24 March 2011

my creative space 'Sew It Together Sydney' & that IKEA slumber party!!

Greetings all,
On the run, totally.  Have booked the bus to Sydney, looked up the train timetable for the airport, mapped how to get to the car hire place & ordered a ticket for plane ride home to Canberra.  Now madly printing off maps to new-must-visit-craft-stores after i visit my parents in St Ives & swap their birthday gifts for the overseas purchases they brought for my children.  So that's 400km by lunchtime & more happy bulk in my luggage.
After school pick up today & ZumbAtomic (Zumba for children) i can clean the house, make dinner, prepare to not be home for 36 hours leaving handsome soldier with the children in Canberra . . . & consider packing for my trip.  Neatly stacked up i have 15 pre-ordered & autographed copies of Handmade Living (thanks ladies, still not too late to order or pick up on the day) but . . . i have to plan my 3 hours of bus craft, what Sew It Together craft i was intending on doing (besides chatting non stop all day & selling books), toiletries & jammies for the IKEA sleep over girlie slumber party in the bedding department on Friday night . . . OMG, what to wear to these events, in front of the television cameras??
Trying to do things in order of priorities, like organise next week's P&C Athletics Carnival BBQ, pack all the gifts i need for Sydney deliveries, remember the maps i've so carefully printed off . . . argh, my bag will be so heavy, so much for my normal super light luggage efforts!!  This is also a major factor in hiring a car & not dealing with cabs or public transport.
 Please note the darkness in this kitchen-counter-image, yes of course, trying to get bed sheets & towels dry so my husband can just focus on being super-awesome-father . . . why a hex'd week of rain, doom & gloom on my washing before i attempt to leave the house??  WHY??!!
 I don't have to wait much longer . . . it's my first SIT & in my childhood home town of Sydney!!  So glad i know my way around the Eastern Suburbs, North Shore & Balmain to Sydney Uni area where i'm zipping about tomorrow, i ordered the smallest car possible for city parking convenience & a bit of a snub to my regular 8 seater 4WD which screams mother-of-many!!  Having a little holiday from my car too.
So long, farewell, i'll be back soon with a whole TONNE of giggles to share.  Happy creative space day for those who actually created something other than panic, love Posie
PS my big 300th post $200 giveaway . . . last few days, good luck!!
EDIT running along like a mad woman, almost forgot to go & collect my husband from the airport!!  At least we have Sunday together, this was always a him-babysitting-the-children weekend.


Leonie said...

have an AWESOME time. Cant wait to hear about your travels!!

Felicity said...

Seriously, you exhausted me just reading all of this.

Soak up your time in Sydney dear friend, I hope it all that you could wish for and more!

x Felicity

Anonymous said...

You are truely amazing with all you accomplish in a day...enjoy your time in Sydney, I'm sure it will be fab

Jane said...

Honestly, Jennie, how you have all this boundless energy never ceases to amaze me. Have a fabulous time! J x

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

Yikes... I'm exhausted just thinking about what you are doing.

Once you leave the house it will all fall into place I'm sure. And as for the IKEA sleepover, well you already know I want to rip your eyeballs out with pure jealousy - lol.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Maxabella said...

What an amazing weekend you're about to have, Jen. Have the best ever time. I would LOVE to sleep at the Ikea store. I am mad for their design. x

Bron said...

I am totally out of breath just reading along....good days to you over the weekend...have so much fun.

Cate said...

My great aunts used to take me to the balmain rsl for lunch when I went to visit them as a child! It's the only part of sydney I know :-)
Have a fabulous time - try not to wear yourself out before you even leave though!!

Koo said...

I'm also exhausted just thinking about your weekend. Hope you have an amazing time.

Makeminemidcentury said...

Have a great time!

I still can't believe you're sleeping over at Ikea.

I dream about Ikea. In fact, I might have another look at 'Beloved Homes'.

You're incredible!!

Sindy said...

given your long time love of peter alexander pyjamas and flowery head attachments I am sure you will be uber-glamorous at the sleep over!

Heidi said...

I have signed up right? I think so I have been crazy busy!
have fun Momma off in the big city!

All For Love said...

What a jam packed weekend you have lined up... it sounds fab! You will be coming to Sydney and I will be out of Sydney, heading up north for the weekend. I hope the rain stays away for your trip, it is so much nicer to travel in dry conditions.
Looking forward to a rundown (and pics) of your IKEA slumber partay :o)