23 May 2011

social commentary Sunday . . . 'the world is going to end, really??'

Greetings all,
Let's pretend it's still Sunday . . . i couldn't let this topic go, seeing it was relevant to the weekend just past & all.  Now i was raised without religion or cultish beliefs, my parents were good Church of England types who believed in themselves, their family & community; being wholesome, honest & genuinely kind.  They were truly wonderful examples of generocity, hope & love; a God never entered our conversations.  They certainly raised the Children Least Likely to EVER Join a Cult.  We're joiner inners but not mindless followers.
Ok, so apparently the world was ending on the weekend & my husband mentioned "oh well, if it does end, at least i spent my last few hours fly fishing with my best mate" (reference my last post).  Nice to know where his wife & children fit into the Dooms Day scenario.  Technically we were invited to the picnic by the river, so we're included in his final request in this world.
This concept of the-world-is-ending is not new, but with the internet & social media, it can spread like wildfire.  Cult enthusiasts are only a click away from selling all their possessions & paying non-believers to care for their animals & water the plants after they've been evaporated/ pulverised/ beamed up . . . who is the winner now?? 
People are tweeting like there is no tomorrow, he he he. 
Have you ever signed up to a group who turned out to be nuts?? 
I joined the Multiple Birth Association when i was pregnant with twins.  The negativity was scary "you can't breast feed or feed them without help; you can't do cloth nappies; you'll never sleep again" were all the immediate well wishes.  Well i did breast feed in the middle of the night without any help juggling babies/ nappies/ boobs & fed them for 18 months; i did cloth nappies until they were toilet trained; they slept through the night from 3 weeks of age, 12 hours, both of them.  I didn't stay in the group for long, they were insular & did EVERYTHING together.  They way they spoke, their world ended when they had twins, where MY world began - at home with 3 little girls, sewing full time, retired from the real world in my mid 20s, it was bliss!!
Very happy the world didn't end, as OffSpring is on tonight.  Oh Nina, will your love life ever sort itself out??   

If the world is still here next Sunday, you'll find out the winner of my Lego giveaway, fingers crossed - still time to enter.  Love Posie  


Actually Amy said...

"People are tweeting like there is no tomorrow" Bahahaha nice one Posie!

I actually haven't Offspring before, but with all this talk of it lately I feel like I am missing out. I may have to get my hands on last season so I know what is going on.

deux chiens et un garcon said...

I have not yet watched 'Offspring' but I guess it is about a Doctor that cannot sort ot her love life?

It would be too close to the bone for me. But maybe I could have a good belly laugh.

Hospital are a hot house of sexuality. It is what keeps people that work there sane.

Never been a member of any cult.

Have a good week.

jill xo

beachvintage.com said...

Yes and apparently we are going to have floods every week if we dont have a carbon tax - thats what I heard tonight on the news .....what next!

All For Love said...

Haha, I love this Posie. I think the doomsdayer complex is alive and well... and not just with the nutters who think it's the world that is coming to an end.
Your twin experience is a prime example.
Like yourself, we were raised with church of england ethics, but no church going to speak of. No one from my family would even remotely fall into the cult going category... we're all to 'unique', for want of a better word ;o)
P.S. Love that your handsome soldier was happy if it all ended doing his fly fishing... for my hubby it would be golf with the boys!
I only saw the first 10 minutes of Offspring... was slightly taken back by the naked chick on the toilet! Was not expecting THAT!

mel @ loved handmade said...

It's been ages since I've been round to all my favourite blog friends, I've missed your fun posts! If the world had come to an end, we would have been in quite a happy place for those final hours..though hubby on the other hand was slogging away with my dad building a rock wall, not quite so ideal for him perhaps...x

Maxabella said...

I'm glad the world stayed put. I kinda thought it would.

I think all religions are a bit nuts, to be honest. Especially the doomsdayer ones. What's the point of being in a group like that? You're miserable the whole time and you can't win either way - the world stays and you look like an idiot, the world ends and.. yay, you were right... Kaboom. x

Tas said...

I haven't noticed anyone who went up...obviously I don't know any worthwhile Christians lol.

Anyhow, they have reset the date.
Hopefully it will be after the season of Offspring finishes ;)

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Oh man, they put the date back on the world ending, we have to listen to all this craziness AGAIN?? Love Posie