27 June 2011

Posie & the Chocolate Factory

Greetings all,
Some one has to do it . . . i've suffered taste testing, hot chocolate rating & behind the scenes watching-the-magic-happen . . . at a boutique organic chocolate factory.
Mmmm, truffles, to be eaten slowly, on their own/ on your own & savour every nibble.  In this beautiful world of handmade i live dreamily in, it's true, when you eat the best chocolate, you need only a small amount to be satisfied.  We are certainly moving towards the European appreciation of quality & smaller doses of chocolate, buying boutique & making the dollars you spend make a difference to small business.  Conscious consumerism.
 When Peter Edmunds, of the famous Canberra based Lindsay & Edmunds organic chocolate factory invited my family to afternoon tea, we ran!!  Situated near the VIP Prime Minister's aeroplane hangar on the other side of Canberra International Airport in Fairbairn ACT, it's a little slice of paradise in a hub of public service & RAAF buildings. 
 My children are very familiar with Peter from his chocolate stall at the Handmade & Farmer's Market - his presentation is always immaculate, just like his shop front & factory.  As he says "people buy with their eyes as much as they do their stomachs". 
 At the counter, where you can order amazing coffee & hot chocolate, you'll find chocolate by the gram.  Queues are out the door with the morning coffee rush.
 Lindsay & Edmunds have the most amazing selection of handmade original recipe individual chocolates too.  Peter is a chef, but chocolate stole his heart & spending time in France only enhanced his passion & quality!!
 They close around 4p.m. but we were just in time for a round of hot chocolates after school, with an extra dollop of whipped cream & sprinkle of flakes.  Two ordered white hot chocolate, two for dark hot chocolate - i was good & just had a sip of each (my eyes were on a different prize).
 They stirred the hot chocolate sticks & watched them melt into the steamed milk.
 Did i mention it was 5C & 120km/h winds this day??
 While the 4 children warmed up with their hot chocolate drinks, i did some shopping.  This is eye candy to the extreme & the smell, oh, delicious.
 Something has to be said for simple, product themed packaging . . . uncomplicated & doesn't distract from the actual goodies inside - good products don't need bells & whistles.
 Just look at the variety - let me take you on a taste bud tour of the 'slabs' available in milk, white & dark chocolate . . . organic tropical, semi dried strawberries, organic praline, chilli macadamia, organic raisin almond, organic fig & hazelnut, organic orange & almond, brandied figs & many more!!
 We didn't leave empty handed, the children had to patiently wait for this bag of goodies to be photographed first, then have their teddy lolly pops for after dinner (the next night!!)
In the exciting anticipation of my husband coming home in a fortnight, the hot chocolate stirrers & praline slab are just for him to share with his favourite wife. 
 Just a sample of the delicious treats from the 'individual' selection, which includes . . . cointreau, organic coffee kahlua, framboise, calvados, fraise, organic truffle, organic mont blanc, organic orange, organic nut cluster, organic ginger, organic vanilla bean, organic cassis & cranberry, amaretto . . . no doubt you can see the European influence. 
 I went back the next day, sans children, to soak up the atmosphere of a boutique chocolate factory in action.  Have i mentioned the delicious smell?? 
 Since i came across this gorgeous brand, i've been buying my eldest brother (rocket scientist come chef & chocolate ginger lover) bags of these every birthday & Christmas.
 Peter in action at the chocolate machine, it's fascinating to watch.
 Peter's lovely & friendly staff are as dedicated to the craft as he is.
 Attention to detail is evident everywhere, it's one impressive set up.
I must have asked a million questions on climate, storage, quality control, experience, influences, favourites & disaster stories - like his super duper machine breaking down the fortnight before Mother's Day!!  Peter remains positive, informative & confident his brand is supreme (he's too modest to say that - but imagine the customer feedback when you're dishing up the best chocolate in the business??!!)  
Thank you to Peter & his wonderful team for inviting me to experience the beautiful world of chocolate, it was my pleasure.  Feel free to ply my children with hot chocolate anytime!!
You can find Lindsay & Edmunds organic handmade chocolates at high end markets including Floriade Flower Festival, specialty grocers & fancy providores, fabulous Shop Handmade & ON LINE!! 

My TOP 5 include: milk chocolate honey almond praline slab; dark hot chocolate stirrer sticks; mixed chocolate heart pillow; petit sampler; & sweet tooth selection.  Mmmm.  Love Posie


TexWisGirl said...

holy smokes, that looks yummy!

polkadotpeticoat said...

