cutlery. My ex mother-in law has the carpel tunnel surgery 20 years ago, fantastic outcome! Good luck!
x KL

IndigoElephant :: Sash said...

Mmm those jam drops look divine, maybe I'll do some baking with my boys tomorrow seeing as it'll probably be raining in Sydney...again! And YAY for new hands by the end of the month xoxo
Oh, those burgers look great too!

Maxabella said...

Your retro gift for your bud is inspired. I wan a set of those! Very pretty cutlery too. And burgers - very pretty burgers! x

A Room For Everyone said...

You are a big darling for posting about Gidgi! Thank you! So glad you love it, I have some in my drawer too. Have a wonderful week, Rachaelxx

Sally said...

Wow. As usual you have lots to be grateful for.

... I must say though I am shocked and horrified that you forgot the beetroot. That is *SO* unAustralian. Outrageous. Even me, the unAustralian vegetarian wouldn't neglect the canned beetroot ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the burgers, but yes, I have to say where's the beetroot? :) And the cutlery sets are fab, I've been picking up cute little spoons for Miss A and she just adores the hearts and dots I've found for her on my travels. xx

Vanessa said...

Hello! Thank you for stopping by my blog, and for introducing me to yours! Jam drops, or jammy biscuits as I seem to call them, are lovely to make with the kids, aren't they? A real hit here. Great to meet you Posie.

melissa said...

Oh, I love that picnic container. What a great present - especially filled up with those nostalgic lollies. Yum yum!

Mum on the Run said...

I love home made burgers too - with beetroot.
Just so you know, my birthday isn't until October - but that there sugar sweet gift is spot on!!
:-) xx