29 March 2011

is it really over, Sew It Together 2012 in Sydney was a blast!!

Greetings all,
Well if you can believe it - the IKEA sleepover was actually squeezed inbetween two massive Sew It Together events on my weekend away in Sydney. I can go months with little interstate excitement & pow, it all happens in the space of 48 hours!!  I had to restrict my photos, blogger couldn't cope, i had so many fantastic images to show off!!
So . . . to commence my journey to Sydney with last minute change of plans to go on my own . . . i took a coach, a cab, a hire car, a train & a plane.  On the Friday morning school run i was dropped at the bus station, driver Charlie announced that the bus was leaving 20 minutes early, yahoo, i was on my way to SIT Sydney!!  I was set for coach craft, in leather comfort.  
As part of the name badge swap, i ignored the size & colour rules, i scored Susie & hand delivered it Friday.  She liked it.  It was posted weeks earlier but 'returned to sender' not by Susie & as a hex on me, my name badge from Kelly never arrived either!!
Delivered to Central Station, i jumped off the Canberra Coach into a cab to Kings Cross Thrifty to collect my car rental.  Cab driver Bruce (from London) chatted away about his 25 years at the Dunlop shoe factory.  He had no idea Dunlop Volley sneakers were back in style & cool again.
 First stop . . . a flying visit with my parents - they were off to the wedding of their Godaughter in Elizabeth Bay - her father is the governor of South Australia so you can only imagine the glamour.  
Then onto Calico & Ivy in Balmain (my father was born & raised here, so i knew the 'hood). I purchased 2 Liberty sampler packs, glorious!! When i handed over my card, the lovely Sarah said "OMG, you're Posie, with that wall of fabric" which made me giggle & think, yes, wall of fabric, my addiction is public, thus me containing myself to samplers now!!
 Then off to find Prints Charming in Annandale, very close to Sydney Uni so i knew that 'hood too. 
I met up with the Sew It Together tour girls here.  Wow, like walking into some kind of crazed Boxing Day sale, fabric flying everywhere, hype & hugs!!  Finally met Sheridan who organised this incredible event & found a seat for the Stitching Session between Becky from Becky et al & Renae from Pink Fish Blue fish.  We chatted about Kingaroy's famous Lady Flo scones, country life & children, really loved these two ladies.
 RightyO, stitching on screen printed panels with brightly coloured embroidery threads & learning a few neat tricks about stitch combinations - excellent for self taught types like me.
 After dashing away to IKEA for the night, blink & i was heading back to SIT proceedings.  After fueling & returning the hire car, i jumped into Khalid's cab where he had passionate opinions on NSW politics ('twas election day, so i let him go for it) . . . i arrived back at the SIT Saturday Session at the Menzies Hotel.
 Yay, got this huge bag of sponsored SIT goodies, filled with patterns & fabrics. 
We had some little stalls througout the day, including Craft Schmaft - so excited to meet Claire & listen to her tales about raising boys.  Very happy with my new owl mobile pattern, so giving that a go in the school holidays.
 There is Christy from Little Betty & Kylie from MealyBugCreations, love you two!!
 A 'sweeping shots' of Sew It Together, i met SO many amazing new friends here.
 After farewells & a quick exit out of SIT, i boarded the train to the airport.  As i have no shame, i asked these zombies, who joined us from Hyde Park, if they'd mind a photo - extra kudos for the fact they struck poses too!!  Ah, Sydney, thank you!!
 After dragging luggage & sewing gear around for 2 days, i was happy to relax on the plane & let Captain Pete fly me home.  Very overcast, it matched my mood, sorry the fun was over.  It was nice to be the one coming home & greeted by my family!!
 Home by 7.30p.m. & tucked into bed an hour later, after talking at lightening speed about 'what happened at craft camp' & handing out gifts to the children.
Oh, if you're wondering how i got all the IKEA bedlinen & freebies home . . . i didn't, i swung by the inner city home of my father-in-law.  Back to reality . . . my husband is back in Brisbane, tomorrow i have a P&C function to feed 250 children during the Athletics carnival, 2 markets in the next 5 days & playing full time mother again.
Had a ball at SIT, thanks Sheridan, an awesome weekend & very much looking forward to the next one. Encouraging all crafty types, new or uber experienced to attend SIT, it's the nicest bloggie meet up opportunity.  Extra thanks to all the ladies who went home with a copy of Handmade Living too, so sweet of you to purchase a copy of the book.  Love Posie

