30 April 2011

i'm grateful for 'bloggie friends IN REAL LIFE'

Greetings all,
Wow, what a trip to Queensland i had.  To meet your bloggie friends for real & for true is just a blast.  First up was Thea from Thea&Sami blog screen printing in Capalaba, i love her, we had so much fun & boy is she a great teacher.
 We had a delicious lunch by the water too, oh yum, thank Thea.  Had to drag myself away, then drove back to my family in the rain & pitch black, dreaming of my boot load of remnants. 
 I took brownies & a bunch of organic goodies from Canberra.
Then off Bulimba, a lovely high end part of Brisbane on the river, to meet lovely Simone from Beach Vintage blog, at her delicious Just Plain Gorgeous store.  I had the image of Simone with her long blonde hair from her blog in my mind & found her in a stunning blue floral dress behind the counter. 
 I couldn't get all the things i didn't buy the first time out of my mind, so we went returned.
 Yes, this was my oilcloth emergency on Easter Sunday!!  Thanks Simone, gorgeous to meet you & i love your store, first place i'm going next time i'm in Brisbane.
Ah, Kylie from Mealy&i blog, a dear Army wife i've been friends with for many years, we caught up in March in Sydney at Sew It Together & again last week on ANZAC Day in South Bank Brisbane.  I forgot to take new photos of us, Kylie always looks fabulous.
True to form & just after Kylie's husband asked which child is the accident prone one . . . we glanced over to find the child in question getting medical assistance from the Life Guard.  She'd taken a chunk out of her knee.  Kylie did a great post about ANZAC day, her soldier & meeting up with us here.
 On my way back to Canberra, i took the New England Highway home & had tee'd up to meet Brenda from Hoo Are You Lookin' At blog as i'm a huge fan & collector of her gorgeous products from Red Stitch Designs.
 We met in a park in Tamworth, ha, sounds like some cyber date meeting in a public place, just in case.  We hit it off immediately & our children just ran off & played together.  So easy, ah, Brenda, i adore you.
 So glad i'm not the only one with children who have to play in water at any opportunity.  Look at the beautiful blue bird i was given, oh Brenda, you are too adorable!!
 Now the only way i could drag myself away from Brenda . . . i was off to Plain English in Scone.  I went there 6 years ago.  I did the Sydney to Brisbane round trip to spend 3 days with my husband while he had a long weekend on course, with 4 children under 6 . . . i found this divine store.  I should mention my children travel really well & long trips driving solo doesn't bother me.  I took the Pacific Highway up & allowed 5 driving days for this 3000km trip.
 OMG, a car space right out the front, how lucky!!??
 As the girls put their shoes on, my son ran ahead & delivered the bad news "Mum, the door is locked" followed up with "Mum, the sign says it's closed on Wednesdays" & the cruel blow "Mum, the shop couldn't be MORE closed". 
 So maybe next time & i'm dragging Tina Rubie from Rubies' Place blog to meet me there, as we couldn't catch up this trip but we're both totally in love with this particular country decor store.
On the final leg, from Sydney to Canberra, i caught up with my best bloggie friend Corrie from Retro Mummy.  We chatted twins, life with 4 children, schools, fabric, blogs, design, houses & living down in this part of the world (she's a Canberra girl living in Sydney wanting to move to Bowral, which is kind of in between).  Small little fact - our fathers were in the Navy together, so Corrie & i have probably known each other for more than 30 years, reunited by blogs!! 
Look at Miss Elodie, now 6 months, she's going to be tall like her Retro Daddy.
So i'm very grateful this week to be able to meet all these amazing bloggers in real life.  My handmade world of design & motherhood allows me to meet many bloggers at markets & Shop Handmade, i'm super lucky (see the list on the right side bar) & my Queensland holiday was very relaxing, only made better by meeting my favourite bloggers who are now new friends.  Love Posie


Kelly @ Polkadot Lane said...

Your trip sounds just fantastic! And how lovely it must be to meet bloggers in real life. And the shop 'Just Plain Gorgeous' looks um, well, gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a fabulous time!! There really is nothing like cemmenting an already growing friendship with other bloggers by meeting in real life. I have been very fortunate to meet Bronwyn from Taylor Made and she is such a gorgeous women. I also have some great friends who are bloggers that I absolutely adore and am looking forward to meeting others along the way :)
Have a wonderful weekend Jen.

Alice Becomes said...

wow, what a trip!

i haven't met any bloggers IRL yet!Not many of us down here in Margaret River - must make a trip to perth for the enxt meet up!

Gill xo

Anonymous said...

Love your energy posie :) Now nice to meet up with people IRL. Can't wait to do the same one day.

Brenda said...

Posie I had a wonderful time chatting away the hours with you, it felt like I'd known you for years! You are exactly as I imagined you to be, bubbly, chatty, and you are the exact same person in real life that you are on your blog...... and I absolutely love that!

Thanks for taking the time out of your huge road trip to say hello!

Jenny at Red House said...

How wonderful to actually meet people!!! jennyx

Miss Prudence said...

What a road trip, love the bit about yay a park out front! Followed by the cruel blow! Better luck next time

Nic said...

Looks like a great trip! I am getting serious envy over some of those shops!

Maxabella said...

I loved sharing your trip, Miss Posie. Just gorgeous you with your gorgeous tribe meeting gorgeous blogging gals who I know have gorgeous blogs and some have gorgeous stores and you had gorgeous lunches and then to top it all off there was Corrie's gorgeous baby. Gorgeous! x

Tina said...

Your trip sounds FABULOUS! How wonderful that you were able to spend time with so many lovely friends!! I am so sorry we did not have a chance to meet this trip, but I hope we can organise it for next time and I am soooooo looking forward to shopping with you in Scone *sigh* ;) Huge hugs lovely lady ~ xx

Cate said...

What an amazing week Posie - you are so lucky! And I love that you forgot to take a photo with Kylie (Kymmie, Brrenda (Mira Narnie) and I did the same thing when we met up last week!!) - funny, aren't we supposed to be good at this for our blogs??
hope you have a great weekend

Sarah B said...

What a great trip and how wonderfully lucky to meet so many great bloggers! have only met a couple of my fellow bloggers and had a great time chatting to them, but you had a great blogger overload. I'd love to see Simone's shop one day :)

The Moerks said...

What a fantastic road trip. Next time you will have to come on down South! Love shops looked like treasure troves.

Off The Peg said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time!

Sally said...

Oh my gosh... what a wonderful trip! YAY!

Mimi said...

Wow what a fabulous trip, you did so much. Mimi xx

Wendy said...

Looks amazing, Jennie---so lucky to have met up with so many bloggy friends! Next time you're in Milwaukee, we'll do lunch...

by marie-nicole said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip Jennie, gad to hear you had such a great time.

beachvintage.com said...

Hi Jen, mate you did have an oilcloth emergency! Thanks again for dropping by and great to finally meet you xx

Exquisite Accessories said...

wow Jennie what a great trip, looks like you had a fab time meeting up with every one & seeing all there gorgeous work places, I am hoping to catch up with Thea again in June & hoping to do her screen printing class (fingers crossed). Thanks again for sending the book I love it, Iv'e hidden it away at mo ready for the move so it gets to the new house in one piece, so many talented people to inspire!! :) x