24 August 2011

BEST Father's Day idea EVER at IKEA (i think it's really for the ladies)

Greetings all,
OK, so IKEA are the kings of invention, reinvention & thinking up new brilliant ideas to make shopping with them a bigger & better experience.  They've set up the IKEA Family programme, which in short, gives you easier access to product discounts & specials, free coffee & every swipe of your card donates money to charity, win win.
More recently, they've set up a parent programme, with pamphlets & forums into what parents like/ use/ want from IKEA nursery/ children's furniture & toys. 
 For disclosure i was sent these goodies in the hope i'd tell you about the Children's IKEA focus.  Just saying!!
 I have no issue promoting IKEA, it's budget & child friendly, just like me!!
 Of course, there was the fantastic IKEA SleepOver which i was a lucky attendee.
NOW . . . to celebrate Father's Day . . . the Sydney IKEA store is launching . . . MÄNLAND . . . no kidding, a place for ladies to sign their husbands into a Man Creche for 30 minutes of massages, games, on screen sports, table football, arcade games, drinks & a hot dog!!  Ladies - you'll even get a buzzer to come & pick up your man when his half hour is up.  See why i really think this Father's Day idea is really for the ladies!!
I for one would love this as my husband HATES shopping, he's a total drag & worse than a petulant toddler!!  Statistics have revealed 26% of couples have an argument in public about shopping (tick), 32% of ladies have lost their husbands while shopping (tick), 6% have resorted to simply abandoning their husband in a store (for peace & quiet, TICK).  So head along to IKEA in Homebush & check your husband into MÄNLAND on Thursday 1st September to Sunday 4th September, only 8 men per session!!  So worth the 3 hour drive, if my husband was home.
This all started out as a joke, mums would say they wished there was a creche for men, like the one they check their children into at the store.  Your wish has come true.  Enjoy ladies, love Posie


mel @ loved handmade said...

How fabulous!! I have to say I thought I'd made a terrible mistake taking hubby to IKEA for the first time, though apart from the warehouse do-it-yourself-finding-everything bit, he actually quite enjoyed it..not that I have taken him back more than once since!

Green Mama said...

Love it! I hope Melbourne follow suit

Pamela said...

I have never been to ikea, not for any other reason than having not bought anything furniture or home goods wise in years! Man land sounds like fun, but I am a bit concerned about the "creche" and the general current trend of advertisers to portray men as silly, immature idots who can not do anything for themselves. I think the whole buzzer to collect and creche for men is a bit demeaning. Treating grown men like toddlers?? What is with that?? Also I question what that is saying to our sons about what it is to be a man in this day and age. I could be making mountains out of molehills in some peoples opinions, but worth considering isn't it?

Ikea sounds great, but man creche is not my cup of tea.
Hope your week is good. :)

Bree said...

that is so funny

you know how there is always a chair outside the change rooms in ladies stores - you do realise it's called 'the husband chair' right?

Tas said...

Great idea. It should be rolled out to all Ikeas, 365 days per year. But it would only work for me if the 8 year old boy, who hates shopping and is too old for the kids' play area, can sign up too lol!

Unknown said...

Hello Posie,

that is extraordinary

a land for a man!

Mmmmmm.... Ikea - I think it could be a fragrance and they could sell it.

I'm waiting salivating for the ikea catalogue to come in the letterbox.


Rhi@FlourChild said...

Tee hee! That's funny. My husband would probably only go in if he had a friend with him, he's the shy type ;)
At least you can buzz them out when you are ready for them to load the heavy things in the car! :p

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

I should reiterate & exagerate FREE MASSAGES, that is what would attract my husband & he truly does loathe shopping, not groceries or something with purpose, but IKEA, not so much, not compared to me!! Love Posie

Tiff said...

How totally hilarious!!! My mr will not go shopping... And definately not to IKEA... however, I LOVE IKEA! It is a sad day though when the kids get too old for the play centre (and you can't fudge their age because it is more that six months out!) Mind you, my kids DO love to shop! hopefully all the other stores will follow Sydneys example.... a whole new world of possibilities ahead!!! X

Frances said...

Very Cool I just told my husband and he wants to know if he has to book being that there is only 8 per session!!!! A bit of fun for Fathers Day!! and for mine who is on a mission when we go to ikea - seek and purchase and get our as soon as possible no browsing!

ally said...

ha ha ha
who said the swedes didn't have a sense of humour :-)

Bron said...

Too funny...Manland..not sure I could convince my man of that idea.

Kylie said...

Only half an hour. There is way too much on offer for only a half hour stay. Even the kids get an hour:) If only you could ignore that annoying buzz/vibration and leave them there longer to really get a good look in at IKEA.

Anonymous said...

Manland....what will they think of next :)

I could not see my husband being a willing participant.


polkadotpeticoat said...

I love Ikea and everything about it, my girlfriend works for them talk about how great they are as a company, great employer!

katepickle said...

ha! that is kinda cool... my kids never would stay at the ikea creche but I but my husband wouldn't mind!

Seaweed and Raine said...

Tee hee hee! This just makes me laugh. I'm sure the men won't mind at all... except perhaps about the buzzer thing. :)

LatteJunkie said...

Mankea!! Sounds like heaven for men! I am so excited to be living near an Ikea for a few months... I am hoping to get to see a lot of the inside of Homebush :D

tea with lucy said...

GOLD! Manland. Seriously? For real?

My long suffering husband gets sent to ikea with a long list from me every time he heads to the big smoke for meetings. No manland for him!

Thanks for stopping by. Lovely to meet you. xo