PS my bank called today to tell me my EFTPOS card was skimmed in Sydney (i literally used it for 3 x $9 cab, fuel & cab transactions, you tell me which was the dodgy one??)
Some of my favourites from Clare's Craft Room, Rebecca's Chasing Cottons, Lisa's The Red Thread & Jodie's Ric Rac, yippee!!


Brenda @ 13 Acres said...

OMG wow!! What an event!!! It sounds like an absolute blast!! I was just over at Little Betty's reading up on her take on it all - so lovely when bloggers meet and get to craft and sew the weekend away. oh that would be heaven xx

The Moerks said...

Phew, I am exhausted just reading all that. I only thought card skimming happened on A Current Affair. Well you learn new things everyday!

Julie said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Wished I could have been there, maybe next time.

Nic said...

It was soooo lovely to meet you! Bring on next year :)

Becky said...

My head is still spinning from all the excitement! I had a lovely time and was very lucky to be seated near you for the big events. Take care. x

yardage girl said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and well deserved by you!

Unknown said...

Wren't the zombies a hoot!
Town hall polling booths were full of them as were the bathrooms at the Galleries Victoria.

It was lovely to finally meet you Posie. See you next year!

All For Love said...

Oh massive bugger about your ATM card Posie... it is so scary how they do this now :o/
But wow! What a totally pumping weekend otherwise. It sounded like you crammed ALOT of productive hours into it.
I saw the IKEA sleepover on the news and looked for you, but there were too many hyped up ladies to pick you out!

Christy said...

Thankfully it's only once a year. I think I'm still recovering!

Bron said...

What a cool weekend...thanks for sharing the fun with us to live vicariously through you.

a country wife said...

Wow Posie, your post is brimming with excitement! I'm so glad you had an amazing time! Sounds like you'll need a week to recover though. Ooooh I love your owl mobile pattern, that is exactly what I want for Mathilda's nursery. Could you possibly tell me the name of it? I think we need to see some more photos of all the beautiful handmade goodies you saw over the weekend xx

Sarah said...

Sounds like you had a ball.
Even if it was extreamly full on.

Kerryanne @ Shabby Art Boutique said...

It's always lovely to escape and have a crafting weekend but even nicer to come home to... well, everyday life. It all sounded wonderful Jennie. No wonder youa re exhausted.
Hugs ~ Kerryanne

Felicity said...

What a whirlwind of fun.
Thank you for sharing it all with us,

Felicity x

Stacey said...

I'm exhausted just reading this, Jennie!

Kylie said...

Thanks for a great weekend - wish that there was more time but one had to rush home to see her hubby:)

You run into all of the fun:) Have a great week:)

Cate said...

Wow!! How exhausting - but what a wonderful experience :-)
Can't help but think of the reality you have to return to (washing...etc!) - but all sounds sooo worth it!!

Naturally Carol said...

And a grand time was had by all...loved reading about your weekend excitement!

moose and bird said...

What a jam packed weekend Posie....your energy and enthusiasm never ceases to amaze me. x

Lizeylou said...

What a busy lady you have been. I can only dream of visiting Calico and Ivy - complete envy!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

This sounds sew amazing, tee hee, wish I could have been there too...

Sarah x

Sharon Lee Johnson said...

Hi Posie - I get exhausted just reading about your life - I don't know how you manage actually living it!! Just saying hello and hope you are well, I haven't stopped by in a while but like to know things are going well in your life across the occean. x Sharon

Leonie said...

Phew!! Im exhausted reading your post...but WOW!! what an awesome time you had!!! I cant believe how much you squeezed into the time you had - you really made the most of it. Good on you and good luck with all the other things you have coming up .