21 December 2011

IKEA & Donna Hay GIVEAWAY winners & showing off

Greetings all,
Is there a blue box sweeter than Tifffany's??  YES, Donna Hay's Royal Doulton range.
 With much Monday excitement, my Donna Hay Royal Doulton pieces arrived.  As we're not moving for a couple of years & storage/ entertaining/ luxury is limited in this house, i'm collecting small pieces.  We plan a full on Butler's Pantry in our homestead to store all my goodies (Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsay, Bison, Royal Doulton) & display them properly.
 From Donna's 12 Days of Christmas specials, the footed colander was complimentary!!  Don't say i didn't warn you & spread this good fortune around!!  You were told.
 Worth every cent i spent on these pedestals, they blend nicely with my Nigella blue, non??  I have a vision people: high tea on my homestead with my girls, husband & son can serve!!
 Or if your taste is . . . well you know where, upsidedown for a gaudy chip & dip.  So kidding!!
Oh you want to know who won the Donna Hay Christmas edition magazine & Molten Chocolate Chunk Brownie mix??
Shar from Mum on the Run blog & Alannah from Luv Books blog,
you have each won the magazine & mix
(drew Shar's name 3 times, she's a marathon runner, mum & teacher = total goddess, & Alannah is a gorgeous book loving mummy of 4) yay!!

Jan-Maree from Cherry Red Quilter blog & Amanda from Homely One blog,
you have each won the magazine
(Jan-Maree is a military wife + mummy of twins & Amanda has a sweet new baby) yahoo!!
Jen from Let It Go blog & Jacinta from ModelMumma blog,
you have each won the mix
(Jen has recently given up nursing to focus on her teenagers - i hear you Jen, & Jacinta is pregnant with her 3rd child, do NOT come between her & her brownies) yahoozies!!
Congratulations, happy styling, baking & entertaining with Donna Hay this Summer gals.  Please email me your addresses & i'll ship them to you a.s.a.p. 
Now for the winner of the super cute collection of IKEA Cirkus toys, Big Top drum roll please . . .
congratulations to . . . Ann-Maree from The House A-M Built blog,
you have won all the softies in the post + more!! 
(A-M is an absolute doll, i gasped with joy when the random machine drew #2) yes!!

All randomly selected on line, at Posie HQ & witnessed by people i gave birth to.  Say what you like about me, i know my readers!!  All lucky, worthy & kind hearted winners.  Thanks for your support, love & generocity with my giveaways this year folks, i hope you've been lucky & i've thoroughly enjoyed your company. Love Posie


Jan Maree said...

Woo hoo - looking forward to received my magazine! Thanks Posie - btw seriously tempted by some of that Donna Hay goodness!!!

Alannah said...

wow thanks so much for the prize; but more so for the lovely words. smiles Alannah

Alannah said...
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Jacinta said...

OMMM-NOM-NOM-NOM is all I can say!! Thanks Posie... and I can assure you NO ONE will be getting any of those brownies. Oh no, not because I'm greedy, it is TOTALLY baby's orders. ;)

Tas said...

Yay for the winners.

My daughter has just received her Elmo game, Jen. Ecstatic to have her own name on a parcel (which wasn't full of her mummy's yarn and fabric for a change) and ecstatic to have her own game that her big brothers can't take over. Thanks so much.

tinajo said...

I do love that blue shade with the white! :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks you, lovely suprise and yes they will be 'loved' by the kids,
that RD looks seriously great, I may have alittle kitchen envy Posie xx

Amanda said...

Oh yay, you've made my day!! Love your purchases, the blue cake stand is such a lovely shade. thanks again so much x

Tania McCartney said...


The Moerks said...

Well done everybody.

The House That A-M Built said...

OMG I have never won anything in my life. Thank you so much! I am so grateful. What a lovely Christmas present! Thank you. A-M xx

Jane said...

Oh Jennie, you gorgeous heart-lifter, you! Congrats to all the lucky winners - what delightful early Christmas presents ☺. J x

ally said...

gorgeous goodies for you - totally worth showing off.
love how generous you are

Mum on the Run said...

You're moonlighting as Santa Claus here love!!
Thank you, Posie.
You're too kind.
:-) xx

Special 'K' said...

Yes I visited Donna Hay's on line shop and was tempted by her Angels. But your Colander is the best. Take Care SpecialK XoXo

beachvintage.com said...

I cant get enough of Donna Hay online. Absolutely hooked. Merry Xmas to you Posie. Take care and all the best for the New Year too! xx

polkadotpeticoat said...

Congrats to the winners....Have a merry Christmas!

mel @ loved handmade said...

What a gorgeous collection of beautiful things! MERRY CHRISTMAS lovely lady!! xx

Online Parenting Class said...

congratulations to all the winners!:D

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh can't recommend the Donna Hay Royal Doulton enough, honestly, to have those pedestals on the Christmas table was amazing, love Posie

Alannah said...

Hi Jennie, With all the business of back to school have you had a chance to post the prize packs? Mine still hasn't arrived. thanks in advance. A