18 January 2012

magazine weather

Greetings all,
Where did Summer go??  This is midday, frowny face. 
 "Grey skies are gonna clear up . . . put on a happy face!!"
 Or detour to the newsagency for some magazine candy, add a little pink bowl of sweet chilli chippies (yummy treat) & it's a lazy school holiday afternoon.
 Yes, i bought Dolly, yay, with free jammies.  I buy the odd teen magazine for my teenager - you heard it here first, earth shattering revelation!!  I remember my mum wasn't cool enough to buy glossy teen magazines when i was 13 & my big sister wouldn't share . . . so i relied on my best girlfriend's supply.  We'd giggle, gasp & hypothesise 'what would we do??'  I'd rather my daughters read these magazines at home so they can ask me questions, rather than their equally ill informed peers.  Sure you can google facts - but where is the emotion or specific-to-you information?? 
 The most offensive thing i found was an image of Suri Cruise in heels??!! Oh that girl has attitude, look at her, spoilt much?? This is why i don't comment on celebrities often, i end up sounding righteous about them living in unrealistic bubbles . . . however, i'll take this opportunity to ask if anyone else thought Angelina Jolie looked like she had period cramps at the Golden Globes, she looked uncomfortable.  Anyway, i rated my flick through Dolly as pretty decent, good fashion & accessories (not trashy & very affordable) with articles on overcoming girl bullies, boy crushes & other mainstream topics. 
 Oh & look at gorgeous Dianna Agron from Glee & her super pretty hair do.  I'll be taking that picture to the salon in 6 weeks, i'm growing out my boy band hair to be cut level/ even/ bob length again.  Of course i'm blessed with her beauty too, life has been good to me, ha!!
 As for the rainbow . . . i've not been sleeping well, but i cannot recall a day my children have woken me up (i'm not a sloth, they just never wake before 7a.m. even as new born babies, ever, times 4 children, lucky me) . . . so one of my girls treated herself to this for breakfast - the smell from the oven was delicious + a drizzle of chocolate melted properly, she knows how to live & lick a bowl of melted chocolate clean too!!
How is the weather in your hood??  I know it looks like Northern Hemisphere Winter in these shots, but it's actually 30C & i'm reading magazines in a tank top, not snuggled under a cosy blanket.  I'm still taking the children to the local military pool in the rain, we have it all to ourselves - other mums must think swimming in the rain - children might get wet??!!  I have laps to do & children to wear out!!  Love Posie


TexWisGirl said...

enjoy the rainy poolside!

very windy here in Texas these past few days. warm, though, but cooler temps coming in.

The Provincial Homemaker said...

Hi Posie, I have awoken to a summer storm here this morning - the day Ginger is supposed to start swimming lessons in an outdoor pool! It is actually the first rain we have had in our area since we moved in 10 days ago - lots of dry storms, but this is the first wet. Everyone is commenting on what an unusual wet season it is.

Jan Maree said...

yep, the weather is not very cooperative this summer = was the same last summer - maybe a better summer next year, in the mean time it is great sewing weather!

seabreezequilts said...

Summer came to Adelaide yesterday which wasn't welcome as the aircon died at the same time. I have Frankie must get it out and read it again properly.

Bron said...

It's been absolutely ages since I picked up a Dolly magazine ..pro not since I was a teen...I am sure my nearly 13 year will be intrigued very shortly.

Mum on the Run said...

Do you know, you actually do look like Dianna Agron??!!
That hair style is gorgeous too.

Sounds like the holidays (and those beautiful kids) are being good to you.

Tania McCartney said...

Sigh. I remember my Dolly days. Ella is still far from this mag - soon though... soon.

LOVE Diana's hair. SO want this cut but am scared I won't be able to do blowdry it right, outside the salon! Don't start me on Suri.

alison@thisbloominglife said...

Hi Posie, well at least summer is here now! Thanks for the boat name suggestion, it took us three weeks to name the dog so who knows how long a boat will take? Hope you get your dream property soon, its so much fun (and work!). Alison

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh Shar (Mum on the Run) you are WAY too kind. I might have looked a tad more like Dianna 20 years ago in high school, natural blonde & all, sigh, thanks honey!!
I think if i slept with my hair in chunky plaits, i could get that body & kink in my hair too, it's very malleable. Love Posie

NessaKnits said...

I'm pretty sure come 4 pm here, we will be hitting the pool!

SportyMummy said...

Wow!!! Hi Posie! Thankyou so much for introducing yourself and leaving such a lovely comment on my blog!!! It's so great to meet you..I see that you are in Canberra too!!

I'm so looking forward to reading more of your blog!

SportyMummy said...

Hi Posie, its me again. I know we have just met an all ;) but I was wondering if you, or if you know any other ACT bloggers that would like to be in a twitter 'paper' run by SuperParents facebook.com/SuperParents. I've been asked to help compile a list of ACT bloggers.

Unknown said...

Hi Posie! Happy New Year Beautiful Girl!

I love that you buy magazines for your girl. My mum freaked when I bought my first Cleo. Okay, I was 16, but still... best you read and know what they're reading and then you have a chance to comment/share. That's the best way!

As for Angelina Jolie. Yes, she looked sour. But she was probably hungry. Girl, please eat something!

Enjoy the days of summer, even if they aren't so summery. Goodness knows time will fly quickly enough for autumn to be here! *gasp*

So lovely to pop in again and 'see' you! xx

Tiff said...

Ha! We always swam in the rain in Darwin! I have 2/3 of those mags, not the Dolly, but I have a 12 yo so no doubt I will soon! Enjoy some quiet time! X

All For Love said...

Oh Posie, as horrible as bad weather on Summer holidays is, your description of your magazine day sounds pretty good to me. What fun! I used to LOVE Dolly as a teen, my lovely Mama used to buy that one for me. I'm sure she didn't approve, but knew I enjoyed it, very lucky I was.
You made me laugh, I thought Angelina looked incredibly stiff and uncomfortable too. I noted to hubster at one stage that I'd just like to see her crack half a smile. Her face was misery personified. Isn't Quinn from Glee gorgeous?! Such a pretty young gal.
That breakfast looked scrumptious, how wonderful to have a child who can prep that themselves :o)
Hope the sun shines for you tomorrow my dear xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your information!

Life Love and Hiccups said...

DOLLY!!! Now that is a blast from the past. I loved that MAG. You are definately one cool mum :) xx