28 May 2011

i'm grateful for 'naturally sporty children'

Greetings all,
'twas a full on week of children's extra cirricular activities - 3 full days devoted to . . . running my son to a nerdy GATEWAYS programme (learn to speak like a computer & binary code), my eldest daughter to ASC cross country (ACT private high school finals) & twinnies to primary school regional cross country . . . ALL in different directions criss crossing Canberra.  I have a wind/ sun/ cheer/ spinning headache & empty fuel tank.   
 The ASC was at Weston Park in Yarralumla (where the Governor General lives) it is stunningly beautiful.  After the girls disappeared into the bushes, they popped out 3km later at the finish line.  She's now running faster than handsome soldier!! 
My children have always been runners, climbers, jumpers, naturally sporty, keen to be outdoors & they run for fun.  I can assure you - this mummy is not an ugly sideline crazy parent either.  Can't say the same for the undelightful stranger next to me who kept telling me her daughter would win (& she did, bugger).  Yes, one of those parents who live through their children's accomplishments.  Avoid!!  She didn't have a camera but screamed "smile as you cross the line" & thoughts of pageant mother ran through my head.  I'll avoid her at the state finals next month, she's not from my daughter's school, stop talking to me weirdo!!   
Then my twinnies had their cross country at the rehabilitated-from-bush-fire Mt Stromlo.  It will be stunning when the trees grow back.  I was a little too excited cheering to take photos of my girls crossing the line, especially when my middle girl came from getting the baton in 6th place to storm home for the relay in 3rd place.  That was extra exciting as the other mummies of the relay runners were with me cheering her on & ALL our girls get ribbons.
My sweet boy, he won his 7 year old age group at school & was fast enough to run with the 8 year olds at regionals, but not allowed.  I'm just not competitive enough to adjust his birth certificate!!  I would have sent him to school as he's SRC/ class captain & was hosting assembly but overnight he had a fever & although nothing happened, better to keep him with me than at school.  He has come every year anyway with all his sisters running - this time he was hanging out with the year 4 boys reading 'choose your own adventure' stories & chowing down on my picnic.  They are such nice children at our little primary school, hungry but nice.
So i'm very grateful that something so healthy, fun & free, comes naturally to my children.  They are not only great runners, they are great sports too.  Watching my 3rd daughter zoom off on her 2km cross country course & realise she'd left her school mates behind, she stopped to run with them - adorable.  That warms my heart far more than a first place ribbon.  I was chatting to a sports teacher about pushy parents & she said they don't realise that they actually destroy natural talent & kill the fun of the sport (+ embarrass their children).  My 4 are proud of themselves & the second they cross the line they turn to cheer on their friends. 
Handsome soldier called to say good luck, he wishes he was with us.  Well it's the real world, it's a luxury to be a stay at home parent & witness these school day milestones - i'm just extra lucky.  We all car pooled & took photos to email the parents who missed it.  Maxabella Loves will tell you what everyone else is Grateful for this Saturday, we're off to a high tea, bliss!!  Love Posie
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polkadotpeticoat said...

I was just asking at school on Tuesday why we don't due this anymore and she didn't know and then here on your post all these kids are doing it, I love to do this as a kid.....and wow I had a call from just one of these Moms yesterday, your so true avoid with a capital A!
these children always grow up and dislike there childhood! well You will be proud of me I went for a bike ride with the kids over to a friends a few miles away. I first had to ask if there were any dogs to worry about, she laughed no but watch out for the moose and bears! hehe

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Posie, I relate to this post on SOOOOOOO many levels. It's great to have sporty kids but even better to have great sportsmen - well done.
A big thumbs down to the 'weido' sports parents - I always seem to attract them too, lol.
Have a great weekend.

Mrs M said...

how nice, it's great to be busy for all the right reasons.

I'm hoping to keep my kids enthusiastic about healthy / fit options as they grow. We already like to run to the end of the street and back for our fun run.

Kerri - Driftwood Interiors said...

Ah Posie, your kids sound like absolute gems....good on them for being such good sports (and good on you for raising such gracious offspring!) My kids are very sporty too, and at one point I had nine training sessions a week...and that was just school sport for two of them, and didn't include club. They're great sports too, and I'm always proud of the way they conduct themselves whether they win or lose. Pity that's a rarity in this day and age! K xx

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Beautiful kiddies Posie. All that fresh air and wonderful physical activity in such a beautiful part of the world.

Happy weekend to you..x

mel @ loved handmade said...

I bet they LOVE that you can be there to watch them too! I love to be able to go to the kids sports days & to catch their eye as they run their little hearts out..enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

wow - what an amazing mother you are!!! travelling around and getting all your kids where they need to be! And i completely admire all of their sport talent. I'm more sportsgirl than sporty, so their talent amaze me! xx

Kellie said...

Wow, we haven't got to this stage yet, but I'm looking forward to it actually. Running them around, watching them participate in groups sports or activities. NOT looking forward to having to endure the vocal sidelines parents though! Oh dear!!! ;)

All For Love said...

A lovely, uplifting post Posie! I think athletic and sporty children are great. It is such a wonderful thing for their self esteem, their social skills AND of course their health. Far rather see them taking part in running, athletics, team sports, than smack bang in front of a computer or video games.
Congratulations to your little ones for all their fab achievements and good on you Posie, for being the cool Mum, who chooses NOT to embarrass her kids from the sidelines.
So funny reading about the loopy lady next to you. Do these parents not realise just how bad they sound?! Maybe they just don't care.

Brenda said...

Ha my Megan is guilty of walking and chatting with friends while running cross country! It must be a girl thing!

Have a lovely weekend Posie!

I forgot to say....there were some of those super competitive/loud parents at our cross country, they made their kids unhappy and themselves look silly!

Kylie said...

Yay ofr active kids - nothing like getting a bit of fresh air in your lungs. Hope you are having a great weekend I am about to bundle the kids up and hit a few markets and a play in the park.

kasia leach said...

Sounds fantastic!! I so look forward to my little girl starting school next year.. To the sports days and the sports she'll choose!!

supermac said...

Hello, Jennie. I am new to your blog and I am enjoying your posts. Looking forward to getting to know you more xx