MMMMMMmmmmmm your best post ever!
my kryptinite!

Susan Snooks said...

YUM! YUM! YUM!! But no giveaways?? only joking, of course! You certainly made the experience real!

Felicity said...

Yum indeed!

I now know what to get Captain V for Father's Day.
Will order well in advance online.

A delicious way to start my day Jennie,

xx F

Sarah B said...

You lucky thing! I've been watching that show on ABC1 about the man who makes his own choc - it's fascinating! I love good quality and ethical choc. Mmmmm :)

Frances said...

How impressive is the selection, I am with you that small quantities of excellent quality is the way to go. I visit Canberra once a year (wish it was more) and will definitely be chcking this out next time I am visiting!!!


The Provincial Homemaker said...

Oh my, can I just say yum!

mel @ loved handmade said...

Oh my goodness, a little piece of chocolate heaven!

Naturally Carol said...

Those chocolates look divine..I am a great fan of a little quality rather than a lot of mediocre! In Canberra we used to visit Bruno's when he had a tiny shop in Narrabunda and get coffee and one georgeous choc for morning tea to be savoured one tiny nibble at a time out on a little table in the biting wind..we loved it!

Lauren said...

I do not feel sorry for you! :) lucky duck!

Lisar said...

STOP STOP STOP!!!!!! TOOO much teasing of my tastebuds....makes me want to drop everything and head to Canberra....they all look and sound delicious..can you post me some PLEEASE!!!

ally said...


Tas said...

Can I be your hubby's favourite wife for a little while? (Just till the chocolate stash is gone...)

Anonymous said...

Oh. My. Goodness!! This would be a dream excursion for me...I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!!

Red Revival said...

Ohhhhh chocolate envy ;-)

Bron said...

Tough gig I am sure....we love visiting our chocolate factory in the south west...could stand for ever and watch the liquid gold be transformed into so many varieties...
Just remember to pace your self with all that treasure:)

Anonymous said...

thanks for this post. I had no idea it existed.. will definately be checking it out! xo

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

ooohhhh Posie, my mouth is watering! These look amazing. What a great day out.



brismod said...

I'd have won Mother of the Year if I took my kids to the chocolate factory. It looks fabulous. And I agree, a little bit of very good chocolate is far better than a lot of very average commercial stuff. xx

Farmers Wifey said...

There is NOTHING better than good chocolate..this chocolate looks amazing!!!!!!

Littlemissairgap said...

Those slabs of praline ... oh so yum! What a fabulous place to visit after school. Beats hot milo at home!

All For Love said...

Ah. Yes. WOW. Mouth IS watering. What a terrific experience. I would love love LOVE to go behind the scenes at a real chocolate factory and one this boutique would be amazing. Sounds like an awesome time was had and some delicious take home packs too! The flavours sound unreal. And I tend to agree, I like the sweets that don't have the bells and whistles of the commercial brands. Just good old fashioned quality is what I like to see... and EAT! xo

Anonymous said...

oh.. so nice post.)
Love your blog.))

I now spend a survey of bloggers with such questions.
1. Why did you create a blog?
2. For whom you taking him? Want to be popular?
3. How long will it keep going?

Pamela said...

I had no idea that there was a chocolate factory here. I took my kids this afternoon and wow!!!

My 4year old was only dissapointed that it wasn't as big and full of edible things like wonka's factory on the movie. But once we got inside, I instantly regretted going... I am going to have to exert some major self control or become very poor and fat (but happy... very happy)

Totally Yummo!!!! We had the hot chocolates (dark) and my 5yr son wanted the dark choc praline. After trying it, he made us say thank you to him multiple times for choosing such a yummy chocolate. I didn't tell him that they all would have been divine. But we will definitley be going back, but I will make sure I go with limited money in my wallet, I just don't trust myself. :)

Thanks for telling us about it.

Market Girl said...

Excellent post Posie, I loved the comment about saving the choc for Hubbies favourite wife, does he have others??
Great photos, might have to make this a regular gig at Lindsay & Edminds.
J xx

Tania McCartney said...

I will NEVER forgive you for going without me. Never!!

Basset Certification Illinois said...

Hello Posie! I really love those chocolates! Although I'm afraid that I can't buy them because I'm in a different country. That's a bummer.